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A few weeks had passed and it was still freezing outside.

"Has anbody seen Torch?" Blade questioned.

The others shook their heads.

"Six you were suppose to watch him!" Blade snapped.

"Hey what do I look like? His blinking babysitter?" Six asked trying to warm up, they had used most of the wooden furniture in the hotel to keep the fire going so Jester could recover quicker.

Jester was by now much better and was sitting close to the fire.

He was drifting off when he heard a dragging sound.

He yawned stretching his arms and upon looking at the doorway was surprised to see Torch drag in some wood.

Torch looked over at Jester and the others.

"Well? You guys gonna just stand there or help me?" He asked.

Six, Tunneler and Pinhead got to their feet and hurried outside to finally gather some firewood.

Jester looked at Torch surprised.

"What? Everyone was moaning about using the furniture and I don't want him *points to Blade with his flamethrower* to keep going on at me so I might as well get the stinking wood so everyone would stop bloody complaining!" Torch said.

"Great to know both of you are on the mend and are feeling better." Blade said after a brief pause.

Torch quickly went back to bringing firewood in.

That night the group were altogether again.

Six Shooter, Tunneler, Pinhead and Torch were playing a game of cheat and Blade and Jester were talking.

"The sooner the snow melts the happier I think we'll all be." Jester said.

Blade nodded.

"Yeah..so you going to hog all the blankets?" He smirked.

"Maybe. I'm still sick remember?" Jester replied.

"Dang it to heck!"

The turned seeing a very unamused Six Shooter who had just lost in the game he was best at.

The others laughed seeing how annoyed Six was.

"Forget you lot I'm going to bed." Six muttered walking off.

"I'm going to head off too." Jester decided, only to have Blade take the blankets off him.

"Maybe now we can get some blankets."

"I'll pass, I ain't getting his sick bug on me. Goodnight" Torch said and left the room.

Jester smiled.

"Guess Torch is back to normal."

"Why are you smiling about that?" Blade questioned.

He soon got his answer hearing the clang of a metal bucket.


"That's my cue, goodnight." Jester replied and hurried off.

There was a brief pause.

"Looks like we have the prankster back as well." Pinhead said.

"On second thought. I'm going to sleep down here for tonight." Tunneler said not wanting to be a victim of Jester's pranks.

Blade and Pinhead quickly agreed and were soon asleep by the fire.

As Blade drifted off he thought to himself.

"Guess he gave up on his silly quest after all."

The End