"Do you do, do you remember / when we drove, we drove, drove through the night / and we danced, we danced / to Rancid, and we danced, we danced / and I confessed, confessed to you / riding shotgun underneath the purple skies / and we danced, we danced / with windows down, and we danced, we danced … / you were the song stuck in my head / every song that I've ever loved / played again and again and again / and you can get what you want but it's never enough / and I spin for you like your favorite records used to"
favorite record, fall out boy

Beca's not entirely sure what she expected when Chloe Beale asked her to go on a road trip with her after graduation.

The first thought that came into her head was how. Neither of them had a car – not that Beca knew of, anyway – and she's not exactly sure where, or who, to borrow one from. And, like some people tend to forget, money can be an issue. Not much so for Beca, or not as much as one would expect, because her dad is thankfully very generous when it comes to money. He's still wary about her wanting to become a music producer, but since she's held back on wanting to move to L.A, he can't really complain. Plus, she still has at least twelve thousand dollars in her savings account from her grandparents, and seeing as she didn't have to pay for her college fund – again, thanks to her dad – she hasn't really had an excuse to spend it. Until now, apparently. She's not reckless though, so she decides, before she even knows where they're going, not to take it all; just half of it. Six thousand dollars should be enough for one person on a road trip, and if not, then she's just going to have to deal with being 6k down in cash. Plus, a road trip with Chloe Beale could result in anything, and she's not taking any chances.

The second thought that came into her head was why. Sure, they've both just graduated, and they kind of both deserve a break before they start their jobs at the end of August. But they're both living together and, shouldn't that be enough? She can guarantee, Chloe will end up getting sick of her, and they'll probably fight – they'll definitely fight – and yeah, maybe a road trip together is destined to be doomed.

But apparently not, because Chloe asks her on the twenty second of May, a week after graduation – only two days since they moved in together – if she wants to go on a road trip. And Beca should know better, but of course, she doesn't even hesitate when she asks Chloe where they're going. But then Chloe says, "That's the magic of road trips! You don't need a destination. Just a car and a friend." And Beca tells her that she's ridiculous, and she asks her if she has a car, and Chloe tells her not to worry about it. But this is her best friend, and of course, she'll worry about it.

She worries about it until Chloe pulls up outside their apartment building four days later, in an old Ford Thunderbird that looks like it's just been stolen from the scrap heap, and she's smiling brighter than Beca has ever seen her as she makes her way outside, and Chloe stands up on the driver's seat with her arms out and she says, "I told you not to worry about it."

The only response Beca can muster up is a smile, because of course, she didn't have to worry about it. This is Chloe Beale, for God's sake.

They decide to set off on the first of June.

Or rather, Chloe decides, and Beca just goes along with it and asks her how long she should pack for. Chloe tells her a month, maybe a little longer, and Beca is still convinced that this whole thing is destined to be doomed. Chloe doesn't even know where they're going on this road trip.

They have an old beat up Thunderbird convertible, ten thousand dollars between them, and no destination in mind. This could very much be the worst decision both of them have ever made.

Beca tells Jesse the next day.

He's just moved in to a studio in down town Atlanta, which is an hour away from Beca and Chloe's apartment, so she doesn't tell him face to face. She decides to call him when she's on the Subway, on the way back from seeing her dad, and he doesn't pick up at first, so she waits five minutes, before calling him back. She thinks it'll go straight to voicemail again, but then he answers with a "hey, one second, okay?" and then she can hear him talking with someone about a soundtrack.

As Beca waits, she receives a Snapchat from Chloe. It's a picture of her with a snapback on and she's captioned it 'guess who bought taco bell!', and Beca smiles as she screenshots it.

She tells herself that she screenshots Chloe's Snapchats because she likes to hold the embarrassing photos for leverage, but Chloe hasn't sent her any embarrassing photos for a while now, yet Beca still finds herself saving every single selfie Chloe sends her. The amount of photos of Chloe on her phone is kind of worrying.

It's not weird though, because Chloe saves Beca's selfies too, and that's what best friends do.

She sends Chloe a selfie back – a close-up of her face, with the caption 'My hero! I'll be home soon' – and she tries her hardest not to make it obvious to the people around her that she's taking a selfie. As soon as she sends it, she hears Jesse on the phone, and if it wasn't for the green banner at the top of her phone telling her she's in a call, she would have completely forgot about it.


