Damon's PoV

Here she was. Elena. I couldn't believe it, she looks so beautiful. In the dress I put her in for her goodbye. Say something. Damon say something damnit!

"Hi Elena" I said and weakly smiled at her.

She looked up at Stefan confused.

"Elena, this is my brother Damon and...and your...your Boyfriend" He said looking down. She looked back at me with wide eyes.

"My what!" She yelled. What the hell did she just say.

"I'm your boyfriend Elena" I told her, I reached out for her hand but she quickly stood behind Stefan. It's always gonna be Stefan.

"Leave me alone!" She told me. Stefan smirked but then turned around to face her.

"Elena, Damon is your boyfriend. I am going to explain everything to you, I'm gonna get your memories back I swear" He said calmly to her, stroking her hair. She seemed so relaxed in his arms.

"Let me try something" I said. I pushed Stefan out of the way, grabbed Elena's face and kissed her. She started squirming in my grip. Stefan grabbed my body and through me against the wall.

"WHAT THE HELL DAMON!" Stefan screamed at me.

Elena was stood still. In total shock.

"I thought it would maybe bring her memories back. Well...the ones of me anyway" I told him.

"What! And you thought that was the way to do it! Force yourself upon her! Boyfriend or not. You NEVER force yourself upon a woman, Damon!" He said to me. He walked back to Elena and hugged her.

Elena's PoV

Why did he just do that! Why!

Stefan came over to me and wrapped his arms around me. I don't know why but I just feel so safe in his arms. Like a belong.

"Come on Lena'. We're gonna go somewhere" He said to me and held my hand. We walked out the door and Stefan opened the door to this red car. I got in and fastened my seatbelt. Stefan got in his side and started the engine. He grove me to this school which had a sign saying Mystic Falls High School. I'm guessing this is where I used to go. He got out and walked round to my side. He opened the door and reached out his hand for me. I smiled at him, blushing.

We walked through the entrance of the school and came into a long hallway. It did oddly feel like I've been here before so being here didn't make me nervous.

Stefan walked next to be awfully quiet. "Are you ok?" I asked him.

"Um yeh, I was just thinking" He replied.

"What about?"

"The last time I was here. I was with you" He said.

What? Oh gosh I wish I could remember.

"Really?" I said excitidly.

He nodded and stopped so I did too. We were stood in front of a picture board at the end of the hallway. I looked at the pictures and suddenly came across one that said Mystic Falls 1920's Decade Dance. On the picture was me and Stefan, dancing, smiling. Surrounded by other students.

"Is t-that us?" I stuttered to ask him.

He smiled nervously and looked down.

"Yes, it's us" He told me and walk away. I ran to try and catch up with him.

"Stefan what's wrong?!" I exclaimed.

"Nothing. That picture is just bring back memories, good and bad ones" He said.

"Were we together Stefan?"

He didn't reply.

"Stefan! We're we together!"

"Yes! Ok! We were together, we loved each other, we had an amazing 2 years together. We have incredible memories, but it's over" He told me with tears in his eyes.

I grabbed his hand and and kissed it. "Tell me...please" I asked him softly.

"Ok" Stefan replied. We walked hand in hand outside and suddenly we were on the school roof.

"Ahh!" I giggled.

Stefan set me down. We both sat down on the roof, Stefan wrapped his jacket around my shoulders and I felt safe. Like nothing could touch me. I wonder if this was how I felt when we were together?

"We met on September 7th 2009, you were coming out of the men's bathroom and we bumped into each other. Your beautiful brown eyes stared up at me and I knew I was gonna love you from that very moment. Everything suddenly just fit into place, like I found what I was looking for, for centuries. I watched you walk away in your leather jacket and navy blue jeans. We had history together as our first class and I couldn't stop staring at you. When I looked away you stared at me and I caught you, you did the cutest little smile I've ever seen. For the rest of that class I tried to focus on what the teacher was saying but all I could think about was your gorgeous brown eyes"

Stefan's story so far just gave me goosebumps. It just sounds so magical. I wish I could remember. Please god let me remember this man.

