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Last time:

"Hey handsome." Videl said as she kissed him some more. "Hey sexy lady." Gohan said as he kissed her passionately on the lips. "Gross go get a room or something." Goten said screaming and sticking out his tongue. "If you don't like it Goten go away!" Gohan said as he turned Videl around and kissed her some more. Then he kisses her neck and left a hickey. "G.Gohan we should do this somewhere more private like your room." Videl said moaning. "You're right Gohan said picking her up still kissing her and flew to his window which was open. He flew inside and put her on the bed still kissing her. She grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head and kissed his chest. "Videl this is so nice don't stop." Gohan moaned. Videl kissed his chest some more and went up to his neck and also left a hickey then she went up to his chin and mouth and kissed him hard. After 20 minutes they were finished making out and went downstairs. When they got downstairs two people were sitting on the sons couch.

Chapter 3:

"Hey Sharpner, Erasa what are you guys doing here" Asked a surprised Gohan. Videl went over to Erasa and hugged her she did the same thing with Sharpner. "Well we wanted to see you guys it's been over 2 years since we've seen each other and Mr. Satan said that you were here over at Gohan's, so we thought we'd surprise you guys." Explained Erasa, Sharpner only nodded. "Well it's great to see you again, so what have you guys been up to?" Asked a curious Videl. "Well actually I'm pregnant." Erasa told her casually. "O my god that is so wonderful!" Videl yelled in excitement. "Congrats you guys." Gohan said as he shook Sharpners hand and hugged Erasa. "Thanks guys." Erasa said on the verge of tears. Videl smiled and nodded. "And what have you guys been up to?" Asked Sharpner. "Gohan just asked me to marry him." Videl said as she showed her ring. "That's so wonderful." Squealed Erasa as she hugged both Gohan and Videl. "Cool man." Sharpner said as he put his arm around Erasa. "Hey I have an idea." Videl said. Gohan looked at her with so much love in his eyes and waited till she told what her idea was. "Well how about we go out, just the four of us?" Videl suggested. "That's a great idea; we can catch up and stuff, should we go now or tonight?" Erasa asked. "Now is a good time I think, well let's go." Videl grabbed Gohan by the hand and so did Erasa with Sharpners. "So can you guys still fly or what?" Erasa asked curiously. "Yeah we still can fly." Gohan said looking down. "Honey what's wrong?" Videl asked concerned. "Oh nothing Videl." Gohan said as he looked in her eyes. (There is definitely something wrong with him; I'll leave it for now because Erasa and Sharpner are here but when they'll be going home or something I'll ask him.) Videl thought. "Ok honey. Erasa how should we go, do we take a car or do you want us to fly there?" Videl asked. "Well we better use the car, because it isn't a capsule car so we can't just take it wherever we want." Sharpner said. "Ok it's settled we take your car." Videl said as she walked towards the car.

Gohan and Videl stepped into the back of the car and Sharpner in the passengers' seat and Erasa next to him. 2.5 hours later they were in Satan City. They drove to a not to expensive restaurant. Sharpner parked the car and they all walked towards the restaurant. When they sat by the table they talked about the old days and what was happening these days. Videl asked Erasa to be her brides made but Gohan didn't ask Sharpner to be his because he already had somebody in mind, Sharpner understood.

"So Erasa how many months are you pregnant?" Asked Videl. "For 3.5 months." Erasa said dreamily. "So are you guys planning on having children?" Asked Sharpner out of nowhere. Both Videl and Gohan looked shocked and then at each other Videl was the first to speak. "Well eh.we haven't really talked about that." Videl stated. "No eh but ehm well we'll see what happens, I hope it will happen soon because I love Videl so much and there isn't anybody in this universe who I want to have a child with except for one and that is Videl ." Gohan said quietly blushing. "Oh Gohan I never knew you felt this way." Videl said kissing him passionately. "I love you Gohan and there isn't anybody in this universe that I want to have a child with except for you. Videl said kissing him some more. "There so much in love Sharp it's so cute." Erasa said to Sharpner. "Erasa?" Sharpner asked quietly. "Yes what is it Sharpner?" Erasa asked him. Sharpner sat down on one knee in front of her and held her hand. At this moment Gohan and Videl stopped kissing and looked at their friends, Erasa was crying with joy. "Erasa I love you so much, I don't know what I'd do with out you, you're the love of my life my best friend my soul mate, Erasa will you marry me?" Sharpner asked as he showed her the ring. Erasa was quiet. "Erase.please answer." Sharpner pleaded. "Yes Sharpner of course I will marry you silly." Erasa said smiling with joy and kissing him hard. "Oh Gohan that's so sweet." Videl said leaning her head on Gohan's shoulder. "I know hon." Gohan said smiling at his friends.

Couple of hours later when Erasa and Sharpner went home Videl wanted to talk to Gohan about what happened before they went to dinner.

