Yo it's Ten Tailed Jackal of Doom here with my first chapter of Gods are Real. In this one we witness Naruto gain the powers of four very powerful beings in order to protect what's left of his team. Naruto will be light hearted and will be a goof when not on missions but when things get dangerous he gets serious

Chapter 1

A blonde haired boy could be seen walking towards a army not a trace of fear visible in his bright blue eyes.

His usually grinning face set into a grimace, and blood covering up the whisker shaped marks on each side of his face.

His forehead protector barely hanging on by a thread.

His orange and blue jumpsuit looked like it had seen better days, hell his shirt was burned off and his jacket was just sleeves on his arms.

The boy walking forward ignored the calls from his teammates and his sensei, and focused on the grinning fresh army.

He staring the leader of the army in the eyes pulled out his last kunai and narrowed his eyes.

The leader a tall man, holding a machete spotting the boy laughed very loudly and said "You think my mighty army is afraid of a single kunai and a lowly genin."

The boy said nothing but continued to stare down the man and army, never noticing the faint aura of black energy surrounding him.

He then turning his head placed his vision solely on the dead member of his team.

A black haired boy with coal black eyes, and pale skin, was laying there with wide eyes and a huge hole in his chest.

He then moving his eyes to his sensei who was in shock that one of his students had died.

Finally his eyes landed on his crush, staring at the black haired boy with wide green eyes and a trembling lip.

He turning back around set his eyes on the leader once more, the entire reason his team was in this mess in the first place.

He closing his eyes thought back to what his former teacher/big brother figure told him to do when he was first learning to draw out his chakra.

Taking calming deep breaths, he was trying to steady his body, knowing that his chakra was most likely running low from all of the missed sleep, skipped meals, and the battle.

His eyes widened feeling something powerful bubbling beneath the surface of his body.

He gently prodding it, was floored feeling the massive amount of pure energy it was.

He was about to leave the power alone, when he heard a whisper of a voice he remembers from long ago encourage him to use the power.

He listening to the voice tapped into the power, and was instantly dragged into his mind.

He opening his eyes blinked spotting four people, a motorcycle, a hammer, two swords, and a urn in front of him.

The first person was a man appearing to be in his early 20's with long straight blonde hair, a rugged face, tan skin, and crystal blue eyes.

He was very muscular and was dressed in what looked like old armor with four metal plates on it.

He also had a red cape.

The second man actually terrified Naruto, as it he had a flaming skull for his head, with no eyes. He was dressed in a black shirt, with a black leather jacket over that. He had fingerless black gloves on his hands, and wrapped around his upper torso was a flaming chain. He had on a pair of black jeans, and thick black boots. He was leaning against the motorcycle which was also flaming.

The third man had long silver/white hair, pale skin, golden slitted eyes, purple marks on his face and a purple crescent moon in the middle of his head. He had on a white kimono top with pink sakura petals blossoming on the front and right shoulder. This was attached to a silver chest plate with two spikes on the it. Flowing behind it was a long white furry thing. He had on white kimono pants that were tucked in a the bottom. His ears were pointed and he had claws on each hand. Attached to his hip was two very powerful swords. On his feet were black shoes.

The last of the four man looked to be in his late 50's with long black hair, crystal green eyes, a black goatee, and pale skin. Sitting on the top of his head was a wide rimmed black hat. He had on a black top with matching black pants. On each feet were black boots. Tattoos were covering both his arms and some could be seen on his neck. Sitting on his left shoulder was a black crow, that was starring at Naruto with eerie red eyes. Sitting on a pedestal behind the man was a golden urn.

Naruto looking at all four men and their perspective items was wondering who the hell they were and why were they here.

The first man smiling at him said "Greetings young one my name is Thor and I am the god of lightning. My hammer is named Mjolnir and can only be wielded by the one worthy of the title of god of lightning. I died centuries ago, but before I died I asked the death god to allow me to see the person who would become the new god of lightning. It seems you are the one."

The skull man shaking his head spoke in a raspy voice "I am Johnny Blaze, and I am the Ghost Rider. Like Thor I lived long ago, and was cursed by the devil to walk the earth as his bounty hunter, who whenever evil was near was forced to transform into the form. I died defending the world from a great evil. Like Thor before I died I asked death to allow me to speak with the person who would take up the name of Ghost Rider after me. It seems you are destined to be the new Ghost Rider."