"What happened then?" I asked smiling at his beautiful face.

"We had two more classes together that day, English and French. By the way you're terrible at French haha" He laughed out loud.

"Oh my god! Hehe" I laughed with him.

"Anyway after the school day I was walking through the cemetery visiting family I had there. Then I suddenly heard someone fall and it was you. I rushed over to you and asked if you were ok. You thought I was following you and I told you I wasn't. You giggled and told me your name was 'Elena'. My heart beated for the first time in years. Your name is so beautiful. I don't think I've ever heard of a more prettier name. We talked about my 'weird' daylight ring and then I stopped because I smelt something. Blood. It was your blood. I asked you if you hurt yourself and you pulled up your Jean trouser, you had. You had a minor scratch on your inside ankle. I had to turn away because it was too much. I ran off before I could hurt you. I've regretted leaving you there since". Stefan explained everything.

I knew who were Vampires, and that I was one, now I'm a human again. He told me about our relationship, about what happened when this man named Klaus shut Stefan's emotions off. When I lost my brother Jeremy, when I turned mine off. How me and Stefan brought each other back.

He then told me about Silas locking him in a safe, throwing him in the quarry and Stefan drowning over and over again for three entire months. My heart sunk and I felt sick to my stomach. He told me how I tried to help him relieve his memories again and that I brought him here and to a lake near Wickery Bridge.

"Can you take me there?" I asked him.

"Of course" He smiled and whooshed us down to the ground. We got in his car and started driving.

We came across a lot of greenery and tree's. Stefan stopped the car and got out, so did I. He reached out his hand for me to hold. With his other hand in his Jean pocket.

"This place is so beautiful" I said looking above me at the sun shining and the leaf's glistening.

"Not as beautiful as you" He whispered. I blushed.

"Um I'm sorry I should of..."

"No. Thank you for saying that" I said cutting him off. He gripped his hand tighter.

We stopped walking right at the side of a lake and faced each other.

"This is where we stood when you was trying to get my memories back. You showed me what you did when you saw my Vampire visage for the first time" Stefan explained.

"What did I do?" I asked him curiously.

He grabbed my hands and placed both of them on either side of his face.

"You touched my face like this, and you told me not to hide" He whispered gently.

"And then...*he dropped my hands*...it doesn't matter" He said looking down.

"What Stefan? What did I do?"

"Then you kissed me. But when you was showing me what you did you stopped before we did, you said 'I'm with Damon' and yeh that was it" He explained sadly.

"Well that was probably one of the stupidest mistakes I made" I told him sternly. He looked at me shocked. He looked like he was trying to murmur something but he couldn't.

"But now, I've got a chance to fix it" I said and grabbed his face. I pressed my lips against his and that was that. I knew I had made a mistake back then. Because right now, here with Stefan. I'm home. All questions are answered. I'm safe. I loved. By this amazing person. Who I should still be loving.

Stefan's hands moved to my neck and pressed his lips firmer against mine. The sun was hitting our backs hotly, and the breeze from the water waved my hair about. When we pulled back I stared into his eyes, as he did mine. His brushed a strand of my hair behind my ear and I smiled.

We stayed there, cupping each other's faces with our hands. He pressed his forehead to mine.

"How does one woman make me feel the way you do" He whispered. His thumb stroking my cheek.

"How does one man make me feel so nervous yet so happy at the same time" I whispered back. He pushed his head back from mine and removed his hands from my face. I did mine as well.

He looked down at our hands and laced them together, here's me blushing again.

I looked back up at his beautiful green eyes. "Maybe because we're the perfect fit" He said smiling shyly.

"You know what. I think you might be right" I said shyly. He kissed my forehead and we sat down. I sat in between his legs and his arms wrapped around my chest, holding me tight as we stared out into the water and the tree's.

Everything felt normal. Everything felt right. Everything felt perfect.

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