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Chapter 3

The next day, all of konoha was gathered in the arena as today Naruto faced off against Kakashi who was down on the field reading his smut. Naruto himself was chewing on a few gummy worms. Minato appearing in the middle of the field said "Okay we have Hatake Kakashi versus Senju-Valentine Naruto. This match is to determine if Naruto can become a jonin like his girlfriend Shinju. The rules are no killing blows. The added stipulation is that Kakashi would give up his smut if he lost and Naruto will subject himself to a full interrogation. Do you both understand?" Naruto yawning said "Can we hurry this up, I haven't had my morning lollipop." Kakashi putting his book away revealed his trump card and said "Ready." Minato nodding started the match and moved to the kage box.

Kakashi cracking his knuckles asked "How did you know that I was once a anbu?" Naruto shaking off his sleepiness said "I used to live here way back when I was 6, Crow or Itachi used to watch over me all the time, along with my dear sweet grandmother Senju Tsunade." Naruto smirking said "If you haven't figured it out yet, allow me to inform you that I was once Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, the child without a tailed beast sealed inside of him."

Everyone hearing this gained wide eyes, including Minato. Kakashi hearing this said "I see, well then I will just defeat you and make you return to Minato-sensei." Naruto laughing said "You can try." Kakashi laughing said "You have no chakra signature, a two year old could defeat you with ease." He blinked when Shinju roared out in laughter. All eyes turned to her as she said "Naruto-kun not have any chakra. That's hilarious." She then gaining a serious look on her face said "My boyfriend has more chakra then I do, and exhales enough chakra to turn Suna into a tropical paradise when he yawns. The only reason you can't detect his chakra signature is because right now he is overwhelming his chakra, with his-" She taking on a thinking pose said "Reiatsu, or Reshi." Naruto laughing said "Wrong Shinju. I am overwhelming my chakra with my Ki and Mana." Shinju hearing this blinked and asked "Are you going to transform Naruto-kun?" Naruto allowing his hair to overshadow his face said "Yes Shinju, Inu-san is about to witness the mighty power of Majin Kid Naruto." Shinju hearing this gained wide eyes and said "Mother's are most likely going to be watching if you do transform into that form." Naruto gaining an evil smirk on his face said "Good as I don't plan on staying in that form for long."

Shinju hearing this blinked and wondered what Naruto was talking about. Her eyes widened when Naruto roared and started to unleash a massive amount of pink energy. Everyone watched as his body started to shrink until he was the size of your average six year old. His shirt soon caught on fire, and burned away revealing his chiseled upper body. Naruto lifting his head up kept charging up, until an explosion of power happened and smoke obscured all vision. Suddenly demonic laughter filled the room and Shinju said "Hot damn he actually managed to transform into that pink monstrosity." She turning to look at a 12 year old pink haired girl said "Kinda like her." The smoke then cleared and what replaced Naruto sent waves of fear down everyone's spine. Standing there with bright pink skin, that was literally steaming was a being that looked like it was 6, but the energy it was out putting made it obvious that it wasn't harmless like most 6 year olds. It had long black hair that was tied into a loose ponytail. It also had black eyes with pink irises.

The creature smirking said "I am Majin Naruto. Fear me." It then roared and Kakashi quickly had to move, least he be evaporated. M. Naruto laughing said "Give me everything you got little dog." Kakashi rushing forward engaged in combat. This cost him as Naruto was ten times faster then he looked and before Kakashi even knew it he was on the other side of the battlefield holding his aching ribs. Kakashi panting went through handsigns and fired off a few fireballs at Naruto. To his surprise Naruto simply stood there and took each fireball. His eyes turned to circles when Naruto appeared unharmed, with a crazy smirk on his face. Naruto laughing said "That was fun. My turn!" Kakashi shit a brick when two huge fireballs appeared in Naruto's hands. Naruto laughing tossed the balls and watched as Kakashi dodged them. This continued for a few minutes until lost his smile and said "Times up. I had fun dog." The transformation then was covered in a thick cloud of smoke.

Shinju spotting this smirked and said "So that's what you meant Naruto." She then started to laugh with glee. The reason why was revealed seconds later and a lot of shinobi blanched. The reason why, well standing in front of them was what looked like a female incarnation of Uchiha Madara. Hell it even had the Sharingan right. It smirking said "Behold Saix Valentine-Uchiha. The fifth incarnation of myself born from the unholy alliance of Orochimaru of the sannin and Hanzo the Salamander. She was created from the shattered remains of an Uchiha and the blood of Ringo Ameyuri. I rather like this transformation because she was just as deadly as Madara himself. Allow me to demonstrate her power at 30%." Kakashi shit a brick when an huge storm of pitch black chakra came from the woman. She smirking lifted up her fingers and said "Fire style; Great Fire Annihilation!" Kakashi moved quickly when six black dragons came soaring his way. He shifting through handsigns gained wide eyes when she appeared in front of him with her gunbai in mid swing.

