For a long time I wondered what would happen if John Cena and Ariana Grande ever met each other.

This is what I call a JOHNIANA Pairing (JOHN arIANA). I know it sounds corny, but it was all I could think of.

Originally I was gonna do a long one shot, but I had so many ideas. So I turned this into a chapter series. Don't know how many chapters I'll be doing.

Rated T for mild language.

I own nothing.

Sunday 1:00pm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

John Cena's POV

I'm sitting on my bed in my motel room (room 311), going over the script for my match with Seth Rollins (For the dozenth time), and I'm already bored.

I toss the script onto the table and turned on the tv. I flipped through the channels till I stopped on TBS, where The Big Bang Theory was on. 'One of my all time favorites.' I thought to myself.

About a half hour later the show was over, and my stomach growled.

I got up and looked out the window, and happen to see a McDonald's across the street.

My stomach growled again. 'All right. I'll just get a chicken sandwich.' I thought to myself.

I put on and tied my shoes, grabbed my room key, and left the room.

"Hey John. Where ya heading?" asked Mark from the front desk.

"I'm heading to McDonald's to get some lunch. Don't worry, I won't be out long." I answered just as I was walking out.

Even though it was just across the street, it's a good way to go out and burn some calories.

I went inside and was surprised to see there weren't a lot of people.

I got in line and waited for two people, who happen to be together, order their meal.

I went up to the counter and the female cashier smiled immediately when he saw me.

"Well hello Mr. Cena." she said.

"Hey. Slow day huh?" I asked.

She replied with "You're telling me. Now then, what would you like to order?"

"I just have a medium chicken sandwich. With a medium sweet tea." I answered.

"Alrighty then. Here's your number. And we'll call you by your number so we don't cause a scene." she said, handing me a sheet of paper, which read #35.

I walked over to a table near the front window, and waiting for my meal.

Ariana Grande's POV

''Finally.'' I mumbled to myself as I pulled into the exit into Philly. It's been a really long day for me. I have a big concert here in Philadelphia on Wednesday. And I'm a little nervous.

I drove for another ten minutes before I spotted a motel, which happens to have a McDonald's restaurant just across the street.

My stomach growled all of a sudden.

'Really?' I wondered to myself. I just had a sandwich a couple of hours ago. How am I hungry again?

I pull into the parking lot before I whispered "I guess I'll just get a salad and some apple juice."

I found a parking spot near the entrance. I turned off the car, and was about to get out before I saw a man inside sitting near the front window.

I only got to see the side of his head. I leaned forward a little and squinted to get a better look. And when I did get a better look, my jaw dropped.

I then had my back pressing the drivers seat. My heart racing. I said "Oh my god!" god knows how many times.

I thought to myself 'Was that John Cena?! My biggest celebrity crush? In a McDonald's restaurant?'

Then I saw him turn his head, looking out the window.

I panicked, letting out an 'eep!', ducking my head, hoping he didn't see me.

John Cena's POV

I just sat at the table, enjoying the music when I saw a young female with light brown hair sitting in her car.

But before I could get a better look of her face, she ducked down.

For a moment I was confused, but then shrugged it off. Probably just a shy fan.

"Number 35? Chicken sandwich and medium sweet tea?" I heard the female cashier shout.

I got up, walked over to the counter, and picked up my sandwich and tea, paid the cashier, and headed left the restaurant.

"Hey John. Have a candy bar. My treat." Mark says to me as he threw a Milky Way bar to me.

"Thanks. But no more of that. I don't want anyone to think I can get free stuff just cuz I'm famous." I stated.

"I know I know, but I thought I do something nice." he said back.

"I got you. I'm heading up." I said waving to him just before I started up the stairs.

Ariana Grande's POV

"He's staying here too?" I wondered.

I took a few deep breaths trying to calm myself down.

My stomach growled again. 'Okay, okay.' I said silently to my tummy, stroking it.

I got out of my car, and headed inside the restaurant.

"Well isn't it my lucky day?" the female cashier immediately asked as soon as she saw me.

"Sorry. I don't mean to sound kiddish." she then replied.

"It's okay. It happens." I said.

"What can I get you?" she then asked.

"I'll just have a medium salad with a touch of ranch dressing, and a bottle of apple juice." was my answer.

"Okay you're number 37." she says to me, handing me a note.

I only had to wait a few minutes before I would receive my order.

I got back into my car and had started eating my salad.

My mind was still in shock from seeing John Cena, sitting in a McDonald's restaurant.

He's been my biggest celebrity crush for the past seven years. Even before I started performing on Broadway.

I took a sip of my apple juice, and put the rest of my salad away.

I left the restaurant and pulled into the motel parking lot.

I headed inside the motel and saw a guy at the front desk.

I walked up to the front desk and cleared my throat.

He turned to me. "Oh hello. Sorry. I was making sure the keys were-" he stopped in mid sentence when he realized who he was talking to.

"Hey. You're... You're Ariana Grande." he says in disbelief.

I gave him a small smile. "Yep. That's me." I replied.

"I can't believe this. My daughter is a huge fan. She really loves your music." he says.

"That's sweet." I said.

"Can I get an autograph for her?" he asked. "Her birthday is in a few days. It would mean a lot to her." he then replied.