The silver haired man looking at him with bored eyes said "My name is Sesshomaru and I the son of the great demon lord of the west Inu-no-Taisho. I lived a very long an interesting life, way before Thor or Johnny Blaze. I died fighting a powerful demon for my the safety of my little girl. Like the other two I asked death if I could speak to the one destined to be the new ruler of the western lands. It seems that you are the one, but it also seems as you are a descended of my little girl."

The last man looking at Naruto said "I am the Undertaker. I was a powerful warrior, with many enemies. I lived before Thor and Johnny Blaze in a time were technology was more advanced. I had many nicknames, but the one most knew me as was the Deadman. I died of old age, a natural cause. Death noticing how powerful I was, decided to allow me to speak to the one who was destined to take up my powers. It seems as that is you. There is no need to inform us of who you are. We have been here since your first day. It is time for you to awaken your slumbering powers. Become who you are meant to be, Uzumaki Naruto."

Naruto with wide eyes was then ejected from his mind.

He opening his eyes on the outside blinked realizing that a second had passed on the outside.

His mind was then bombarded with images from the four beings in his mind lives.

He witness all of their powers, all of their weaknesses, he even witnesses all of their deaths.

Shaking his head he dropped the kunai from his hand, and lifted his hand into the air.

He then whispered "Come to me Mjolnir!"

Lightning then struck as a the hammer from Thor's memories came flying towards his hand.

He clasping his hand around the handle lifted it into the air, and ignored as Thor's armor appeared on him, with a major color change.

It was now black, with the cape being purple. The four metal circles had the image of a swirling leaf on the first one, the image of a nine tailed fox in the second one, the third one had the image of ramen in it, and the fourth one had the image of a thick forest.

Naruto lowering the hammer, felt his blue eyes start to burn.

He moving his hand to them rubbed them.

He feeling the burning stop, removed his hands.

He then felt his hair grow until it reached mid-way his shoulders.

He looking at it blinked spotting his platinum blonde hair. The final thing that he felt happen was his body to gain muscles and get taller.

He then looking at the leader, remembered what was going on.

He snorting, dashed forward, being nothing but a black blur.

He appearing in front of the leader of the army, smashed his new hammer into the man's face, killing him instantly.

He then spinning around grabbed a man by his throat and choke slammed the man, snapping his neck, killing him instantly.

He then grabbing another of the thugs, ripped the man's head apart.

Turning to a fourth man, he looked the man in the eyes, and gasped when the man turned into a blackened corpse, with glowing orange lines covering his entire body.

He then picking up his hammer said "Come at me."

The thugs, roared and launched at Naruto thinking that the numbers would help them.

They were sadly mistaken, mainly when Naruto opened up his mouth and breathed out a torrent of flames, turning every thug into ash, along with their weapons.

Naruto closing his mouth, turned to look around blinked finding the army now dead.

He smiling at this hooked Mjolnir to his belt, then passed out, into the waiting arms of his sensei.

Kakashi looking down at Naruto smiled and said "Good job Naruto you got us out of this hairy situation. Rest easy my student."

Three days later Naruto would wake up and groan as his eyes were instantly assaulted with the color white.

He then covered his nose as it was then assaulted by the smell of cleaning products.

He knew that he was now in a hospital.

He shaking his head, opened his eyes again and noticed Sakura in the chair beside his bed, looking like a mess.

He turning his head blinked spotting what looked like Konoha outside of the window.

He getting up out of the bed, walked to the window and peered out of the window.

How was it that they were back in the village hidden in the leaves, when they were at least three days travel from the village.

He then turned his head hearing the door open.

He blinked spotting Sarutobi Hiruzen or the old man, standing beside his sensei Hatake Kakashi.

Naruto then heard Sakura yawn.

He ignoring this ask "Kakashi-sensei are we really back in Konoha?"

Kakashi eye smiling said "Yes we are Naruto, now please sit down so that the Hokage and I can brief you on what has happened in the three days you've been unconscious."

Naruto nodding sat down in the bed, noticing how Sakura looked better now that he was awake.

Sarutobi taking a seat sighed and said "First off congratulations on completing an A-rank mission. You have been paid handsomely for doing so. Now then. It took Kakashi two days to get you here along with Sakura. Sasuke's body was sealed into a scroll for sake keeping. Once here, you were instantly transported to the hospital, and looked over. I arriving not too much later then asked what the hell had happened. Kakashi then explained that the mission was a trick, and what happened. He also explained what you did. Now this is the part that may shock you, but I had your eyes scanned and it turns out you now have an unknown doujutsu. We have no idea what it does, but the council has voted that it must be valuable. So you have been placed into the village as a new clan, this also means you have been forced into the Clan Restoration Act. This means that you must have at least 6 wives by the time you turn 16. You've got three years. Since there are no more Uchiha's you have been given that compound, which has been cleaned for you. The hammer that you brought with you for some reason could not be moved, so it was sealed into your wrist. The last thing that I must inform you of is that team seven is now a 3 man team, with two genin and one jonin."

