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Gohan is 22 and Videl 21.
Goten is 11 and Trunks 12.
And so on everybody is 4 years older.

Chapter 1: "The proposal"

It's been four years since Gohan and Videl finished high school.
Gohan and Videl are doing great, they've been best friends, companions
And loves her for four years now.br
And it about time that they take a step further in their wonderful relationship.
So where does that leave them, well they are about to go on a date in Satan City.

"Mom do you know where my blue sweater is?" Gohan yelled from upstairs.
"Yes dear, it's hanging outside with the rest of your clothes!" Chichi yelled back.
"But mom I needed that sweater for tonight, I'm going out with Videl!" Gohan said as he walked downstairs to his mom.
"Why it not like she gives a damn thing about what you wear." Chichi said.
"Well no but I want tonight to be special!" Gohan said
"Why is that son?" Goku asked.
"Eh well I can't really say!" Gohan said.
"What can't you say Gohan?" The 11-year-old Goten asked.
"Nothing" Gohan said as he ran upstairs to his bedroom.
"Well Chi what's for dinner?" Goku asked.
"Goku you're hopeless!" Chichi said, as she was about to go to the kitchen when the bell rang.
"I'll answer the door Chi!" Goku said as he walked to the door and saw Videl standing there.
"Hey Videl, come in!" Goku said.
"Hey Goku!" Videl said back.
"Wasn't Gohan supposed to pick you up?" Goku asked.
"Yes he was, but I thought I'd surprise him." Videl said smiling.
"Well he's up in his room picking out some clothes to wear for your date!" Goku said.
"He knows I don't mind what he wears!" Videl said.
"Yeah that's what we told him, you better go to his room and talk to him or something!" Goku said.
"Okay bye Goku!" Videl said as she walked up to Gohan's room (Gohan and Goten don't share a room anymore) and knocked on his door.
"Come in!" Gohan said.
"Hey Gohan!" Videl said.
"Videl what are you doing here?" Gohan asked her.
"What you're not happy to see me?" Videl asked with a puppy dog face.
"Of course I'm happy to see you I'm always happy to see you it's just that I thought I had to pick you up and not the other way around." Gohan said.
"Well I thought I'd surprise you, cause I don't feel like going to the city, I feel like spending time with you here." Videl said.
"Great that's exactly what I was thinking" Gohan told her as he kissed her full on the lips.
"So what's up with you and getting dressed for me" Videl asked.
"Eh… No reason!" Gohan told her.
"Gohan I know you long enough to tell that you lie! And I know that you are lying now!" Videl said a little angry.
"Ahh come on Vid. If I tell you now then it won't be a surprise anymore!" Gohan said.
"Well ok but you have to tell me today or eh I'll be mad at you!!" Videl said.
"Yeah I'll tell you today okay?" Gohan told her
"Ok what do you want to do walking or swimming?" Videl asked.
"Ehmm swimming, we haven't done that in a while!" Gohan said
"Ok I just have to get my bikini in your closet!"
"Alright, could you also get my swimming trunks?" Gohan asked.
"Sure which one, the blue one or the white one?" Videl asked.
"Eh you choose!" Gohan said.
"I think the blue one looks better on you!" Videl said.
"The blue one it is!!!" Gohan said as Videl threw the shorts to him.
"So what bikini are you wearing?" Gohan asked.
"Eh I was thinking about the pink bikini or the black one!" Videl said.
"I think you should wear the pink one, it looks incredibly hot on you!!" Gohan said.
"Okay let me change!" Videl said blushing as Gohan started to walk away.
"What are you doing Gohan" Videl asked confused.
"I'm letting you change you clothes so I'm going to walk to the bathroom to change my clothes." Gohan said.
"Gohan how long are we a couple" Videl asked already know the answer.
" 4 years why?" Gohan asked kind off confused because he thought that she should have known the answer.
" Have you ever see me change my clothes." Videl asked sarcastically.
" Of course I have, that's a little weird if I haven't don't you think, I mean we've been together for four years." Gohan said.
" I thought so Gohan so why don't you stay here while I get changed." Videl said.
"Ok, Videl" Gohan said nervously.

10 minutes later Videl and Gohan were ready with changing clothes and were about to go outside.

