Yo it's Ten Tailed Jackal of Doom here with my new fic Fusion Reborn! It is the focus on fusion and alternate versions of Naruto. Fighting him will be literally fighting the chains of fate. He will have a strong dislike of child abuse and have an addiction to sweets. Also there's a poll on my profile for what he should transform into

Chapter 1

A blonde haired boy of about 6 could be seen sitting on the roof of a building his legs curled up to his chest, with his arms wrapped protectively around them.

This boy had deep blue eyes that had tears spilling out of the sides.

The boy was dressed in a raggedy white shirt with a orange flame on the front and torn blue shorts.

On his feet were very poor blue sandals.

This 6 year old boy had tan skin with three whisker shaped marks on each side of his face.

This boy is Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto, the twin brother of Namikaze-Uzumaki Mito and son of Namikaze Minato and Namikaze-Uzumaki Kushina.

He was also the god brother of Hatake Kakashi and Hatake Rin.

Naruto was curled up on this roof because he had just overheard Minato and Kushina talking about giving Mito his place as heir to both clans.

This would meant that he was being kicked out of the clan, forced to fend for himself.

This all started when he and Mito were born.

That night the Kyuubi-no-Kitsune had escaped from the seal on Kushina and attacked the village.

Minato wanting to save the village hidden in the leaves went to battle with the Kyuubi, and somehow with the help of the Shinigami sealed one half of the Kyuubi into Mito while sealing the other half inside of Kushina, so that she could survive.

The strange part was that the Shinigami didn't take the soul of Minato, and just left. Minato seeing this announced what had happened and the villagers instantly started to worship Mito as their hero.

Naruto was soon nothing but an afterthought as Mito was getting all of the training, all of the love, and on their shared birthday got all of the attention.

Naruto had once asked to be trained, and his response was a slap to the face by Minato and being sent to his room without any food by Kushina.

Most of the village ignored his very existence except for Uchiha Itachi, Uchiha Mikoto, Senju Tsunade, Uzuki Yuago, Sarutobi Hiruzen, Mitarashi Anko, Yuhi Kurenai, and Hyuga Hitomi.

He turning his sigh upwards set his eyes on the full moon above him.

He gained wide eyes when he heard a male voice ask "What are you doing outside at this time of a night kid?"

Naruto turning his head felt his eyes widen even more spotting a tall man with spiky red hair, hard blue eyes and brown fur on his arms and around his chest.

The man had on a open vest with a orange collar and black vest. He had on a blue sash around his waist that kept a pair of baggy white pants up. On his feet were black boots, and flailing behind the man was a thick brown monkey tail. The man had a literal aura of power surrounding him, and the man was looking up at the moon with him.

The man turning to look at him with a smirk on his face asked "I asked you a question kid?"

Naruto shaking his head said "I'm out here at this time of night because my parents decided to make my sister the heir to the clans and kick me out of said clans."

The man hearing the way Naruto spat out parents said "I take it you don't like your family."

Naruto looking back at the moon said "Not my parents, or my god siblings. I do love my sister though as she is innocent and isn't to blame for anything."

The man laughing at this statement said "Kid that's very insightful of you."

He then turning to look at Naruto said "Alright enough chatter. My name is Gogeta and I have been sent by someone who is itching to meet you."

Naruto hearing this couldn't say another word, as he was lifted up by Gogeta and hefted on the man's shoulders.

Gogeta floating into the air said "Come on Kid I don't have all day."

He then vanished in a massive flash of power, purposely dropping the shirt Naruto had been wearing along with the shoes.

Seconds later a large group of men and women arrived all wearing animal mask.

A grey haired man spotting the shirt, picked it up and sniffed it.

His eyes widened recognizing the scent. He turning to the rest of his group said "This is the shirt Naruto was dressed in, as it has his scent all over it. Spread out and find him."

The other anbu nodding did exactly as told.

He then teleporting to the home of his sensei, arrived just in time for Kushina to explode in anger and scream "NARUTO YOU GET DOWN HERE THIS INSTANT!"

Kakashi hearing this blinked and narrowed his eyes.

Minato sighing was about to calm down his wife when he spotted Kakashi.

Getting up he asked "What's wrong Kakashi?"

Kakashi showing the shirt to Minato said "Hokage-sama this shirt was found at the location of a large energy source. I sniffed the shirt and identified it as Naruto's. I have my anbu team out searching for him now."