"Hi, sorry." He says, and he sounds tired. "This new company is on my case about a new soundtrack for a game." He says, and then he goes on about how he doesn't want to score games, he wants to score movies, and if he would have known they wanted him to score games, he wouldn't have accepted the job. Beca should listen to him, but her phone vibrates again and she knows it's another Snapchat from Chloe, and she kind of hates ignoring Chloe, even when her boyfriend is obviously upset about something.

But honestly, she doesn't see the problem. Jobs have certain disadvantages, and you can't really do one thing without having to do another thing. That's like taking World History and expecting to just learn about the Cold War. That's like interning at a recording studio and expecting the producers to not put you on coffee and burrito duty.

She realizes that she'll be getting off of the train soon, so she interrupts him in the middle of his rant about his boss, and she tells him, "I'm going on a road trip with Chloe on Monday." And he asks her, "this Monday?" and she says yes, and he's silent for a while, and she has to pull her phone away from her ear to see if he's still on the line.


"Yeah? Yeah, that's cool. That sounds fun. How long for?"

"A month."

"A month. Wow."

She can sense that he's nodding, because he does that a lot when Beca tells him something he doesn't agree with. He nods like one of those bobble head toys you used to get in McDonald's happy meals when you were a kid, and Beca used to think it was cute.

She makes up an excuse that she has to go because Amy needs her, and he says "okay, call me," and she hangs up before she can hear him say "I love you."

On the first of June, her alarm goes off at 7AM, and she wonders why in God's name she agreed to this.

It's too early. She can tell, because she doesn't even remember setting her alarm, which means that Chloe probably set it for her, and she should be mad, but she always finds a reason not to be mad at Chloe. Chloe tends to do little things for Beca a lot, like set her alarm, or make her coffee on a morning, or remind her not to forget her keys, and Beca's learned to just let it happen. She kind of likes it.

She rolls over, groaning out incoherent sounds, kind of hoping that it'll stop the music from blaring out of her phone so she can go back to sleep.

It doesn't work.

She reaches over for her phone, feeling around on the table beside her until she finally finds it, and she mumbles something about "five more minutes" to the empty room as she presses the snooze button. Then she turns over, and she's hoping to get at least three more minutes in bed, but then she hears Chloe coming towards the door, and she doesn't have enough time to prepare herself before Chloe is bursting into the room.

"Wakey wakey, rise and shine!" Chloe yells as she opens the curtains, and Beca's head is poking out of the covers just enough for the sun to shine straight in her eyes, and she groans out something unintelligible as she covers her whole head.

Not for long though, because Chloe is asking her if she's packed any sunscreen, and she can already hear her looking through her suitcase in hopes to find some, and only Chloe Beale would plan a month-long road trip, but then forget to pack sunscreen.

She sits up in bed and rubs her eyes, and it's not until her eyes fully adjust to the light that she actually sees Chloe. She's practically half-naked, and it's not like Beca minds. She doesn't. Not in that way, because Chloe is Beca's best friend, and she's used to it. She just wishes she would have warned her, but it's okay. She's her best friend, and there's nothing weird going on here.

Chloe stands up straight and puts her hands on her hips, and Beca's definitely not responsible for the way her eyes roam down her body. She's not one for objectifying women, but Chloe looks too good for 7AM, and Beca doesn't even know what to think, but then Chloe looks at her, and Beca's eyes shoot back up to look at her face – and only her face – and she tries not to smile, because it's too damn early. But Chloe is wearing a bright pink bikini top, and her hair is pulled up in a high ponytail, and she's wearing these light denim shorts with holes in them, and she looks cute, Beca can admit that. Really cute.

The sun shines through the window onto her body and it's just not fair.

"Are you just gonna sit there and stare at me all day?"

"It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world." She says, and she doesn't even know where that came from. She can never really keep herself together around pretty girls. Especially ones who are stood in front of her wearing barely anything.

"Wow. That was almost a compliment."

"You know I save all my best lines for the afternoon."

Chloe laughs at her, and tells her that if she hurries up and gets ready she'll buy her breakfast, and she walks out of the bedroom before Beca can even reply.

She ignores the way her eyes follow Chloe out.

Her alarm goes off again, and she immediately turns it off. She looks around the room a few times before throwing her head back into the pillow with a groan, covering her eyes with the back of her hand, because a month on the road with Chloe Beale will surely be the death of her.

She drags herself out of bed when she hears Chloe singing at the top of her voice.

"I'm feeling tip top, I'm not gonna stop tapping my shoes." She sings, and Beca can hear her tapping her feet on the floor. "I ain't got a clue, got nothing to lose, so watch me move. It's a brand new day, I'ma hit you like a hurricane."