"Gohan where are you going" Goten asked.
"Videl and I are going for a swim." Gohan answered back.
"Cool can I come??" Goten asked.
"No!" Gohan said.
"What why not?" Goten asked pouting.
"I just want to be alone with Videl ok." Gohan said.
"Please Gohan?????" Goten asked with his puppy dogface.
"Yeah why not Gohan?" Videl asked.
"Eh eh I want today to be special and I want to ask you something but if Goten is coming with us I can't ask it!" Gohan said.
"What do you want to ask me Gohan?" Videl asked.
"Well if I ask you now it wouldn't be a surprise!!" Gohan said.
"Suit your self Gohan, you're loss! I'm off to find Trunks bye Videl!" Goten said.
"What was that all about?" Videl asked.
"Ehm I don't know, but hey shouldn't we be going now?" Gohan asked.
"Yeah sure, but you still have tell me!!" Videl said.
"Yeah I promise!"
"Well what are we waiting for lets go!" Videl said.
"Yeah…hey Videl can I carry you?" Gohan asked shyly.
"Huh…why? I can fly perfectly myself…(Eh but this is Gohan we're talking about I love being in his arms!) sure why not!" Videl said climbing in Gohan's strong arms.
"Thanks Videl (Ow how I love having her in my arms!)"Gohan said nervously.
"(Huh why is he so nervous…I mean it's not like it's the first time I'm in his arms!)" Videl thought.

After a view minutes of flying Gohan and Videl were by the lake.

"Last one in is a rotten egg!!" Videl yelled as she was running too the lake.
"Hey no fair!" Gohan yelled as he ran after her.
"Catch me if you can!!!" Videl yelled as she dove in to the lake, Gohan dove after her
And tried to find her.
"(Where is she? Eh… I could check her ki…Yeah that's what I'm going to do!)" Gohan thought.
"Ahh she's right…behind me?" Gohan said as she looked behind his back.
"Cheater! Locating my ki…well you're going to pay for that mister!" Videl said grinning.
"Oh and how are you going to do that?" Gohan asked grinning back.
"Like this…" Videl said as she tickled him.
"Hey...Hahaha...that's not fair...haha…stop Videl…Oh come on!..haha"
"You want some more you cheater!" Videl yelled as she tickled him some more.
"Come on!! Hahaha you want it too? Haha" Gohan said as he tickled her too.
"Gohan Hahahaha stop!" Videl yelled as they both drifted back to shore.
"That was fun…"Gohan said.
"Yeah we should do that some more…" Videl said.
"I agree…" Gohan said as he kissed her passionately.
"Gohan…what about that question you wanted to ask me?!" Videl asked, as they broke apart.
"O yeah…well you see…" Gohan said.
"Come on Gohan you can tell me everything you know that…" Videl said.
"Yeah I know that…but eh I'm kind of nervous…" Gohan said.
"Just tell me Gohan!" Videl said.
"Ok but you promise you won't get angry or something!?" Gohan asked.
"Why would I do that?" Videl asked as Gohan got down on one knee.
"Well, ever since we first met I thought you were the most beautiful person I've ever met,
And when we got to know each other more,
I learned you were not only beautiful but also strong, stubborn, cute…really good to talk too and of course kind, smart and the have the most wonderful smile…what I'm trying to say is Videl, will you marry me?!!"
"Videl?" Gohan asked worried.
"Yes…" Videl said.
"What??" Gohan asked.
"Yes….YES OF COURSE I WILL MARRY YOU GOHAN!!" Videl said as she kissed Gohan passionately, after they broke their kiss Gohan put a beautiful light blue diamond
On her finger.
"Oh Gohan!! It, it's gorgeous" Videl said excitedly.
"Well it matches perfectly with your eyes, so I thought I'd buy that for you" Gohan said smiling.
"Lets go tell everyone!" Videl said.
"Sure!" Gohan said as he stood up and toke Videl's hand and walked home to his family.

10 minutes later…

"Mom, dad, Goten are you home?" Gohan asked as he and Videl came into the house.
"Me and your mom are home Gohan, Goten is over at Trunks." Goku said.
"Oh ok anyway we would like to tell you that Videl and I are engaged." Gohan said smiling.
"Oh that's wonderful!! Chichi said half smiling half crying.
"Congratulations son and you too Videl!" Goku said as he patted Gohan on the back and hugged Videl.
"Thanks you guys…" Videl said.
"Well let's start making the wedding invitations!" Chichi yelled with excitement.
"Eh mom, don't you think we should do that an other time, Videl and I were going to tell everybody!" Gohan said.
"Ok I suppose you're right…good bye hunny be careful!" Chichi said as Gohan and Videl left to go to Hurcule to tell the wonderful news.
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