Minato hearing this felt his eyes widen hearing this and felt Kushina appear beside him.

Kushina spotting the shirt felt her eyes widen at the state of the shirt.

She then shaking her head said "That's not his shirt. He would never wear something like that."

Kakashi was about to speak, when Uchiha Itachi appeared in front of him with his sharingan eyes blazing.

He grabbing Kakashi by the shirt asked "What's this I hear from my fellow anbu about you loosing track of Naruto."

Kakashi removing himself from Itachi's grip said "Crow you need to calm down."

Itachi growled at this and said "No I need to be more upset. I was all set to watch Naruto, after watching him leave the Namikaze mansion with a heartbroken look in his eyes, but you told me that you would be watching him. Now I find out he's vanished or worse."

Kakashi was about to say something, when the ground literally started to tremble.

Everyone was wondering why, when the front doors were blasted open to reveal a pissed off Senju Tsunade with murder clear in her eyes.

She marching over to Kakashi lifted the man up by his collar and growled out "Hatake Kakashi I'm gonna beat the ever living shit out of you for letting Naruto vanish from your sights."

Minato stepping up and trying to save his student, was then subjected to a glare from Tsunade.

She dropping the terrified anbu said "And you. You stupid son of a bitch. You were going to make Mito the fucking heir of both clans and kick Naruto out you little bastard."

Minato felt his eyes widen as he asked "How do you know about that?"

Tsunade snarling said "You fucking idiot Naruto told me all about the conversation he overheard with you and Kushina."

Minato felt his blood chill and the air leave his body.

Kushina's eyes were circles and she was trembling.

Kushina whispered out "He heard?"

Tsunade turning her murderous eyes on Kushina said "Damn right he heard. He came running to me when he heard you two giving his birthright to Mito. He was heartbroken."

Itachi was now glaring at the two of them.

Minato shaking said "We were going to make Mito-chan the heir of the clans, and move Naruto to the side family."

Tsunade snarling said "You fucking idiot. The side family is nothing but a bunch of slaves to the main family, much like the damn Hyuga clan."

Kushina said "We would never turn him into a slave."

Itachi snorting said "Just like you'd never abandon one child for the other."

Minato shaking his head said "Never."

Tsunade then asked "Really then. Tell me when's the last time you trained Naruto? What was the last thing you bought Naruto? When was the last time you smiled at him?"

Minato and Kushina couldn't come up with a single answer.

Itachi snorting said "Exactly as I thought."

He then turned around and walked towards the door and was leaving, but not before he said "Congratulations on becoming parents to an only child Hokage-sama, Kushina-sama."

He then left in a murder of crows.

Tsunade walking out the door said "I hope you're happy idiots. I'm leaving in two weeks and I'm taking Shizune with me. I will not live in the village that ignored a little boy, just because he didn't have a tailed beast sealed inside of him. Don't expect me to come back until Naruto comes back, if he ever does."

She then stormed out.

Minato and Kushina slowly dropped to their knees and both started to feel emotional pain at what they had done to their only son.

Kushina was the first to break as she started to sob very loudly.

This was followed by Minato letting silent tears trail down his face.

Gogeta and Naruto appearing in a room looking much like the bedroom of some spoiled brat or a member of a royal family.

Gogeta dropping Naruto down on the bed saluted and said "My job here is done kid. Hopefully I'll see you again some day. Until then be good kid."

Gogeta then vanished leaving Naruto alone in the room.

Naruto trying to climb out of the bed, stopped when he heard the door creak open.

Turning his head he gasped spotting a very beautiful women walk into the room, another woman behind her looking very apprehensive.

The first woman had long flowing golden hair, with twin bangs falling gently over her face. Her face was shaped like a heart and not a flaw could be seen. Her eyes were a light teal, her pupils being surrounded by what looked like six commas. Her nose was button like, and her lips were plump. On said lips a thin layer of black lipstick could be seen. She had the perfect frame that was dressed in a pitch black kimono.

Naruto could see that she was holding the other woman's hand.

The other woman had long black hair that Naruto swear he could see stars twinkling in. Her face was heart shaped and the only flaw Naruto could see was the slit in the middle of her forehead. Her eyes were this mysterious purple that seemed to radiate her anxiety. Inside of the eyes Naruto could make out the shape of the moon. This one seemed skinnier then the other, but at the same time she still was leaking an insane amount of power.

