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With the ceremony finished, everyone follows Michelangelo around the house to celebrate. Leonardo and Meiki stay at the door of the Great Master's house for people to congratulate them as they pass. Jika stops and bows to them.

"Congratulations, Great Kame and Great Josei," she says, using Meiki's new title.

"Oh, Jika," Meiki says, taking her sister's hands, "We are still shimai, don't ever think otherwise." Jika smiles and they embrace as Leonardo and Donatello greet with a strong clasp of the forearms and a slap on the shells.

"You'll stick around for the feast, will you Donnie?" Leonardo asks, teasing. Donatello laughs with gayety.

"Not even I am busy enough to miss your wedding, ani." He and Jika leave as the next wave of guests come. Meiki hugs everybody and Leonardo shakes hands and bows. Then, finally, they follow to the full courtyard.

"Leo!" Michelangelo yells over everybody. He makes his way through the crowd, which isn't too hard for him, and gives his brother a hug.

"Mikey," Leonardo grunts. The Orange Kame looks at him like the sky had fallen.

"You finally use our nicknames," he says, astonished. Leonardo laughs.

"I haven't since we were little. It feels good." Michelangelo turns to the still decked out Meiki.

"Milady," he bows. She smiles and dips her head. "May I have the fir-"

"Whoa whoa whoa little brother. Is this your wedding?" Leonardo chastises jokingly.

"Riight. Groom gets the first dance. I'll be annoying Don."

"I heard that!" Donatello calls from somewhere in the fray. Michelangelo cringes and scampers off somewhere. Leonardo and Meiki chuckle at the Kame's antics. Then Leonardo turns to his wife.

"I believe they are waiting for us," he says, offering his arm. She takes it and they walk through the mass of people as they make a path to the dance floor. They dance the traditional bride/groom dance as everyone either watches or enjoy themselves. After a couple dances, Michelangelo cuts between the pair.

"Don't worry Leo, I won't take her from you," Michelangelo jokes. Leonardo nods, but suddenly becomes thoughtful of something.

'Maybe Raphael will want to come down.' He walks through the crowd and is offered a drink. He refuses it and walks through the Red Doorway. He immediately starts for the main stairs. A servant with red passes him, "Where is Raphael?" He asks.

"I do not know, Great Kame," the servant answers truthfully. Leonardo walks up the stair. He's a little startled on how quiet it is, despite the party below. But he doesn't hear anything.

'Is the hot head sleeping?' He opens the door to the bedroom. No one is there. It seems, abandoned. The bed doesn't even look like it was slept in. His breakfast plate is empty, but not with lingering crumbs.

And Leonardo finally spots the vibrant arm band on the table. He picks it up, finding the sais under its folds. Leonardo picks these up and looks for anything else that Raphael had left behind. He sees the armor in the wardrobe, but leaves it there.

Leonardo checks the other rooms before going back down to talk to his father. He watches the dancers as he waits, seeing Donatello was now dancing with Meiki. It brings a smile to his face that his younger brother is finally enjoying himself. "Reonarudo, how are your injuries?" The Great Master asks politely. Leonardo turns to him and bows.

"They are alright, as long as I don't dance too much, as Donatello says." The Great Master nods and continues to watch the festivities from his raised seat. Leonardo pauses before asking, "Are you going to join in?"

"I may, but that is not what you want to talk about, is it?"

Leonardo drops his gaze, "Um, no, it isn't."

"What is it, Reonarudo?"

"It's… Raph," Leonardo says, presenting what he found in Raphael's room, "he's gone." The Great Master strokes his wispy beard.


"Shall I go look for him?"


"No? Father, I want to know why he left. I don't understand-" Leonardo stops. His Father has a theory of what Raphael's reason is.

"Maybe he didn't understand either," he says.

"..Well, I want him to understand. He needs to know I forgive him. He sounded so, distraught yesterday."

"I was there. I know."

"Then you know I want my brothers to be happy."

"He would be more happy out on his own." Leonardo stares at his father.

"Why?" He asks. The Great Master stands up and places a hand on Leonardo's shoulder. He is standing on something, so he is able to.

"Reonarudo, let Rafaero walk his own path. Whether it leads him home or not, it is a path no one else can change." Leonardo bows his head.

"I understand," Leonardo says. The Great Master knows though, that he doesn't understand fully.

"Go enjoy yourself Reonarudo, it is your wedding." Leonardo nods and goes back to Meiki. He taps Donatello's shoulder.

"I believe it's my turn," he says. Donatello backs away and Leonardo bows respectfully to Meiki. She bows back and they dance to the new song, which is a change of tempo.

The celebration continued all throughout the day. When the time was noon, the escort arrived from the village. There were children and their parents, single villagers, and couples dressed in their finest. And not only was it villagers from her home. It seemed as though the whole Blue Section came for the wedding. The old woman that had taken care of Meiki was the first to congratulate the couple.

"Ohh, watashi no kodomo," she had said, "You are so beautiful." Then she turned to the Great Kame and in front of everybody, she said, "Treat her well. If I hear about anything, you'll have me to answer to," in a voice of only the most courageous foe could use against a Kame. He turned bright red and those close by chuckled. But it was soon washed away with a fierce hug engulfing Meiki and Leonardo's arm.

The children were ecstatic to see Meiki again. Multiple girls asked if she was a princess. Leonardo interrupts saying she is. The girls all giggle and curtsy to them. A little girl tugs at Leonardo's hakama, "Does that mean you'wr a pwince?" She asks. This time, Meiki saves the day by scooping her up.

"Yes, he is. He's a kagayaku yoroi kishi (knight in shining armor), Palina," she says holding her close. Leonardo watched Meiki interact with the children.

'She'll be a great mother,' he tells himself.

Around mid afternoon, the families had to go to get back in time for the children's bedtime. There were spare bedrooms in the castle and servants quarters for those that would stay the night. The party continued well into the evening. Everyone was having a good time, and even the Great Master got a dance in with the bride. But finally, it was time for Leonardo and Meiki to retire. They bid farewell to the guests and climbed the stairs to Leonardo's, their, room.

Leonardo opens the door and allows Meiki to step in. He closes it and walks up behind her. She starts as his strong arms wrap around her waist and turns her head to look at him. He kisses her. "Meiki, watashi no tsuma," he chuckles, "How long have I been waiting to say that?" She kisses him back.

"Too long, watashi no otto," she replies, smiling softly. Leonardo slides the uchikake off Meiki's shoulders and lays it on a chair. She turns to face him. She kisses him while repeating his action, only with his haori. Leonardo grunts from pressure on one of his still healing wounds. Meiki stops and looks at his side, fingering the light bruise through his shirt. She is more gentle as she continues. He takes the garment from her and puts it down. She is led to the bed, where he sits behind her and undoes her hairdo. She waits, once in a while stopping his hand to set it against her cheek. Once her hair lays against her back, he undoes the bow that holds her obi around her and slides it off.

She stands up in the light blue kimono and looks out the window. Sometime during the day, the celebration had spilled onto the patio. The music floated up to the window and her face glows from the lantern light. She turns back around and Leonardo has only his hakama on, having shed the kimono shirt. She walks back over to him and sits in his lap. They kiss, Leonardo holding her head so it lasts longer.

"I love you, Meiki," he says, "You are finally my wife and I love you all the more for it."

"And I, my otto, am all yours," Meiki says. That night, the world melted away and there was peace.

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