Chapter 6

Jinx was at home it was nearing 2am and she was worried. Wally hadn't come home yet and she didn't know what to do. "I knew this would happen. I just knew it! whenever I show kindness to anyone something bad always happens." Jinx said sadly as she paced the house. "He was supposed to be home by midnight." Jinx said talking to herself as she checked the clock. 2:30am is what the clock on the wall said "That's it i'm just going to have to go get him, Idiot probably got himself killed" Jinx said to herself as she grabbed a jacket and went outside.

Downtown she was searching a bit frantically for him and she had no idea where he was, until she passed a tv store and the televisions in the display case was showing the news of a battle that went on and how Kid Flash was unconcious and possibly dying. Jinx was internally freaking out and she intently watched until she heard he was being kept at titans tower to be healed. After hearing that Jinx rushed off in the direction of the tower not giving a damn if she was going to jail for this. Jinx had been there before when her team took the place over and she knew where the injured were kept, breaking in would be the only challenging part. "I only need the system to be down for a few minutes so I can sneak in" Jinx said as she was trying to hex the security system.

"That might just do" Jinx said as she finished bringing down the security system and sneaked into the window it was around 4am when she finally got to where she was going. Jinx found Kid Flash lying on a bed asleep she leaned over the side of the bed to get a better look at him he seemed fine just a few bruises and scratches here and there. "Wally you idiot you had be worried to death" Jinx said as she combed her hand through his wild hair. All of the sudden Jinx was on the bed being almost suffocated by Wally's intense hug. "Dammit Wally you're injured what do you think you are doing" Jinx yelled trying to get out of his grasp. "Shhh Jinxy they'll hear you and I've missed you, I really don't want you being hauled off to jail please just stay with me babe." Wally said with a pout, "Ugh, fine" Jinx said finally submitting to his suffocating hug. "Good let's sleep" Wally said snuggling into Jinx. "Okay, but this won't go over well." Jinx said finally relaxing and falling asleep.

"WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON HERE" Robin yelled, it was around 7am and he came to check up on Kid. "Oh hey Robin what's up, mind keeping it down I think Jinx is still sleeping" Kid said yawning and looking down at Jinx who was comfortably snuggled into his chest. "She is a villain she needs to go to jail" Robin demanded as he reached over and tried to grab Jinx, but Kid had a protective grasp on her.

"Look she hasn't done anything wrong recently and she was worried so that's the only reason she broke in Robin chill out" Kid said. "What is going on between you two" Robin said still furious that a high level Villain was in his home. "Well you see Jinxy here is my wonderful girlfriend and I think I love her." Kid said staring down at his sleeping girlfriend. "You can't date her she's the enemy" Robin said in a controling tone. "Like hell I can't, you aren't in charge of me Robin you can't tell me what to do" Kid said moving Jinx carefully to the pillow behind him as he got up but, the movement caused her to stir and she looked around to everything that was going on.

"Dammit Kid you are injured don't be an idiot and get some rest, or die your choice" Jinx said getting up and stretching. Robin looked at both of them and then turned to Kid Flash.

"Yeah, I can really see the love going on" he said sarcastically. "Eh, what can I say it's a complicated kind of love" Kid said shrugging "Now if you don't mind Robin, come on Jinxy lets go home." Kid said as he scooped up Jinx who was yelling at him to put her down. He then sped off home with her, laughing at all of her remarks.