"Gohan tell me what's on your mind." Videl said. "What do you mean?" Gohan asked. "Well you seemed so sad when Erasa asked if we still could fly." Videl said. "Oh it's that, it's nothing to worry about Videl." Gohan said. "Son Gohan we made a promise that we'll tell each other everything." Videl said angry. "I know." Gohan said. "Well tell me what is wrong." Videl said. "Well alright." Gohan said as he sat down and Videl sat next to him. "It's just that well when I was a little boy I hadn't had really have friends, yeah except Piccolo and the others, but I mean friends my age you know. Well anyway in Highschool when I met you I fell in love with you but I was afraid that you would freak out if you knew I was half alien. But when you found out that I was an alien you didn't freak out, at that moment I knew you were the one for me. But Erasa and Sharpner especially Sharpner saw me as a geek or as the Great Saiyaman and when they found out that I the geeky Gohan was the Great Saiyaman and that he was an alien they treated me differently. Like they were afraid of me or something. And later on when they weren't afraid of me anymore it looked like they only hang out with me because I am an alien and they think it's cool. Do you know what I mean?" Gohan asked. "Owh Gohan yeah I know what you mean you feel like the use you because you're an alien, Well let me tell you this if they do screw them I love you and I will never let anything bad happen to you." Videl said as she kissed him on the cheek. "Thanks Videl it means a lot to me." Gohan said as he kissed her on the cheek and then on her nose slowly to her mouth then she kissed him back, she opened her mouth to give him access. He put his tongue in her mouth till they heard something behind their back.

"Ahum" Goku said with his hand before his mouth. "Ehm sorry to interrupt you two but eh Videl your dad's on the phone and Gohan your mom said you have to go to bed because you have some planning to do for the wedding." Goku said. "Alright dad we're coming." Gohan said as he stood up and offered Videl his hand and pulled her up. "Thanks Gohan." Videl said as she ran to the sons' house to pick up the phone. "Hey Gohan." Goku said. "Yes dad?" Gohan asked. "Well I've asked Dende about the thing you asked me, well he said it was possible but you have to ask the Grand Kai in person about it tomorrow." Goku said smiling. "Really dad?" Gohan asked grinning. "Yeah really, I'll come with you tomorrow but you'll have to make sure Videl stays over at her place tonight and tomorrow otherwise she could find out alright?" Goku asked. "Yeah okay I'll make sure of it." Gohan said grinning as he hugged his father. "This is going to make Videl so happy." Gohan said smiling as he flew into the air and flew as fast as he could to his house. (I just love to see my son happy.) Goku thought.

In the sons' house.

"Hi dad." Videl said as she picked up the phone. ~Hi sweat pea are you coming home today?~ Asked Hercule. "Ehm I don't know dad I'll have to ask Gohan." Said Videl as she yelled for Gohan, Gohan came rushing in. "What is wrong?" Gohan asked. "Nothing lunkhead, my dad asked if I'm staying here or if I'm going home tonight, what would you want me to do?" Videl asked. "Ehm well what about you go home tonight and tomorrow, because I have to do the manly thingy that we do to prepare for the wedding and my mother and brother are going somewhere. So nobody will be home. "Hmm okay." Videl said suspiciously. "Dad, dad your still there?" asked Videl to her dad on the phone. ~Yeah I'm still here Videl, so what are you going to do?~ Hurcule asked. "Well I'm spending the night at home, so I'll see you in a view, love you dad." Videl said. ~love you too sweat pea.~ Hurcule said to his daughter. "Well I better be going." Videl said. "I'll walk you to the door." Gohan said as he grabbed her hand and walked outside. "I'll fly you home if you want." Gohan said. "You better not you have to be up early and I'll miss you and if you're coming with me I am afraid I won't let you go." Implied Videl. "I think you're right." Gohan said as he put his hands on her cheeks. "And I think you wouldn't get any sleep done." Videl alleged. "You're right again." Gohan said as he looked in her eyes very closely. "And then you couldn't prepare the wedding." Videl said. "You are absolutely right." Gohan said as he kissed her hard and passionately. "Mmm don't stop." Videl said as she felt her knees getting weak. "I won't." Gohan said as he kissed her hard once more. Gohan kissed her behind her ear Videl felt like she had to faint, it felt so good. "G.Goh.Gohan stop!" Videl said as she pulled away thoroughly. "I will in a minute." Gohan said as he kissed her again and she kissed back even harder. "No.Gohan we have to stop things could get out of hand and.and you have to be up early in the morning." Videl said as she pulled away. "You're right honey." Gohan said as he to pulled away and stepped a step backwards. "Well I should be going I love you Gohan and have fun tomorrow." Videl said as she kissed him on the cheek. "I love you too Videl, be careful! See you in two days." Gohan said as he saw her flying off.

Gohan walked inside and told his parents that he was going to bed. He walked upstairs and took everything off except for his boxers and pulled the coffers down, lay on his bed, pulled his coffers over him and fell asleep thinking only of Videl and what he was going to do tomorrow.

In the kitchen where Chichi and Goku were. "It's so cute what Gohan is doing for Videl, they're so much in love." Chichi said to her husband. "I know they're made for each other, just like we are Goku said as he kissed Chichi on the mouth. She kissed him back they walked upstairs to their bedroom still kissing and making love. After that they fell asleep.