She tries not to smile, but Chloe's good mood is contagious. She'll never admit that though.

Beca is still in her pajamas and her hair is messy on the left side, and she yawns as she sits down at the table, crossing her arms and resting her head in them. Chloe places a cup of coffee on the table in front of her, and Beca thanks her with a mumbled "thk'you."

She thinks it's funny, because she doesn't ever remember telling Chloe how she liked her coffee. Somehow, she just knew.

"We're setting off in a half hour, Becs." Chloe tells her as she makes her way into her bedroom. "You better get dressed if you don't want to be late!"

Beca finds herself smiling at the irony, because Chloe Beale is late to everything.

"I think I'll manage to get ready in thirty minutes." Beca shoots back, and she lifts her head up off of the table and takes a sip of her coffee, and she rolls her eyes when she hears Chloe singing again from her bedroom.

A few minutes later, Chloe comes back in to the kitchen, and she's wearing a shirt now, so Beca finds it easier to actually keep her eyes from wandering, because while she loves her best friend, she's not sure if she could survive another minute with her stood in her bikini. Not that she's attracted to her or anything, but because, come on, who doesn't want a body like Chloe Beale's? She's just a little jealous of her figure, that's all.

"Beca." Chloe says as she sits down at the table opposite her. "Please get ready."

"It's not even eight in the morning, why the hell do we have to set off so early?"

Chloe's reply comes as a roll of her eyes and she says something about wanting to make the most of the month-long road trip, but Beca isn't even listening because everything seems to go in slow-motion whenever Chloe talks really fast like she's doing now. And it's too early to even concentrate, so she doesn't even question it when she finds herself staring at Chloe's eyes.

She has nice eyes. She knows how to appreciate someone who has nice eyes. It doesn't mean anything.

Chloe eventually stops rambling about – whatever it is that she was rambling about in the first place, and Beca just nods with a tight-lipped smile and hopes to God that Chloe didn't ask her a question, because it's kind of rude, not listening to your best friend when she's telling you something.

Beca's good at that. Not listening to people.

Her excuse is that she's tired, and that's… her only excuse.

It's not like she was too distracted by Chloe's eyes and lips to notice what she was saying, because that would be ridiculous.

Except Chloe is looking at Beca's lips too, and Beca's hoping to God that Chloe isn't waiting for an answer from her because all she can focus on now is Chloe's eyes, and then Chloe makes eye contact and Beca's a goner. However, the moment – Beca can call it a 'moment' because it included eye contact for more than five seconds which is like, a record for her – is short-lived when Chloe's phone starts to ring, and she groans as she leans forward so she can pull it out of her back pocket. She answers it without even looking at the caller ID.

Beca recognizes the voice on the other end as Aubrey's, and she tells Chloe to say hey to her, so she does, with that smile that Beca is sure can move mountains.

"Yeah, Beca says hey…" she turns her attention to Beca. "Aubrey says hi, and she also says get dressed."

"How does she know I'm not dressed?"

"It's before eight, you're never dressed before eight."


Chloe diverts her attention back to Aubrey as Beca stands up. "Nothing, we're just about to set off… yeah, she's had her morning coffee. Yes, she does want to come on this trip with me. No, she doesn't want to speak to you."

Beca mouths 'thank you' to Chloe before she finishes the rest of her coffee, and she doesn't even need to listen to know that Aubrey is probably talking about her 'moody attitude', but when Chloe defends her, Beca makes sure to smile at Chloe, and it's as if they don't even need to use words sometimes. It's weird, because Beca's never had that with anybody before. Where they're close enough to be able to just, get each other.

She tells herself that it's no big deal.

(It's a big deal.)

After getting changed into a red and white baseball shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans, Beca walks out of her bedroom with her suitcase. She starts to say something about how she's definitely still taking Chloe up on that breakfast offer, but she stops talking when she sees Chloe stood in front of the long mirror in the living room. She's holding the bottom of her shirt in between her teeth, and she's messing around with the front clip on her bikini, and Beca gulps as Chloe turns around.

"Do you know how to work front clips?" she says, her shirt still between her teeth. "It came undone and I can't fasten it."

"Um, no." Beca says, shaking her head, and her brain is screaming at her, telling her to turn around right now, because she cannot survive a month with Chloe in bikinis and short shorts, especially if she's going to be doing stuff like this. But she can't really move, and then Chloe is asking her if she can try and fasten it, which Beca, after a few seconds, decides she's fine with. Chloe is her friend, and friends do this for each other.

