Chapter 1

Jinx wandered around town aimlessly. She didn't have anywhere to go since she left the H.I.V.E. but she decided wandering the streets was better than dealing with her unappreciative teamates who showed her no respect.

She decided to stop and rest on a nearby rooftop. "I could get used to this, its not like I haven't had to live on the streets before" Jinx said to herself while overlooking the city.

"Well the night's still young, might as well get a start on going solo" Jinx said as she jumped off the rooftop and gracefully landed on the sidewalk below.

"Hmmm a jewelry store, or the bank? Well I haven't been to a jewelry store in awhile, might as well" Jinx thought to herself as she crossed the dimly lit street to the jewelry store. She hexed the lock and snuck in without a sound, she then hexed the cameras, and after checking her surroundings Jinx walked by the glass cases surveying the pieces of jewelry "Ugh is there anything in here worth taking? Nothing here is remotely pretty" Jinx said in disgust looking at the gaudy jewelry.

"That's because you're the prettiest thing in here" a familiar voice said behind her. Jinx groaned in disgust "Kid Flash" Jinx said without even having to turn around.

"The one and only" Kid said with a smirk. "Why don't you just do me a favor and GO AWAY" Jinx said as she sent hexes his way. "Aww Jinxy you know you missed me I haven't seen you in like a month" Kid said as he manuevered between hexes "Best month of my life, now if you don't mind I gotta go find a place to sleep and I'd appreciate not being followed!" Jinx said as she made her way to the door, there was no way she would be able to commit a crime with him around.

She made it about a block when a harsh breeze blew past her. She looked around and was met face to face with Kid Flash "Jinx what do you mean you need a place to sleep?" Kid said with a look of confusion on his face. Jinx sighed knowing she wouldn't be rid of him anytime soon. "I left the H.I.V.E. they had no respect for me so now I'm going solo" Jinx said as she kept walking. "Well if you need a place to stay, you could stay with me!" Kid said with enthusiasm as he kept pace with Jinx. "Did all of that running mess with your head? I'm a villain you should be throwing me in jail not giving me a place to live!" Jinx said picking up her pace. "Oh come on Jinx it'd be fun besides I trust you and I can't let a pretty girl sleep on the streets, come live with me I got a sweet penthouse not far away" Kid said picking up the pace to meet Jinx. "In your dreams, I've lived on the streets before and I can do it again I don't need your charity Kid!" Jinx said in frustration. "Fine suit yourself Jinxy, see you around" Kid said speeding off after realizing he was getting nowhere with the stubborn sorceress.

Jinx smiled triumphantly and began walking again when she noticed something on the ground. A rose with a note.

The note said: Just in case you change your mind Jinxy. and at the bottom of the note was an address and a lightning bolt.

Jinx sighed and stuffed the note in her pocket , just in case and she walked on with the rose in her hand.