Chapter 3

A few days later and Naruto was looking up at the statue of him in his Ghost Rider form with his dragon on his shoulder and pointing at something. Statues of Sakura, Kakashi, Kurenai, Hinata, Shino and Kiba could be seen standing behind his statue all with fierce looks in their eyes. Sakura standing beside him asked "How did you become the god of the village when we all worked to save them?"

Naruto shrugging said "If I knew Sakura-chan I'd tell you."

Kakashi with an eye smile said "I hope the both of you realize this makes our 4th A-rank mission."

Kurenai blinked hearing him say this. Naruto turning to Sakura said "I thought this would make our 5th A-rank mission."

Sakura giggling said "I don't think Kakashi-sensei counts the extermination of the bandit camp as a A-rank mission."

Naruto blinked hearing this and said "But we got paid for it."

Kakashi shaking his head said "Yes, but it was logged in as a B-rank."

Naruto hearing this scowled and said "That sucks."

Sakura giggling said "Stop scowling Naruto-kun."

Naruto stopping his scowling asked "Can we do another A-rank mission before the chunin exams?"

Kakashi shaking his head said "No, as I'm pretty sure by the time we get back to the village, the chunin exams will be a week away."

Naruto cursed hearing this and said "Damn I wanted to be the most badass genin in the chunin exams."

Sakura giggling said "Of course you did Naruto-kun."

Kiba finished reading the statue said "That's it when we get back to the village I'm doubling my training with mom."

Shino pushing up his shades said "Yes I will be increasing my training with father."

Hinata poking her fingers together said "I will increase my training also."

Kurenai hearing this wanted to scowl as this meant that she was going to be seeing a lot less of her students. Naruto as if sensing this said "Sakura-chan you should ask Kurenai-sensei to help you with your genjutsu."

Sakura blinking said "That's a great idea Naruto." Sakura turning to the shocked Kurenai asked "Kurenai-sensei will you help me with my genjutsu?"

Kurenai quickly nodded and said "I will be happy to help with your genjutsu."

Naruto turning to Kakashi said "When we get back to the village Kakashi-sensei it's finally time for us to get some one on one training done."

Kakashi eye smiling at Naruto said "You mean it's time for you to learn more jutsu and possibly create some more jutsu."

Naruto nodding said "Yeah."

Sakura sweat dropped hearing this, but shook her head as Naruto was going to be him no matter what. Naruto was about to turn around when he was glomped by Inari who cried "Nii-chan."

Naruto eye smiling said "Yo little Inari what's up my main man."

Inari looking up at him with tears in his eyes asked "You don't really have to leave do you?"

Naruto eye smiling said "Sadly I do Inari, but don't worry my team and I will be back before you know it."

Inari holding out his pinky asked "You promise?"

Naruto wrapping his pinky around Inari's pinky said "It's a promise and I don't break promises."

Inari smiling said "We never do." Teams Seven and Eight then set out back to their home village.

Sarutobi in said village was banging his head against the table as Naruto had done it again. The fucking village hidden in the clouds were practically begging for a peace treaty with them, hoping that the Ghost Rider of Konoha would accept their political marriage. He looking at the paper asked "Who in the nine rings are Karui and Samui?" He sighing reached into his drawer and pulled out his secret bottle of sake and said "I'm officially getting too old for this shit. If Naruto passes the second exam I'm making him the Hokage, council be damned."

At this moment the door opened and in walked his secretary. The woman bowing said "Hokage-sama council members Hyuga Hiashi, and Inuzuka Tsume wish to speak with you. Also Jiraiya-sama has been reported inside of the village spying on kunoichi."

Sarutobi hearing this face palmed and put his bottle away. He motioned for the secretary to send Tsume and Hiashi in. Hiashi walking in instantly said "Hokage-sama I want to know the status of my daughter and her team."

Tsume snorting said "As subtle as a brick Hiashi, but he's right."

Sarutobi sighing grabbed the scroll Kakashi had sent him. Handing it to Hiashi he waited. Hiashi and Tsume reading the scroll felt their eyes widen. Tsume finishing reading first said "Damn that pup of Kushina sure knows how to kick ass."