Swinging she said "Too slow." He was blasted back by a powerful gust of wind. He was then lifted into the air by a more powerful gust of wind. She crossing her arms under her chest said "You are weak, just like the Kakashi of my dimension." Everyone gained wide eyes when a skeletal arm appeared and slapped Kakashi towards the wall. She gaining an evil smile on her face said "His tortured screams were my serenade as I made sweet love to his wife and daughter." Everyone hearing this blinked. She moving her head smirked as kunai came sailing by her head. Laughing she said "Yes get angry. Show me your true power." Kakashi growling said "I didn't want to use this until I had to but you give me no choice." He then pushed chakra into his eye surprised everyone when he revealed his Mangekyou Sharingan. He smirking said "Behold my new power." Saix laughing said "So you unlocked the Mangekyou. Impressive no non Uchiha has ever done so." She then smirking said "Well then allow me to show you the power of a true Uchiha."

More Chakra came pouring out as she said "This is the power of Saix Uchiha. Divine Power!" Kakashi blinked when he was wrapped in roots, and couldn't move a single muscle. His eyes turned to circles when a huge meteor came down from the very heavens and looked like it was going to crush him. He closed his eyes waited for the end to come. Not feeling anything he opened his eyes and gasped as he found himself staring a regular Naruto in the eyes. Naruto laughing said "Game set match. You made the same mistake many fools make when they battle an Uchiha, you looked me in the eyes. You have been trapped in my genjutsu from the very beginning." Kakashi hearing this blinked and said "But if all felt so real." Shinju snorting appeared beside Naruto and said "That's because unlike regular illusions, Naruto-kun's embed itself into the very soul of the target, rendering everything in the illusion true. He literally makes his illusions your reality and warps all of your truths. It's one reason why Naruto-kun is considered an S-rank threat to the shinobi world." Naruto was about to say something when a giant roar shook the ground. Naruto blinking said "Zilla-chan is calling your name Shinju." Shinju crying said "I hate that stupid overgrown iguana."

Naruto rolling his eyes pulled out a lollipop and put it in his mouth. He smirking at Kakashi said "I do hope you enjoy not reading that smut Kakashi. Bye now." He then vanished in a swirl of sakura petals. Shinju waving vanished in a swirl of rose petals. Kakashi putting his book on the ground started to cry, as he was now forbidden from reading his smut ever again. Everyone else was shocked that Naruto was the long lost son of Minato and had defeated one of the best shinobi in the village with the ease of a three year old. Minato smiling said "I can now get Kushina back and have my son." Kushina in the crowd was planning on begging for forgiveness from Naruto. Mito was crying tears of joy as her big brother was finally back in the village.

The next day Naruto was walking through the village with a heavy scowl on his face. The reason why, well Shinju had destroyed his candy stash the night before, and now he was forced to go in the village to get some candy. He looking around was trying to find the nearest candy store but hadn't found nothing yet. He was about to turn the corner when he was glomped. He recognizing the scent of the person smiled and said "Mito-chan it's good to see you too." He then looking down at the carbon copy of Kushina asked "You wouldn't happen to know where the candy store is would you?" Mito ending the hug shook her head and said "Konoha doesn't have a candy store Naruto." Naruto hearing this felt his eyes widen. His body started to tremble and sweat started to roll down his forehead. He with wide eyes said "No candy store. No candy store." He then screamed "WHAT THE HELL KIND OF MAJOR HIDDEN VILLAGE DOESN'T HAVE A CANDY STORE." He then turned into a blur, and was literally speeding through the village looking for a candy store, or even a sweet shop. He was quickly loosing hope as nothing came up. Mito who was attached to Naruto screamed out "NARUTO SLOW DOWN WE HAVE A CINNAMOM BUN STORE THAT SELLS CAKES."

Naruto stopped hearing this and instantly asked "Where is it?" Mito quickly leading him to the store said "My friend Hinata comes here all the time she loves Cinnamon buns." She blinked when Naruto was handing the clerk a pile of cash. He with hearts for eyes said "I'll take three of everything." The clerk blinking shrugged accepted the money and started to gather what Naruto ordered. Once Naruto had all of his items, he reached into the bag and pulled out a Cinnamon bun. Biting into it, his face blanched.

He spitting the treat out said "Why in the nine rings of hell is this thing bitter."