"I suppose." I said.

He took out a pen and a sheet of paper.

I signed it and handed it to him.

"Thank you very much." he greeted.

"No problem." I said.

"Um... anyways. So, you checking in?" he then asked me.

"Yes. I just have a few questions though." I said.

I motioned him to lean forward. I lowered my voice. "Which room is John Cena in?" I asked.

He pulled away in shock. "I'm... I'm sorry?" he manage to stutter.

Leaning forward I replied "I saw him come in here. So it's obvious he's staying here."

"He's in room 311. Why?" he said nervously.

"Can I get a room close to his?" was my next question.

"We only have two rooms available. 313 and 317." he replied.

"Are rooms 311 and 313 right next to each other or are they several feet apart?" was my last question.

"They're right next to each other." he answered.

"I would like room 313 please." I said, handing him my debit card.

He handed it back to me, and handed my room key.

"Okay. Enjoy your stay." he replied.

I waved at him before I started up the stairs.

My heart was beating rapidly as I made it to room 313. And sure enough, it was right next to room 311, John's room.

I just stood still and stare at the door.

'Wow. John Cena's in there.' I thought.

I stood there for what seem like forever before I heard a loud thud. I looked down and realized I had dropped my suitcase.

I panicked, and hurried to my door, struggling to get the key in.

My face was on fire.

I whimpered as I dropped my room key.

I got down on one knee to pick it up when I heard John's door open.

And my hair falls down my head, covering my face.

John Cena's POV

"You need any help ma'am?" I asked the lady who was down on one knee, her light brown hair covering her face.

"You okay?" I asked, getting down to one knee.

She brought one hand up to move the hair out of her face. And when she did, I froze.

This woman looked awfully familiar.

"Um." was all that came out of my mouth.

I noticed her cheeks were a little red.

I gave her a small smile. She smiled back.

We both rose back up to our feet.

"Hi. I'm John." I said to her, extending my arm for a handshake.

"Hi John. Nice to meet you" she said, shaking my hand. Her hands are small. "I'm Ariana." she then said.

"Well this is surprising." I replied.

"Yes this most certainly is." she said back.

"You need any help?" I asked.

"Uh, sure. That'd be nice." she answered.

I picked up her room key and handed it to her. Then I picked up her suitcase while she opened her door.

We stepped inside the room, I set her suitcase down on the bed.

She sat down on bed, and gestured for me to sit next to her.

"Aren't you the girl who played Cat Valentine in Victorious and Sam and Cat?" I asked.

"Yes." she replied.

"So I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you were the young woman sitting in her car outside the front of McDonald's." I said.

"You caught me 'red handed.' she replied, blushing.

"Speaking of red, didn't you use to have red hair?" I asked.

"As a matter of fact, I did. I dyed it before we started doing Victorious. But then shortly after the series ended I dyed it back to brown. So I wore a red wig during Sam and Cat." she replied.

"That's a shame. You looked beautiful with red hair." I replied.

"Why thank you." she greeted. She then asked "Weren't you in the movies 12 Rounds and The Marine?

"Yes I was." was my answer.

"You were amazing." she said.

"Well I wouldn't say that. But thanks." I replied.

"So what brings you here to Philly?" I had to ask.

"I have a huge concert this upcoming Wednesday." she says. "That's a coincidence, because Philadelphia is the next stop for Monday Night Raw." I said. "That's awesome." she exclaimed.

A few moments went by before an idea came to my head.

"You have any plans on Monday?" I asked. "No. Why you asking?" she wondered.

"How would you like to watch the show from the sky box?" was my question.

Her eyes went wide with excitement. "Really?" she asked. "Sure." I said.

She squealed and jumped into my arms, and wrapped her arms around my neck.

"Oh thank you so much." she says to me.

"Hang on. I gotta call Vince to see if it's okay." I said, pulling out my cell phone.

I dialed in his number and waited for him to answer.

"Hello?" Vince asked. " Mr. McMahon sir." I replied.

"John. Well, this is a surprise." he said.

"Sir. I have something I want to ask you." I said. "Yes?" he asked.

"I have a lady here who'd like to see the show from the sky box tomorrow night." I replied.

"Let me guess. Is she another one of your big fans?" he joked.

"Kind of. She's actually a celebrity." I mentioned.

"Oh really?" he asked. "Does the name Ariana Grande sound familiar?" I asked.

"You joking right?" he asked. "I'm serious sir." I replied.

"Well just make sure she doesn't cause a scene." he said. "Just kidding." he added before hanging up.

I turned to face her. "He said yes." I replied.

This time she jogged towards me and wrapped her arms around my waist, and rested her head on my chest.

"Thank you." was her comment. "My pleasure." I said.

"Well I'm gonna head back to my room." I replied. Then I asked "See you later?" "Sure." she said.

I made my way back into my motel room, and sat on my bed, still in disbelief.

"I just met Ariana Grande." I whispered to myself.

Ariana Grande's POV

Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! I had just met my celebrity crush. And he got me into the sky box for tomorrow's show. Oh man I've got to tell my family and friends.

The first chapter was a lot longer than I thought it would be.

I'm also gonna be doing John Cena meeting Victoria Justice.

I'm willing to hear your guys' opinions.