Hiashi putting the scroll down said "Hokage-sama I would like to formally request that Naruto-san and my daughter Hinata be engaged."

Sarutobi shaking his head said "Not up to me. You'll have to wait until they get back and ask him."

Tsume laughing at the scowl on Hiashi's face asked "When are they due back?"

Sarutobi said "In about two days. Until then the two of you should read this scroll."

He handing them the scroll from Kumo watched as Hiashi turned red with rage, while Tsume started to shake in laughter. Hiashi slamming the scroll down said "Absolutely not. Kumo had their chance to have an alliance with us and tried to kidnap Hinata."

Sarutobi giving Hiashi a hard look said "You think I don't know. I'm just as pissed as you about this, but it's a chance for the village to gain another ally in case someone attacks the village." Hiashi was about to say something when Sarutobi asked "Would you damn this village, just because of a petty grudge. Are you so foolish as to not let something go, when the person involved in the treaty has every right to hold a grudge against this ungrateful village? Are you saying that Naruto-kun is the only person in the entire village who can forgive?"

Hiashi who had been shrinking with each word, was feeling like trash. Tsume shaking her head said "You got my vote Hokage-sama."

Sarutobi hearing this nodded and said "Thank you Tsume-chan."

Hiashi shaking his head said "You have my vote also Hokage-sama."

Sarutobi smiling said "Good and thank you Hiashi." Both people then left the room and Sarutobi asked "You do know that spying on the Hokage's conversations is considered treason?"

Jiraiya climbing in through the window said "Sorry Sensei. It's just been a while since I've heard you lay into someone like that."

Sarutobi sighing said "It's because of Naruto. He knows how to change people for the better." He then spotting the serious look on Jiraiya's face asked "What is it?"

Jiraiya slapping a seal down on the floor said "Sensei Orochimaru plans on attacking the village during the chunin exams, with the aide of Suna. Also Tsunade is heading towards with the village with a fully healed Uchiha Mikoto, and pissed off Uzumaki Kushina."

Sarutobi hearing this blanched and asked "How long?"

Jiraiya shaking his head said "My guess is that the four of them will be here about the same time Naruto and the others arrive back to the village."

Sarutobi hearing this licking his lips said "That doesn't give me much time to prepare the village for their wrath."

Jiraiya shaking his head said "I tried talking to Tsunade and calm her and Kushina down. She asked me if I had known, and when I answered yes, she nearly killed me sensei."

Sarutobi shivering said "I'm a dead man walking then Jiraiya."

Jiraiya nodding said "Unless Naruto saves you."

Sarutobi walking over to his desk pulled out a sheet of paper and started writing. Jiraiya blinking asked "What's that Sensei?"

Sarutobi not even looking up said "My last will and testament. I'm naming Naruto Hokage and making Konohamaru my heir. I think I'll leave Asuma all of my books." Jiraiya sweat dropping removed the seal and went to go get some research done so he could be out of the village when Tsunade arrived.

Two days later Naruto could be seen walking through the gates having a conversation with Kakashi about lightning type jutsu. Sakura was talking to Kurenai about genjutsu and taking notes of everything that came out of Naruto's or Kakashi's mouth. Kurenai was happily telling Sakura everything she knew about genjutsu and trying to figure out if having romantic feelings for a 13 year old boy was wrong. Kiba was having a conversation with Shino about making some combination jutsu like team seven. Shino himself was trying to inform Kiba that team seven was a combat orientated team, while they were more on tracking. Hinata was stealing glances at Naruto when he wasn't looking, wondering if she would ever get to see Naruto shirtless again. Akamaru was sitting on Naruto's head wondering if he could convince Tsume that Naruto was his true master. Naruto blinked finding an anbu on one knee in front of him. He asked "What's up Cat-san?"

Cat getting up said "Naruto-san the Hokage is waiting for your teams in the tower."

Naruto nodding was about to head towards the tower when he suddenly remembered something. He turning to Cat asked "Cat you're a swordsmen right?"