Naruto hearing this rolled his eyes and asked "Oh gee now I have to find six women willing to marry me, not because of my clan head status."

He then face palming said "I hate my life."

Kakashi giggled at this, while Sakura smiled at Naruto still being him.

Sarutobi just shook his head.

A day later and Naruto was sitting at training ground seven waiting for Kakashi to show up.

Sakura was sitting beside him reading a scroll he had gotten her from the library about medicine.

Naruto already planning to make Kakashi help Sakura out, had also planned on working on the skills he had gained, and maybe figuring out what his new doujutsu did, and maybe giving it a name.

Kakashi arriving was about to make up an excuse but blinked not hearing Sakura or Naruto yell at him about being late.

He looking at his two students, blinked spotting Sakura reading from a scroll, while Naruto stared at the clouds in the sky.

He announcing his presence was about to inform the two of them that he was going to be training them, when Naruto said "Kakashi-sensei I've got some things I need to work on, including my doujutsu so help Sakura out. Ya know boost her skills and help her with medicines and maybe get her a genjutsu or two."

Kakashi blinked and asked "Is that what you want Naruto?"

Naruto standing up popped his shoulder nodded and said "Yeah Sakura-chan feels like she is useless, but I don't want her feeling that way so I got her started in medicine. Maybe she can become a medical ninja, and you can help her learn some genjutsu and some additional jutsu. Hopefully that help her out and boost her confidence."

He then walked off never even noticing that Sakura had heard every word that he had said, and was now crying at how selfless and awesome he had just sounded.

Kakashi eye smiling at Naruto's retreating form said "He's going to be Hokage one day. I can feel it in my bones."

He turning to Sakura smiled even more and said "You're going to be right beside him, as today we kick start your training."

Sakura with flames of determination in her eyes said "Let's do this Kakashi-sensei."

A month later and the new and improved team seven was in the Hokage's office as Sarutobi informed them of team eight needing back-up in the land of waves.

Apparently Kurenai and her team had ran into the demon of the hidden mist Momochi Zabuza and Raiga of the seven swordsmen of the mist and needed help.

Naruto hearing this asked "Momochi Zabuza isn't he the one they call the demon of the mist?"

Kakashi nodding said "Yeah that's him Naruto why?"

Naruto cracking his neck said "He just might have enough marks on his soul for my doujutsu to turn him into ash. Hell if not him then maybe this Raiga person."

Sakura hearing this said "Naruto-kun you're not supposed to be using your doujutsu like that unless you have full control over it. Last time you used it you wiped out that entire bandit camp and transformed into a walking flaming skeleton."

Naruto hearing this said "I know Sakura ,but this time I'll be able to focus it, besides I'm going to be using my storm powers mostly to combat Raiga and his powers anyway."

Kakashi nodding said "That he will Sakura. Now then let's get a move on."

Both teens nodding said "Hai!"

Once they left the office Sarutobi shook his head wondering if Sasuke's death was a good thing for this team or not.

Naruto sitting in the ramen stand was getting a bowl for the road and offering his prayers to the gods above.

He was also trying to hide from the fan-girls he had gained once the village learned of what he did on their last mission.

He shivering understood completely why Sasuke always ran away from the plague known as fan-girls.

They stalked you and were mostly useless.

His only help from them was Ayame, who had beat a couple of the more desperate fan-girls off with a frying pan.

Shaking his head he wondered if Ayame should be his first girl, as she was definitely not into him because of his clan status or his doujutsu.

He shrugging got up downed the last of his ramen and took off towards the meeting point so he could meet Sakura and Kakashi.

He reaching the gate, nodded to both of them and gained a serious look on his face.

All three shinobi then took off, heading to wave to help Team eight with their mission.

Sakura was thinking "This time I'll be more helpful and show Naruto-kun just how much stronger I've become with Kakashi-sensei helping me."

Kakashi was thinking "Hold on team eight. We're on our way to help you. I don't think Kurenai would be able to stand if one of her students died."

Naruto was thinking "Hold on guys Help is on the way. This time no one is going to die. Zabuza Momochi, Raiga you two had better say your prayers cause you're dead men walking."

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