The Finale

Echo Creek: Echo Creek Academy

Star and Marco were faced with Ludo's Chimera-Beast.

"Chimera-Beast, attack!" Ludo ordered and Chimera-Beast fired a green beam at the duo, but they dodged and transformed into Sailor Star and Tuxedo Marco.

"Star Tiara Boomerang!" Sailor Star threw her boomerang tiara, but Chimera-Beast merely bounced it back.

Tuxedo Marco threw a rose to blind Chimera-Beast, but it recovered quickly.

"Star Princess Halation!" Sailor Star shot an attack at Chimera-Beast, but the demon wasn't fazed.

Tuxedo Marco threw several roses to scratch Chimera-Beast, but the demon merely healed its wounds.

"Star Spiral Heart Attack!" Sailor Star shot an attack of stars and hearts in a spiral, which seemed to have an effect on the demon.

"Tuxedo la Smoking Bomber!" Tuxedo Marco attacked with an energy beam from his hand, sending the demon back a few feet and knocking down.

"We have to attack with a move powerful enough to obliterate that demon, the Pink Star Tuxedo Attack." Sailor Star said.

"I'm in, let's do it." Tuxedo Marco said.

"Alright, everyone, we need all your help, by believing in us, you can help make our attack stronger. Sailor Star said.

"I believe! I believe! I believe! We all believe!" everyone except for Brittney (obviously), gave Sailor Star and Tuxedo Marco their support.

"Let's do this, Tuxedo Marco." Sailor Star said.

"With pleasure, Sailor Star." Tuxedo Marco said.

The duo both held the wand and shouted, "Pink Star Tuxedo Attack!" And the wand fired a pink beam of golden stars and red rose petals.

The beam struck down Chimera-Beast, and it is destroyed in an explosion.

"Woohoo! We did it!" Sailor Star said, but then her transformation brooch broke, reverting her back to her sea foam green dress.

Then, Tuxedo Marco's mask shattered, leaving Marco back in his red hoodie and jeans.

"What happened?" Marco asked.

"I think we used too much power." Star said.

"You win again, Butterfly and Diaz, but I'll be back." Ludo said as he and Lobster Claws retreated.

"Hey guys, you're heroes!" Ferguson said as he and other students gathered around Star and Marco.

"Show us your special forms." Alfonzo said.

"Well, actually we lost them when we destroyed that demon." Star said.

Everyone but Brittney groaned, while Brittney herself had a satisfied look on her face.

"But you know what guys?" Marco said. "Being a hero isn't about the powers you have or the fame it gets you, it's about helping those who need that help, and sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the greater good."

"Please, Diaz. Is that what you think being a hero is about?" Brittney asked. "If I was a hero myself that defeated monsters, I would do it to seek out fame."

The other students groaned and started leaving the scene.

"Thanks a lot Brittney, you ruined a perfect inspirational speech." Janna said.

"Hey! What do you mean I ruined it!?" Brittney said.

"Duh, Brittney, you only care about yourself." Star said.

"I can't believe you're a part of the people that we fight to protect." Marco said.

"Ugh, you two are so despicable! I'll get you, Butterfly! And that goes for the same as you, Diaz!" Brittney said as she whipped at the duo with her hair and stormed off.

"My point has been proven." Marco said.

The End

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