Cat nodding wondered where this was going. Naruto eye smiling unsealed Kubikiribocho and handed it to her. He smiling said "There you go. Bye."

He then took off after the rest of the group. Cat taking off her mask, stared at the marvelous sword in her hands and asked "Did he really just give a female swordsman a sword?" She putting her hand on the blade shivered and said "He just asked me to be his girlfriend," She running her fingers along the side of the blade she said "With the quality of this sword and the fact that it belonged to one of the swordsmen of the mist. He just asked me to marry him and someday have his children." She standing sealed the sword in a scroll and said "I must go inform my ex-boyfriend Hayate of his upcoming return to being single." She then vanished in a flurry of leaves.

Teams 7 and 8 reaching the hokage tower were confused as the village seemed very tense for some reason, almost as if they were expecting a great tragedy to occur. This was confusing the hell out of them. Naruto wondering if the old man had finally gone crazy or something. Reaching the Hokage door, Naruto did what he was used to and kicked the door open. He blinked spotting some blonde haired lady, some red haired lady and what looked like a female Sasuke all glaring at Sarutobi who looked like he was praying for someone to save him. He ignoring the huge amount of killing intent pouring from the three women, Kakashi shaking in fear, Kurenai's wide eyes, the pig on the floor oinking and the man in the corner telling him to run for his life walked in front of the old man crossed his arms and glared at the three women. Sarutobi spotting this had never been so glad that Naruto was basically fearless. Naruto glaring at the three women said "I don't know who any of you are, but you got five seconds to stop glaring at the old man like that or else."

Tsunade hearing this cracked her knuckles and asked "Or what brat?"

Naruto cracking his own knuckles and activating the eyes of justice said "Or you come face to face with Konoha's Ghost Rider."

Kushina hearing this growled and pulled out her sword and said "Move brat this old goat needs to pay."

Naruto pulling out his hammer growled and said "No he doesn't."

Mikoto allowing her Sharingan to come into play said "Move please."

Naruto spotting the Sharingan narrowed his eyes and asked "Are you related to Uchiha Sasuke?"

Mikoto blinked and said "He's my son."

Naruto hearing this distinctly remembered Sasuke saying that his family was killed all in one night. He couldn't stop the demonic growl that came out of his mouth, or the killing intent that started oozing from his very body. Sarutobi behind Naruto was trying to breathe as Naruto's killing intent was downright deadly. Kakashi trying to breath thought that Naruto's killing intent was monstrous. Naruto allowing his pupil to thin and turn red, while his cornea turned purple. He now with large canine teeth growled at Mikoto and said "Lady you'd better have a damn good reason for leaving the teme alone, and making him believe that he was alone in the world hell bent on killing Itachi."

Mikoto trying to get oxygen back into her lungs, said "I never loved him. He was too much like his arrogant rapist of a father."

Naruto hearing this was really trying to resist shifting into his Daiyokai form as he growled out "So you condemn the son for the sins of the father? He fucking loved you stupid selfish motherfucking."

Kushina activating her half of the Kyuubi growled out at him "Don't you call my best friend selfish."

Naruto not being able to take it anymore let out a loud howl, that shook the entire village. He could feel his blood baying to kill someone. Kakashi somehow realizing this ran up to Naruto and said "Naruto, stop, you're gonna kill Sakura."

Naruto hearing this felt himself calm down. He taking a few deep breaths, glared at the shocked Kushina, Mikoto and Tsunade. He looking at the panting Sakura, sweating Hinata, holding his heart Kiba, coughing Shino, and pale Kurenai, walked over to Sakura and asked "Are you alright Sakura-chan."

Sakura getting her air back said "Naruto-kun what in the hell was that."

Naruto chuckling said "It's the pure aura of a great Daiyokai mixed with the rage of the Ghost Rider and a little of my bloodlust."

Kiba shaking his head asked "Are you telling me that was just a little of your bloodlust?"

Naruto laughing said "Kiba if I unleashed more of my killing intent from here to Kiri would be down on their knees."

