"My love please, I beg this of you. Please allow me to keep you alive, you know I could not survive without you." a voice female begged.

"And you know I would never allow you to face dangers such as these alone. I love you and I will give up my eternal existance to keep you safe. You are my world." reasoned another.

"Then I am sorry Anuba, so very sorry but I must do this."

A thud was heard, quickly followed by the sound of a body hitting the ground. Suddenly a sharp whistle pierced the silence, a signal for the Temple Servants to arrive and prepare the woman for what is to happen.

As they wrapped Anuba's body and placed it upon a stretcher, the first woman organised the Temple Guard as a protection detail for their journey through the city.

With the first woman leading and the guards on either side, the servants gently carried Anuba out the city and into the mountains towards a hidden cave. Once there they made their way in towards a grand chamber in the centre of the mountain, which contained a single Sarcophagus in the centre. It was within this that they layed the body of their Goddess, the Lady Anuba, Ruler of the Underworld and Protector of the Dead, the Jackal Queen.

"When you wake, I pray that you forgive me." And with that they left the tomb, sealing it as they did.