Faith and Love

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My boyfriend comes out of nowhere.

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Chapter 6; Gerald's move (Gotta Love The Irony)

Phoebe, Gerald, Arnold, and Helga walked the halls of P.S 118 laugh and giggling like it was a normal thing for them. Completely (more like ignoring) the odd look people gave them. Truly Phoebe was amazed with her friend. She knew this was going to be hard for her, yet she was laughing and joking like she had no care in the world. As they want to their lockers, Phoebe decided to ask Helga what was coining on.

"Helga I must say. You are not acting how I imagined you would when it was time too be your 'true self'." Phoebe said grabbing her stuff from her lockers. Helga closed her own locker and sighed. "Well Phoebe...the way I see it, 'Icecream' already knows that I love him. I know 'Icecream' loves me too, so I don't think I really need to worry." She said turning to her best friend with a warm caring smile. "Besides, I have all the people that I care about by my side."

Phoebe smile, a light blush laying on her cheeks. She threw her arms around her dear best friend, "I don't tell you this often Phoebe, but I am so glad that you are my best friend. And thank you for staying by my side" Helga said she snaked her arms around Phoebe's small frame. Phoebe had to fight back tears at Helga's heart felt confession. "I concur Helga! And I am lucky to have you my best friend as well!" Phoebe said with a smile. Helga shocked her head. "Alright let cut this lovey dovey crap! Come on let get to class."

"COMING!" Phoebe squeaked.

As the two girls walked into the class room. They talked aimlessly, but they smiled as well, really out threw most of the kids for a loop. The class watched as Helga and Phoebe shared a conversation in Phoebe's tough. Usually Helga would say she had a headache whenever she tried. Lets just say that most of them where beyond freaked out.

"I just don't get it!"

"This is to weird!"

"She has to be an alien!" (Sid of course)

"What's going on!"

"This is so not cool!"

"My head hurts!"

"I still think she looks ever so cute."

Everyone stopped their rants to look at Lila, as if she was a monkey ominously looking at them. Lila, who blushed under everyone's gaze, gave a shaky smile. "I think it nice to have Helga be just... well oh so nice." She said meekly. Sheena glanced at Helga one more time. "It is nice... but it's kinda odd, too." She said in a high pitched voice. Nadine nodded in agreement. "Yeah I mean this is Helga G Pataki here."

"Hey, Football Head." A voice called behind them interrupting the little talked the class was having. They looked up to see Gerald and Arnold walking into the class. Arnold smiled and waved. "Hey Helga!" He said brightly. Rhonda almost screamed. "This is so WRONG! She called him 'Football Head', but it almost sound like a nickname!" Rhonda said in a panicked voice. Everyone (Except Lila) were growing a little panicked themselves.

"It's the end of the world!" Sid (of course) screamed. But before her could run out of the room Mr. Simmons walked in with a raised eyebrow. "Sid... what are you doing?" He asked slightly worried. "Mr. Simmons we got to get out of here! We're all gonna die!" Sid yelled. Mr. Simmons only allowed his face to fall into a half lidded annoyed stair. "Oh really Sid? And why is that?" He asked with a sigh.

"Look for your self!" He said as he pointed towards Helga, who was laughing at something Gerald said. Mr. Simmons smiled at the sight. "I see nothing wrong, Sid." He said with a smile. Sid stepped back in fear. "You... your gonna kill us!"He yelled pushing Mr. Simmons out of the way as me ran into the hall. Mr. Simmons sighed once more, then he rolled his eyes. "Sid come back!" He yelled as he ran after his student.

Back in the classroom Gerald sat there, watching Phoebe as she looked over her class notes. Then he felt something hit the back of his head. Here turned around then scowled at Helga, only to go wide eyed at her. She was pointing at the object that had hit him in the back of the head. He looked down to see a folded note.

Do something and stop gawking at her! It read. Gerald frowned at the bote before he wrote his own.

Like what?! He wrote before he threw it back.

A minute later.

Say something, Duh!

Like what?!

Is that all you have to say?

No, but I can't think of anything to say or do!

You. are. an. idiot. T_T

I resent that.

I don't care you BOOB! Just do something before you miss your chance!

Again I will ask you. like what!

Do I have to think of everything myself?!

Could you PLEASE just help me, Helga?

Flirt with her then ask her out on a date, Chucklehead.

Gerald felt heat rush to his face at her last statement. Flirt with her... could he? He looked up at Phoebe to see that she was still looking over her notes. (Sid ran outside) Then he looked back at Helga to see her give him a thumbs up. With a deep breath Gerald took out a piece of paper then placed it on Phoebe's desk.

She gave him a side way glance before opening the page.

Hey! My foxy lady.

She then giggled and blushed before she wrote something down. She then gave it baxk to Gerald.

Hello Gerald. I must ask why are we passing notes when you are sitting next to me?

Really I just wanted to see if my cute little Phoebe would be bad enough to do it.

Phoebe's face grew flushed under the compliment. I... does this mean that... that h-he might like me like me...? She asked herself.

'M-my cute little Phoebe'? She wrote down.

Gerald took in a deep breath. He could hear Sid's rant getting louder and louder, so that meant Mr. Simmons would be in here shortly.

Well your not mine yet! But I wanted to know if we could do something together after school?

Gerald passed her back the note, hoping that she would give him a chance. Phoebe blushed as she read the note, after making her own. She gave it back to Gerald feeling the same way.

You mean like a date?

Gerald didn't know how to take that. If I say 'yes' will she say 'no'...? After taking another breath, Gerald decided to answer truthfully.


Gerald gave the note back to Phoebe not looking at her a soft blush on his cheeks. Right before Mr. Simmons opened the door Phoebe gave him the note back, she too had a blush bloom on her cheeks. Gerald was hesitant to open it at first, but gathering up all his courage, he did.

I would love to, Gerald.

Gerald nearly fainted from joy, causing the girl next to him giggle. He had a date with the girl of his dreams. He looked at Helga over his shoulders as Mr. Simmons was talking about the lession for the day. Helga gave him a 'well what happened' look. Gerald had to give her a thumbs up, getting one back in return.

Oh yes today everthing was looking up Gerald!

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