Shino hearing this actually said "If you'd all excuse me I need to find a restroom."

Kiba, Naruto and Akamaru sniffing the air all laughed and said "Shino shit his pants."

Shino actually blushing said "Yes and it is not funny."

Naruto trying to stay standing said "Yes it's dielarious." Kiba hearing this burst out laughing. Shino glaring at Naruto went to the restroom. Naruto ending his laughing gained his serious face back. Turning to Sarutobi he saluted the man and said "Rescue and Back-up mission complete old man."

Sakura hearing this quickly saluted Sarutobi and said "Team seven reporting back from our 4th A-rank mission."

Kakashi then snapping to attention said "Momochi Zabuza, Kurosaki Raiga, and Gato have been eliminated. Wave has been freed and Konoha's Ghost Rider is officially a god now."

Sarutobi arching an eyebrow asked "How exactly is he a god, and when did Konoha get a Ghost Rider."

Naruto snickering said "When I burned down that wretched bandit camp. Turns out someone was watching and put me in the bingo book."

Sakura laughing said "As for the how. Well Naruto-kun using his new fire jutsu summoned a black dragon and pretty much burned over 700 mercenaries and Zabuza's assistant."

Sarutobi hearing this blinked and asked "How in the hell did you do this?"

Naruto holding up a finger, reached for the bottom of his shirt and started to take it off, ignoring how Sakura, Hinata and Kurenai had their eyes glued to him. He once having his shirt off lifted up his arm and said "Check out the two new tattoos old man."

Sarutobi ignoring the still shocked Mikoto, Kushina and Tsunade checked out the two new tattoos Naruto had. His eyes widened spotting the dragons. He looking at Naruto asked "Are these what I think they are?"

Naruto smiling said "Yeah it turns out using that jutsu summoned an actual dragon to this plane and it killed all of those people, apparently she was hungry and scum is her favorite thing to eat." He shrugging said "So she talked to her mother and aunt about me summoning her and feeding her. Apparently they approved of my actions and signed me up as their summoner. When I talked to her last she said something about getting a familiar or something." He then going back to saluting said "I being the one who killed Zabuza and Raiga was allowed to keep their swords. I gave the Kubikiribocho to Cat-san."

Sarutobi hearing this instantly started laughing. Naruto blinking asked "What's so funny?"

Sarutobi trying to stop the tears said "Oh you'll find out soon. Now then teams seven and eight will be paid for the successful completion of a A-rank mission. As you all most likely know the chunin exams will begin soon, so no missions will be given out until then."

Everyone including the returned Shino nodded. Naruto turning to Kakashi said "Alright Kakashi it's time for some intense training. It took me too long to get my body ready for the Darkness Dragon jutsu. Next time I will not have the time as a bunch of idiots will not be staring at me in awe so."

Kakashi putting his book away nodded and said "We'll decrease the time it takes to use it, and maybe work on creating some other powerful jutsu to go with it."

Naruto hearing this put his hand on his chin as he was walking out and said "Actually I was thinking of maybe making a better version of the lightning dragon jutsu, based off the Chidori."

Kakashi nodding said "Yes that sounds like a plan."

The two were then gone. Sakura shaking her head bowed to Sarutobi and said "My apologies it's just what happens whenever the two of them start talking about jutsu." She then turning to Kurenai asked "Are you ready to train now Kurenai-sensei or do you wish to recover a little before?"

Kurenai smiling said "Come Sakura-san and we will begin your training."

Team eight once Sakura and Kurenai left all said "Time to get home and kick up our training as Konoha's Ghost Rider opened our eyes."

They then left. Jiraiya walking beside Sarutobi tossed down a bingo book and said "The kid wasn't joking he's in the fucking bingo book as Konoha's Ghost Rider."

Sarutobi smiling said "Yes Naruto never jokes when it comes to protecting his precious people." He looking out the window said "He has the will of fire my sensei preached about, not only burning brightly within him, but his very touch can light a fire in anyone's core." Jiraiya smiled at this but blanched when he heard knuckles cracking. Sarutobi also blanched and turned to the three glaring women in front of him.