Her shaky hands have nothing to do with the fact that Chloe is stood practically topless in front of her.

She tries her hardest not to touch Chloe's boobs as well, but the clip is really hard to fasten, and Chloe is laughing at Beca's concentration face, and she moves forward when she laughs, and Beca's knuckles brush across her skin and Beca feels like her whole face is just going to set on fire any minute.

Eventually, they both get the clip fastened, and Chloe mentions something about Beca missing her chance to cop a feel, and Beca's stuttering out incoherencies before she even realizes that Chloe is joking.

"Are you ready, you weirdo?" Beca asks her, extending the handle on her suitcase. She picks up her bag that she packed yesterday with her necessities in. Laptop, headphones, iPod, pretty much everything she needs for her mixes, because if Chloe thinks that she's going to leave her mixing equipment behind for a month, she has another thing coming.

Chloe puts her sunglasses on the top of her head, and she says, in a deep voice, "we'll be drinking margaritas by the sea mamacita", and Beca swears she has never seen Chloe look more offended than when she asks her what the hell that even means.

"Thelma and Louise? Come on, Bec, you cannot tell me you haven't seen Thelma and Louise." Beca just shrugs, and Chloe pushes her shoulder playfully as she walks past her to get her own suitcases from her room.

"I don't watch movies."

"It's a classic!" she yells from the room, as Beca pulls her phone out of her pocket when it vibrates. She sees it's a text from Jesse, telling her to call him.

"It sounds shit." She says, locking her phone and putting it back in her pocket.

"You don't even know what it's about."

"No, but you're gonna tell me aren't ya?"

"Not with that attitude."

Chloe walks out of her room, pulling two suitcases behind her, along with a bag that Beca is pretty sure is big enough for them both to fit in, and of course, Chloe Beale is one of those people who takes about nineteen bags on vacation with her.

"So where are we going for breakfast?" Beca asks, and she rolls her eyes when Chloe winks at her and tells her it's a surprise.

Destined to be doomed, she keeps telling herself.

Beca lasts ten minutes on the road before she's asking Chloe if they're almost at the diner.

"I swear to God, Beca, I asked you on this road trip because you're my best friend, don't make me change my mind. I can totally replace you with Emily."

Beca slouches in her seat as she mumbles "geesh, I was only asking because I'm so excited for this roadtrip" but Chloe can tell she's being sarcastic, so she ignores her as she turns the radio up. Helena Beat by Foster The People is on, because Beca's iPod is connected up to the car, and Chloe starts to sing along.

It takes a while, but eventually Beca joins in.

As if there was any question that she wouldn't. She'd do anything for Chloe Beale and she knows it.

"Get your feet off of the dashboard."

"Or what?"

"I'll tickle you."


Beca sighs as she scrolls through her iPod in search of a song. "I'm not saying it's the best season, but I do think that it has some of the best episodes in."

"What about series five when they go to Vegas and Ross and Rachel get married?"

"Yeah, I mean... that's funny. But it's not the best episode." Beca scratches the top of her nose.

"Which is your favorite episode?"

"Chloe, you can't have one favorite episode of Friends. It's impossible."

"I've asked all of the Bellas which is their favorite and they all have an answer."

"Fine, what's Aubrey's favorite episode?"

"The last one."


"It's true. She must have watched the last episode at least fifty times."

"Well," Beca pauses when her phone vibrates in her pocket. "She's wrong."

She carries on scrolling through her songs on her iPod, until she decides on Diane Young by Vampire Weekend, and her phone vibrates in her pocket yet again. She doesn't know why she feels the need to ignore them, but Jesse is becoming too much for her lately, and who knows, maybe this trip will be more beneficial than she thought. She only has to text Jesse a few times a day, and that's good enough. At least then he won't expect her to always go over to his apartment to watch a movie, because as much as she loves him, she's absolutely sick of his 'moviecations', and maybe that has to do with him insisting on romcoms, whereas whenever she watches a movie with Chloe, they always watch action or adventure movies.

She shouldn't be comparing Chloe and Jesse, but sometimes it's hard, especially since they're both so different.

She texts him back, telling him that the signal is bad where they are – truthfully, she doesn't even know where they are – and she locks her phone and puts it back in her pocket, and she sings along with Chloe because maybe if they sing loud enough, it'll drown out the sound of her phone vibrating every five minutes.

