Chapter 1

My best friend is real quiet, even more than me, but I'm great at hide 'n seek. I always find her right away, but she never finds me. I'm the best hider ever. Sometimes I have to wait for hours, but it's okay. I never get bored.

My favorite hiding spot is between a big bush and our fence. There's plenty of room for me to sit or lie on my back. I can almost stand up! But not all the way 'cause then my head would poke out and she'd see me.

I keep my favorite things behind the bush, except for Ted-Ted, my stuffed bear. I took a container from the trash and cleaned it up so the paper things and crayons don't get wet when it rains. It's okay if my plastic animals and marbles and stuff get wet, though.

Sometimes my best friend plays there with me. I always share my toys, but she just watches a lot. She likes to watch me draw pictures and color them. I only have four crayons, but she doesn't care that my rainbows don't have all the right colors.

Today I'm drawing a bird. It's a blue one with a yellow beak and orange legs. Mama's asleep in the house, so I tell my friend all about the blue bird.

"This is a magical bird. It's five years old, just like me 'n you. It's magical 'cause it's very big and very strong. It can talk, and kids can climb on its back. We should give it a name. What should we call it?"

"Um, how 'bout 'George'?"

I stop coloring and look around my small space. Sometimes I talk to my friend, but she's never talked back to me before.

"No, 'George' isn't magical enough," I say.

"'Kay, what about, um…'Abracadabra'?"

I frown because my friend doesn't sound right. I look around again.

"How come you sound like a boy?"

"Um, 'cause I'm a boy."

"But you're supposed to be a girl. And you can't talk because you're not real."


The boy voice sounds very sad all of the sudden. I don't know what's happening, but I don't want anyone to be sad.

"Okay, you can be real. What's your name?"

"Edward." He still sounds sad.

"I'm Bella. Are you five like me?"


"Um, are you invisible?"


"Then how come I can't see you?"

"'Cause I'm on the other side of the fence."

So...I was going to enter the Caveat Emptor: Maybe an HEA? contest, but I ran out of time to finish my entry. This will update every 2-3 days. I'll start out with short, flash-fic type chapters. Knowing me, they'll end up getting a lot longer, though, lol.

I won't give away whether this will be an HEA or not. However, if you need any spoilers, feel free to send me a PM!