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There is a land that stretches from the sea to a great mountain range; the Hamato Kingdom. It is a peaceful world under the protection and authority of the four Great Kame. They are the most respected beings on this side of the mountain, under their father, the Great Master. Each of the brothers are ninja masters and train to uphold justice, peace, and wisdom. And after years of waiting, a special day had come.

"Musuko (son)," the Great Master says. His four sons all kneel before him in the courtyard. "I will be back by your day of eligibility."

"Hai (yes), Father," one son replies.

"Meditate for me. There is someone who will be your equal. Your other half."

"I will." So there is no dispute between the brothers, the land was split between them equally. The Blue Portion for Leonardo is to the far North, the very top edge where the mountains and sea meet. Raphael's Red Portion is below it, being separated from Donatello's Purple by a chain of lakes. Michelangelo is protector over the Orange that is the very Southern point, with a large beach that makes up a chunk of the land.

Starting at the palace in the mountains, the Great Master takes the path to the Blue portion of the land. He goes alone and rides a horse that does not draw attention. He stops at a village, but nothing comes up. The next few also prove there to be no girl there for his son. At this time, the Great Master finds rest, meditating a little that he will find her the next day.

As he approaches the fifth town of the second day, he gets a feeling that pulls him to it. He enters through the small gate, he looks around. There are villagers of this small town lingering in the afternoon sun. A school house is down another street he takes. Finally he sees her.

She is surrounded by children coming out of the school house. The young girl brings them down each of the streets, leaving them at each of their homes. The Great Master ties his horse to a post and he follows her, staying out of sight. After all the children were gone, she stops at a house to retrieve her rappu (shawl) and walks along to a garden that is on the edge of the village. He watches as she steps on the flat boulders in the pond. She opens a fan and gracefully dances upon the rocks. Then a larger surge of energy hits the Great Master. He had found the one who is worthy of his Blue clad son.

"Kodomo (child)," he says. She starts at his greeting. He takes his cloak off his head and she recognizes who he is. She instantly falls at his feet. "No no, stand up." He waits until she is standing again.

"Kon'nichiwa (hello)," she greets. He bows in greeting.

"What is your name?"

"Meiki Tote," she answers. The Great Master smiles.

"Meiki, you were chosen to be tsuma (wife) to my eldest son." She starts. The wife of one of the kame? That's a huge honor. "May I speak with your parents?" She nods and he follows her back to the house she had stopped by.

"Chichi, tadaima (Father, I'm home)!" She calls as she walks through the sliding door. She takes off her shoes and waits. The Great Master stays by her side. A loud yell is heard farther in the house. After a moment, A big man comes from another room. She tenses at the mood he is in. She can tell he has been to the sar┼źn (bar, saloon) again. Meiki swallows the feeling growing in the pit of her stomach. "Chichi, this is the Great Master. He has said-"

"Chinmoku (Silence)!" He bellows. Meiki flinches. The burly man who is obviously drunk looks to the Great Master. He points a thick finger at him. "Ratto (rat), you think you can walk into my house and take my daughter? Do you know how much she means to me!?" He slams his fist on the table in the room, "She is my daughter!"

"Calm yourself, sensei (sir), I do not mean harm. Your daughter is given the huge honor of being tsuma to my son." The burly man calms down enough to think on this. If it is known around town that his daughter was given the privilege to be a Great Kame's wife, it could go well for him. He smiles at the thought, like he was the maker of this whole situation.

"She may go with you," he says calmly, making Meiki internally shiver, "a request from the Great Family does not come everyday."

"I promise you, sensei, if your daughter proves otherwise, she will be returned to you." Meiki goes to her small room and grabs a sack. She quickly packs some food for the journey, all the while her father Tadu, praises her to the Great Master. Meiki grows tense and wants to leave already. Once the bag is filled, she leaves everything behind.

The Great Master leads her over to his horse. She is a little shy, since not many horses are in the village, but he helps her sit on top. He takes the reins and walks the horse through the streets and out of the gate. "Great Master, will you ride?"

"Kodomo, you are to be tsuma to my son. I would be honored to walk the road if it means you get rest." Meiki smiles at this.

'He's so gentle. Just like all the stories.'

"I'm sure you have questions."

"Hai." And she leaves it at that. It's too daunting to be next to the head of the Great Family. She lets him talk instead. As the pass farms and villages, he tells her of things she never thought of.

"Kodomo, your chichi, he doesn't treat you well, does he?"

"What makes you say that?" She asks.

"I could feel it. The tension in the air." Meiki shifts on the horse.

".. He's a brute," is all she say.

They continue on, before needing to rest as night falls. Meiki instantly falls asleep once her head touches the pillow.

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