They eventually reach a small diner simply named 'Tim's', and Chloe parks as close to the entrance as she can, and Beca is out of the car before Chloe can even turn the engine off.

She finds a seat straight away, and something tells her that she probably should have waited for a waitress to seat them, and yeah, she probably should have waited for Chloe as well, but God, they've been on the road for like, a million hours, and she's starving.

She's looking through the menu by the time Chloe arrives at the table, and she's noticed that almost everything on the menu has the word 'jumbo' in the title, and she's not exactly sure if she could eat a jumbo stack of pancakes right now, despite how hungry she claims to be. Chloe sits opposite her, and she's typing something on her phone, and for a brief moment, Beca wonders who Chloe might be texting, but then she tells herself that she shouldn't even be bothered, and she goes back to reading about jumbo waffles and jumbo pancakes and jumbo everything.

"Hey Chloe, look at this. Jumbo salted coconut pancakes with caramel sauce and slices of banana. Oh my God."

"What did you just say?"

"I said Jumbo salted coconut pancakes w–"

"–No, I mean," Chloe interrupts. "Say carmel."


"It's not caramel, it's carmel."

Beca puts the menu down as she sits back in her chair, and she frowns when she sees the serious look on Chloe's face. "It's caramel."




"Carmel is the name of a city."

"I'm pretty sure carmel is… whatever you're talking about. Some sort of confectionary. Carmel sauce."

"No, that's caramel."

"That's what I'm saying! Carmel!"

"Oh my God."

"Do you girls know what you're ordering?"

Beca looks up to see one of the waitresses stood looking at them both, and then she looks at Chloe, who is still looking at her with a determined look on her face, and Beca says, "Chloe what do you want?" and Chloe squints at her before she tells the waitress that they want a stack of pancakes to share.

Beca smiles. "Do you want–"

"–Carmel?" she interrupts. "No thank you."

Beca smirks, and she looks up at the waitress, who was most likely listening to their debate about how to pronounce caramel, and she tells her that they also want two cups of coffee, and the waitress walks away with a smile on her face.

After their breakfast – after Beca eating more than half of the stack of pancakes, and Chloe complaining about her not being fair, and Beca offering to buy Chloe another stack, but Chloe turning it down nicely – the two are both sat in silence as Chloe messes around with her phone, and her brow is furrowed and she looks like she's concentrating too hard, and Beca knows that when Chloe concentrates too hard, she gets a headache.

"Hey." Beca says, reaching over to poke Chloe's wrist, and Chloe looks up at her, smiles, and then looks back down at her phone. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm good. Just trying to find out where we're going from here."

"You don't know where we're going?"

Chloe looks up again, and Beca has to divert her eyes for a second, because with the way the light is shining through the window of the diner, Chloe's eyes are like, really blue, and they're practically gleaming, and Beca is weak for Chloe's eyes when they're like this.

"I told you, you don't need a destination. Just a car and a friend."

"Oh my God, Chloe. I thought you were joking."

"Why would I be joking?"

"You can't go on a road trip without knowing where you're going!"

"Excuse me, I have a map in the car, we're gonna be fine!"

"We are not using a map. Do you remember in Copenhagen? We both suck with maps."

"Speak for yourself, I was fully aware of where we were going in Copenhagen. You're just stubborn and you never listen to me. We're using a map."

"Don't you have a GPS?"

"See! Stubborn!"

Beca opens her mouth to argue back, but before either of them can say anything else, they hear someone laughing from the booth beside them, and they both look at each other and frown. Chloe turns around and Beca looks over Chloe's shoulder to see an old couple looking at them with smiles on their faces.

"Are all your conversations like this?" the woman asks. She has a thick southern accent, and for a minute, Beca is convinced that they've been on the road for days and ended up in Texas or Oklahoma or Tennessee, and then the old man laughs again, and Chloe looks at Beca with a confused smile.

"It's just that, we heard you two earlier arguing about which is the best way to eat potatoes, and... you guys are real cute together."

Beca lets out a soft laugh, looking back and forth between Chloe and the old couple.

"We're not together. I mean... we're together, but we're not... together, together."

Something about the way she says they're not together makes Beca feel uneasy, but she passes it off as just being full from the pancakes.

The woman looks genuinely shocked as she looks back and forth between them. "My apologies dears. You two look like a couple."

"Thanks." Chloe says with a smile, and she turns back around and smiles at Beca.

Beca just smiles back and tries not to think about it.