The first woman spotting him smiled and said "He's here and he looks so adorable trying to climb off of his future bed."

The other woman looking at him said "Cammy you're terrifying him."

Cammy pouting said "Nina you're ruining my fun with out future child."

Naruto was now very confused.

Nina sighing grabbed Cammy's hand and lead her to the bed Naruto was sitting on.

Once seated she smiled at the very confused Naruto and said "As you most likely have guessed my name is Nina. I used to be two separate beings. The first being the primordial goddess of the night Nyx with the second being Tsukuyomi the goddess of the moon. We were forcibly fused together in order to unite the divine rule in a dimension. After removing the evil in that world and appointing someone as my fill in I came to this dimension were I meet and feel in love with your goddess Kami and the human woman Uchiha Kira. After teaching the two of them how to fuse and making them swear not to do so, I returned to check on my home universe."

Cammy giggling said "We were going to keep the promise until Kira was at death's door due to an ambush attack by a group of rogue Senju. You see Kira was the younger sister of Madara Uchiha and Izuna Uchiha was her older brother. Anyway she was on death's bed, slipping into the never ending nightmare when she begged Kami to fuse with her so that she wouldn't have to leave the woman she loved and could watch over her brothers. Kami accepted and the two fused to create me Cammy."

Nina shaking her head at this said "I returning back from my visit was shocked and appalled at the turn of events, but I listened to Cammy explain the reasons for her creation. I then hugged her and Cammy asked me to marry her. I accepted and we became a couple. The sad thing was due to an accident neither of us could conceive a child and even when we did it would never carry to the full term. We even tried placing a child inside of a woman hoping that she would carry it to full term for us. It worked but the child didn't come out like we had hoped. This child is now an infamous missing ninja of the village hidden in the leaves. His name is Orochimaru. Luckily once we saw what path he was walking down we terminated his godly ties and eradicated his immortality. We after that decided that we would just adopt a child, but not just any child."

Cammy smiling said "A child with a pure heart, one who would appreciate our gifts, someone who would train hard to earn what we give it. A child who, and I don't mean to be rude, but one who wasn't exactly special and whose parents weren't' paying attention to him and who could see the good in everything and everyone."

Nina spotting the hurt in his eyes said "What Cammy is trying to say is that we wanted to pick a child truly worthy of becoming our child."

She then gently placing a hand on his face said "You are that child. That's why we went he became what he was to save his world sent Gogeta to pick you up and deliver you to us."

Cammy then hitting him full blast with the puppy dog eyes asked "Will you please allow us to be your parents and turn you into our godly child?"

Naruto biting his lip asked "Will you love me unconditionally?"

Nina nodding said "Until the end of time."

He then asked "Would you train me in everything I wanted to learn?"

Cammy said "That and more."

Naruto with one final question asked "Would you help me accomplish my dreams, and nourish my hopes?"

Nina with a gentle smile on her face said "All of your dreams and hopes would come true and every thought you have would be nourished to the point of looking like a fat cow."

Naruto hearing this smiled and said "I accept then."

He was then pulled into a deep hug by Cammy.

He felt Nina join the hug not seconds later and he felt really warm for some reason.

Minutes later he was standing in a weird chamber wearing just his shorts.

He was standing in what looked like a blue circle.

Looking around him he could see hundreds of circles surrounding him.

He then heard Cammy say "Alright Naru-chan in order for you to be as powerful as you want we're gonna have to a massive fusion. You will be the center of the fusion and hopefully will be the dominating personality."

He blinked hearing this.

Nina then said "We are going to summon the many different versions of you and they are going to be placed inside of one of the circles. This will include both dark and light versions of yourself. I will not lie to you baby this will most likely be the most painful and time consuming thing you ever do, but we promise you it will be worth it Naru-chan."

Cammy then asked "Are you ready baby?"

Naruto taking a deep calming breath nodded and said "Let's do this."

Nina then said "Here we go."

Naruto blinked when the chamber came alive with lights.

He then felt his eyes widen when the circles around him started filling with versions of him.

The circles somehow stretched to accommodate the size of the different versions of him.

This was the case when a giant ten tailed jackal version of himself appeared in one of the circles of course sleeping.

In the circle beside it a purple and female version of himself appeared.

He turning to the left could see a version of himself that had white hair, and dark blue eyes.

This version was also dressed in very regal looking white robes. The coolest thing about this version was the huge white wings and the awesome dragon tail.

