Author's notes 18/12/2002

I don't often feel compelled to write additional notes to my fics, but since reviewers have wondered aloud as to certain aspects, I will now reply. This reply will be altered as and when new reviews appear, raising questions that I think should be answered. If possible, try to e-mail me directly instead. :)

First, this fic is not exactly chronological. What I intended was snapshots of time, because I see the events of X not as a straight time line, but as part of a whole. That's why I chose this song, rather than another song (e.g. Melodies of Life from FFVII). Hence we end up with a tapestry, woven from bits and pieces, snippets of life sewn together, so to speak.

Second, the Hinoto and Kanoe parts were largely made up, because I felt there had to be compelling reasons behind Kanoe's love for her sister, why she's doing what she's doing, as well as why Hinoto sent people after Kamui at the beginning. And we all know that no character in X is really all that black!

Seichiirou cares for Karen, but he has a wife and a daughter, and he is a family man. Even if he is in love with her, she will not be the most important person to him. This is what I believe Karen craves—someone who sees her as the most important person in his or her life. In Asia, once a man or woman has a family, that family is most important, especially when there is a child involved. This is especially so for a man with a character like Seiichirou's. As of now, Seiichirou's love for Karen is firmly on the platonic plane. His gentleness, tenderness, consideration for her—everything. She must give way to his family and Karen herself knows that.

But Karen has never had anyone see her as most important—except Nataku. Nataku's love is possibly the only one that will allow Nataku to grieve for Karen forever, because Karen, as Fuuma points out, is the person most important to Nataku. Forever is a very long time.

I pointed out that I have mentioned every Seal and Angel. This is true. What I have also done is to show characters through another's eyes. So we see Seichiirou through Karen's eyes—a devoted family man and a caring friend. Nataku is also mentioned in Karen's part as well as Satsuki's (Satsuki wonders why Nataku protected Karen—hint of Karen being Nataku's most important person here). We see Yuuto through Satsuki's eyes as well. And I have accorded Yuzuriha a mention through Kusanagi's eyes, because we know what Yuzuriha thinks of Kusanagi, but the latter's all but disappeared in the manga. -_- Hence I gave him a lengthy part rather than looking at him through Yuzuriha's eyes instead. 

Well, I hope that answered the questions so far.

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