Chloe goes back to messing around on her phone, and Beca plays on Candy Crush as she waits, and she occasionally steals a glance at Chloe and she finds herself smiling, because Chloe's eyebrows are furrowed and she's biting her lip and her eyes are scanning her phone, as if she's waiting for something miraculous to happen.

Eventually, Chloe puts her phone down on the table and sighs, and Beca looks at it to see that Chloe is looking at a map, and Chloe runs a hand through her hair, and she looks stressed.

"What's up?" Beca asks, and she doesn't know why, because she knows Chloe will tell her anyway.

"Nothing. Planning a road trip is stressful."

Beca reaches out to pick up Chloe's phone, and she sees that it's a map of Pensacola, and she looks up at Chloe to see her looking nervous, and she asks her, "why Pensacola?"

"It was gonna be a surprise, but I used to go there all the time when I was younger. I grew up in Tampa, so me and my parents and my older brother would drive up to Pensacola every summer, until my mom eventually bought a house there, and so, I was hoping we could drive down and stay in the house for a couple of days. Except my mom isn't answering her phone, so I don't know whether anybody is staying in the house at the moment, and I'm sorta freaking out because I wanted this road trip to be great, but now I just feel like it's gonna be–"

"–Hey." Beca reaches out and puts her hand on Chloe's, and she smiles at her. "Breathe."

There's still some things about Chloe that scare her, like the way rambles like this and she ends up not being able to formulate sentences, and then she ends up crying, and Beca hates it when Chloe cries, because she's never been good at consoling people. She wants to, though. She wants to tell her that everything is okay, and that there's no need to stress out, because she is not having a repeat of what happened before the Worlds, where Chloe would cry herself to sleep, and Beca would just sit and stroke her hair because she didn't know what else to do. She's not going to be that person who doesn't know how to console their best friend.

So she rubs her thumb across Chloe's hand a few times and she smiles at her – the most heartfelt smile that Chloe has ever seen – and she tells her, "I know I don't seem excited for this road trip, but trust me, I am." And Chloe gives her a small smile, but Beca knows that it's forced, so Beca gets up out of her seat, and she sits beside Chloe. She's not very new to having a best friend, because she and Chloe have been best friends for three years, but she's still new to comforting people. From what she's learned from Chloe, she knows that she likes hugs, so she puts her arm around her shoulders, and she says, "Who cares if we don't know where we're going?"

And truthfully, she cares. She doesn't want to end up stranded in the middle of nowhere, being murdered by a psycho, or mauled by bears, but she doesn't voice that though, because she knows that won't help at all, and Chloe is still sniffling, so she hugs her tighter.

"Come on." She says, poking Chloe's rib with her phone that's still in her hand. "Tell me about Pensacola."

Chloe smiles, and Beca listens to every word she says. She talks about the museums there, and the beach, and the weather, and she tells her that she's glad she remembered to pack sunscreen, because she doesn't want her turning into a lobster, and Beca tells her that she'll be the best looking lobster there is, and they don't stop talking until Chloe is crying with laughter at the stupid comments Beca keeps making.

Chloe decides to text her mom again, and Beca takes her mind off of it for a while because she doesn't want Chloe to keep refreshing her messages in hopes that she'll text back. So she tells her that they should plan the trip together, seeing as they're going to be spending a month on the road together, and that all the stress shouldn't be on Chloe. And it takes a while, but Chloe tells her that it'll be good for them to both plan it, and then she runs out to the car to get her map book, and Beca is still adamant on buying a GPS. But Chloe tells her that this is going to be an old-fashioned road trip, and Beca can't say no to her. She never has been able to.

They end up ordering a milkshake each, and Chloe's mom eventually calls her and tells her that they can stay in the house for as long as they want, and Beca can see the relief in Chloe's eyes, and she can see her mood getting back to normal with every idea they throw around. Beca suggests going to New Orleans, and Chloe suggests somewhere in Texas, and Beca suggests Las Vegas, and before they know it, they have about fifty places jotted down in Beca's phone that they both want to go to.

It takes another hour, and two more milkshakes, but they eventually have a rough idea of their month-long route, and Beca won't tell anybody, but she's getting excited. She's never been on vacation, apart from the week she went to Disneyworld when she was seven, before her parents got divorced. She got sunburned so bad that she had to spend two days of the vacation in the hotel room though, so as far as holidays go, Beca doesn't have a lot to compare it to.

When she tells Chloe this, Chloe assures her that this road trip is going to be the best ever, and maybe it's the way Chloe seems so sure of herself when she says it, but for some crazy reason, Beca believes her.

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