Faith and Love

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"When people tell you 'Your love is crazy' you kindly laugh in their face, and say. "You don't know it yet... but love is crazy."~§*§~

Chapter 7: Love... It's all kinds of CRAZY!

Helga felt a sense of pride in helping her best friend get her man. She smiled broadly at her handy work. 'Man I am good!' She thought to herself. Unknown to her, that Arnold saw everything. once Helga was aware that someone's eyes were on her she turned towards his detection. Helga's heart speed up and stopped all at once.

Her beloved love god was looking at her with that half lidded stair she loved so much. She blushed lightly, and gave a sheepish wave, the action only made Arnold smile more. He pointed towards the two newly founded couple... in progress with a raised eyebrow. Helga smiled happily then gave him a nonchalant shrug.

Arnold chuckled lightly, then he shook his head. As Arnold turned back around in his seat he did not look at the confused classmates around him. "Armold!" Nadine whispered. Arnold didn't hear her however. So Rhonda took a more... gentle aprouch. "Arnold what is going on!" Rhonda asked as she slammed her hands on her desk. Arnold looked at her innocently. "What do you mean, Rhonda?" Arnold asked mocking innocent.

Rhonda growled. "Why the heck are you and Helga acting so crazy?!" Rhonda all but yelled. Curly jumped up on his desk. "Because love is crazy baby!" He exclaimed dramatically. He then jumped from his desk to were Rhonda was standing. Rhonda looked shocked but before she could do anything, Curly already dipped her, and placed his lips on her own. Rhonda's eyes grew wide. The kiss lasted only five, to Curly (heavenly), and to Rhonda (dreadful), seconds.

Before Rhonda pushed Curly off of her, and slapped him in the face, really, really, hard!

Rhonda gasped for sweet non-Curly air, then she glared at the boy before with red blush laying on her cheeks. "Stop doing that you disgusting freak!" Rhonda stated towards a down Curly. Curly, on his part, just looked up from the grown, and snapped his finger before pointing at her. "You know you love my sweet kisses, baby girl." He said smoothly with a smirk.

Rhonda's blush grew, and she growled in annoyance.

Mr. Simmons, who stood there watching the whole argument unfold. Thought it would be best if the two went out into the hall for the moment to cool off. Rhonda stomped past her fellow students, ignoring the embarrassed and angry blush on her cheeks. Curly followed right behind her. He looked towards his left to see a smirking Helga. G. Pataki, giving him a thumbs up.

The small gesture made Curly stand tall, and walk out of the room with more confidence.

Once it the hall not even a small breath of air passed, before Curly found his back against a locker. Rhonda, his beautiful black haired angel, growling at him. "Curly.." Rhonda started. "Thad." Curly said blankly, dangling off the ground. Rhonda looked at him blankly for a moment. "...what..?" She finally asked.

Curly closed his eyes, and held up his finger, as he spoke matter-of-factly. "'Thad' no girlfriend of mine will call me Curly, and let's face it... my name is stupid." Curly said with a shrug. Rhonda looked at the boy she had before her in shock! Was he serious?! Well... it is a cute pet name. In oppose towards his really name... which is utterly ridiculous... I mean who in their right mines would name their kids something so silly?! Rhonda blinked, then she shook her head harshly.

Wait..! why should she care! I don't! I would never love this stupid freak! Rhonda thought to herself. Rhonda once again growled in anger. She then brought Curly dangerously close to her face. "Listen here you delusional weirdo... I will never, ever, love you... got it?" She said coldly, scowling at him darkly. Curly just smiled at her. Rhonda raised an eyebrow at him, confused, but he is insane. "Why are you smiling like that?" She finally asked. Curly's smile softened, and sofe the first time he spoke as if he wasn't insane.

"Rhonda... it's no secret I love you. And I am not going to rest until you love me too." He said softly. Rhonda growl. This boy doesn't know when to give up! Yet before Rhonda could protest. Curly slowly slipped his glasses off, showing Rhonda his soft hazel brown eyes underneath.