He looking further back could see a version of himself with silver skin, and blood red eyes.

There was even a pink version of him with black eyes.

The last version of him to appear looked like him, except for the fact that it had fangs and was draining the blood from a person at the very moment.

He then heard Cammy whistle and say "That's a hell of a lot of Naru-chan's."

Nina impressed herself said "Indeed it is. Now to start the fusion process. Naru-chan stay completely still during this as one wrong move and you're erased from existence. Retreat to your mind if you must."

Naruto blinked when suddenly all of the other Naruto's started to glow white, and burning pain started to spread through his body.

He quickly retreated to his mind, and his body stood stock still as the fusion started.

Nina seeing this turned to Cammy and said "It's gonna be a while until it finishes. Now that we have the time let's decide on how we're going to raise our new child."

Cammy hearing this said "I say we raise him to be a kind but powerful ruler who takes no shit and isn't afraid to crack a skull open to get his point across."

Nina rolling her eyes said "I think we should raise him to be a warrior of noble and royal beginnings with a strict code of honor and a slight bloodlust."

Cammy shaking her head said "No we should raise him to be a blood thirsty kingpin who has his hands in every aspect of the criminal world."

Nina shaking her head said "No we should raise him to be the very voice of nature itself and a defender of the weak, who cares not for criminals or heroes."

Cammy shaking her head said "We should raise him to be a sex driven fiend who kills what makes him angry and fucks what makes him happy."

Nina with a blush on her face said "We should raise him to be a ghost. His movements will be legendary and those who see him instantly fall in love with him because of his mysterious aura."

Cammy giggling said "We should raise him to be like Madara before he went crazy."

Nina laughing said "We should raise him to be like the sage of six paths."

Cammy laughing said "We should raise him to be like Sosuke Aizen."

Nina now doubled over with laughter said "We should raise him to be like Frieza."

Cammy now rolling on the floor said "We should raise him to be like Zeref."

Nina now on the ground shaking in laughter said "We should raise him to be like Joker."

Cammy with tears in her eyes said "We should raise him to be like Bowser."

Both women then started to laugh very loudly at how much of a joke Naruto would be if they raised him to be like the looser king of koopa.

This laughter went on for an hour and a half.

Nina stopping her laughter noticed that there was only one Naruto left standing.

Standing up and helping Cammy up she made her way to Naruto.

She blinked spotting him.

His once short blonde spiky hair was now long and covering up most of his face.

It was also black as the night and shined like a pearl or diamond.

His once small round ears were now long and pointed much like an elf's. His skin was also a light purple. From his right shoulder down to mid-way his bicep was a solid steel coating. His right had a small red orb in the middle of the palm and his fingers were clawed. His left arm looked normal until you got to the hand. Like the right one a small red orb was located in the palm. His hair fell over his neck also, but staring at his chest you could the beginning of a female chest. The middle of his stomach was strange as it had what looked like a stitched up mouth there. His lower body looked the same, except for the single jaguar tail swaying behind him. This jaguar tail was not like normal tails as it had what looked like a jagged blade fused into it. Nina could see the ghostly image of over a thousand other tails behind Naruto.

Cammy then walking over to Naruto, pushed his hair out of his face.

She blinked spotting his flawless face as not even his former whisker marks was there.

She lifting up his top lip blinked spotting the large fangs glistening in his mouth.

She could easily tell that enough venom to take down a full grown elephant was in each fang.

She then opening one of his closed eyes blinked spotting a jade green eye with the image of the stars.

The pupil itself was a shining four pointed star.

She closing that eye opened up the other one and giggled spotting a bright pink eye with six little commas surrounding his slitted pupil.

Closing that eye she gently picked up the unconscious Naruto up and said "The fusion was a success, all he needs now is some rest."

Nina smiling said "To his room we go then. Also as for how we're going to raise him. Let's just go with what feels right."

Cammy nodding said "Deal."

Once reaching his room, Cammy gently laid him down in his bed.

Nina tucking him in, turned on the lamp in the corner of the room.

Both women then kissed him on the forehead and said "Goodnight Naru-chan. Let your dreams be peaceful and rest easy, because tomorrow we will be a family."

Both women smiled brightly when Naruto whispered out "Goodnight moms."

Both women then gently walked out of Naruto's room and headed towards theirs.

Getting into bed they snuggled into each other's arms and said "Goodnight love."

Soon both women were slumbering peacefully, the entire house was now asleep.