Rhonda's breath caught in her her throat. Curly looked deep into Rhonda's eyes. "Rhonda Wellington Lloyd... I love you, and one day I hope you... love me too." Curly said softly before kissing her on the nose. Rhonda came out of her state of shook, and roared like a dragon. Curly slipped out of her grasp, and ran down the hall.

Before he turned the corner, he stopped and turned around. Rhonda looked at him, a deep blush and frown on her face. Curly winked his hazel brown eyes, Before slipping on his glasses. Then he announced loudly in, his lunatic like voice. "Soon my sweet... you will love me!" He said before he went into a crazed laugh. He then disappeared around the corner, leaving a blushing and growling Rhonda behind.

Rhonda stomped back into the classroom room, Mr. Simmons looked at her holding his hands to his chest. "Are you okay Rhonda?" Mr. Simmons asked concerned. Rhonda thought about what Curly said and how he looked, which caused her to blush again before she waved Mr. Simmons away dismissively. "Yes sir, I'm fine." She said. Mr. Simmons nodded, then he pointed towards the door. "And Curly..?" He asked. Rhonda rolled her eyes, her blush non-wavering on her cheeks.

"Well after he made his little statement which I am sure you all heard..." Everyone nodded in confirmation. Rhonda went on. "Well after the fool's little parting word, he ran down the hall." She said thinking about the boy in question. Rhonda stormed down the row to her desk, fuming, and blushing madly.

As Rhonda laid her head down, she couldn't help but hear the sound of an oh to familiar laugh. The thought of Curly made Rhonda cheeks grow flush slightly. "There is absolutely no way I would love that weirdo!" Rhonda thought to herself. But then the look of Curly's hazel brown eyes slipped, into her mind against her better judgment. His eyes looked so warm, and caring... Rhonda mused to herself.

He acted so different towards her, this time when he claimed he loved her. He wasn't at all like him creepy insane self. He was so serious and... charming. Rhonda continued as she fell into a daydream. I wouldn't mind him loving me if he were more like that! Heck..! Maybe I would even lo-... Rhonda stopped that thought and shot up from her seat."NO..! THERE IS NO WAY I WOULD EVER LOVE CURLY!" Rhonda yelled, giving nearly everyone a fright.

Mr. Simmons turned around to give Rhonda a raised eyebrow. "Rhonda..?" He questioned. Rhonda blushed to her roots. She didn't mean to say that out loud. "I apologize, Mr. Simmons... I swear it won't happen again." Rhonda said again taking her seat.

Rhonda calm yourself... you would never fall for that freak! She told herself, but then she looked ovr at A laughing Helga, and Arnold gazing at her with a soft smile. Rhonda groaned and allowed her head to hit her desk.

She couldn't fall for that freak!

She couldn't!

... could she?

Helga glanced back at Rhonda once again, and she couldn't help but chuckle again. Rhonda was just to much! Helga did, how, ever stop laughing when she felt something hit the back of her head. She looked down to see it was a folded piece of paper. Helga unfolded it, and immediately recognized her beloved's handwriting.

Arnold looked at Helga then the note he pass to her. At first Helga was about to yell at him, but then she looked up to see him pointing at the page in question.

What so funny? It read. Helga blinked before making a message of her own.

Helga thought about the thumbs up she gave Curly, then the way Rhonda was behaving after coming back in. The thought made Helga softly laugh again. She then finally answered

Nothing. Just me routing for the under dog. She put simply.

Arnold studied the piece of paper. Underdog..? Arnold looked up about to pass the note to Helga, only to see she went back to working on the class assignment. Arnold just shook his head. Helga was a mystery. One Arnold wanted to give his all to solve.

Helga went back to working, thinking about her best friend, Curly, and her little plan. She truly enjoyed this... call it a guilty pleasure.

Today is going to be a ball! She mused.

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