The clerk blinking said "Because Hokage-sama and the council banned all sweet foods, after Mitarashi Anko went on a sugar induced rampage."

Naruto hearing this started to hyperventilate. He then screamed and once again became a literal blur, this time summoning a powerful tornado with him. He tore through the town, making people scream and seek shelter. Naruto stopping five minutes later was on top of the Hokage Monument. He grabbing his head screamed "SHINJU!" He then started to curse up a literal storm, and was soon causing other natural disasters to appear in the village. Shinju feeding Zilla snickered and said "You'll thank me for this later Naruto-kun." Zilla snapping her mouth closed on a fish, roared.

Later Naruto and Shinju were both sitting in the council room, as Minato had called a council meeting. Naruto looked tense and jittery, like at any moment he was going to snap. Shinju looked tired, and irritated, like she hadn't sleep in months.

Minato once everyone was there said "Good now that everyone is here we can start the meeting. I called this council meeting to make Naruto return to the Namikaze family and give all his power to the village. Also to make him a genin instead of a jonin."

Naruto licking his lips said "I'm not a Namikaze anymore nitwit. I'm a Senju and the son of two goddesses." He turning his head asked "Did you hear that?"

Shinju shaking her head said "Ignore almost everything that comes out of his mouth. He's suffering from symptoms of sugar withdrawal."

Tsume standing up coughed and said "I don't think that's a good idea Hokage-sama as Naruto-san has proven to be powerful enough to destroy everyone in the village with his eyes closed."

Many others agreed with her statement, including the three elders.

The civilians standing up said "We agree with you Hokage-sama. The little brat should be forced into the Namikaze family and give all his power to Sasuke-kun"

Minato smirked at this, as there were more civilians then shinobi. Shinju snorting said "You foolish ningen are forgetting that it doesn't really matter what you say. The only people who have even a slight chance at telling Naruto-kun what to do are our mothers, and they'd sooner let Madara destroy this village then make Naruto go back to the Namikaze family." She then smirking said "As for the power thing, Naruto's power is his own, and only he can control it. That little prick you want him to give his power to, would be turned into a sniveling worm as soon as a drop of Naruto's power touched his system."

Naruto was about to twitch, when the ground started to shake. Shinju blinked and then started to curse. The reason why was revealed seconds later when a very large pink bunny burst from the floor, in it's mouth was a giant bag of candy. Naruto spotting the candy, was on the top of he bunny's head in seconds, sucking on a blueberry lollipop. Naruto sighing said "Shinju-chan is right. Sasuke Uchiha would be reduced to worm food as soon as a nanometer of my infinite energy touched him. I am not going back under the control of Namikaze Minato and if he tries something like this again, I will turn him a giant carrot and let Alice-chan here eat him for lunch."

He then pulling the lollipop out of him mouth turned to Shinju and said "Shinju if you ever try something like this again, I will inform mother just who broke the statue of Trigon all three times."

Shinju blanched hearing this and said "Naruto-kun you wouldn't do that, you love me right."

Naruto snorting said "Try to remove my candy from me again and we'll find out."

He then looking down at Alice sighed and said "Okay Alice-chan for bringing daddy his candy, you may dig more holes in his garden and consume his carrots."

Alice chirped and buried herself in the ground, leaving Naruto floating where she had just been. Naruto shaking his head said "That's what I get for creating a giant fire breathing rabbit on my tenth birthday." He then shrugging appeared beside Shinju and said "Maybe it's time I created something else, after all my birthday is coming up and mothers will surely throw me a giant party like each year."

Shinju hearing this gained stars in her eyes and said "Chocolate covered peanuts, Chocolate covered raisins, Chocolate covered cereal, Chocolate covered ants, Double Dipped Dark Chocolate Cake."

She licked her lips and said "Naruto-kun give me some Chocolate." Naruto laughing said "And there's your addiction. Chocolate. If it's covered in Chocolate you'll eat it, no matter what it is."

He pulling out a chocolate lollipop tossed it to Shinju who had it in her mouth in one go. Naruto laughing said "Well then since this meeting is pretty much over, I guess we will take our leave." He and Shinju then vanished. Naruto appearing at his favorite ramen stand smiled and said "Let me get ten bowls of Miso Ramen, with a side order of Chicken dumplings."

Ayame spotting Naruto smiled and said "Coming right up Naruto-kun."

Naruto turning to Shinju asked "So do you think we'll get a group of genin?"

Shinju removing her lollipop said "Next year we will, and he'll most likely try to make us teach the Uchiha."

Naruto snorting said "You have a better chance of Kirara not blowing smoke on you."

Shinju snorting said "You know one of these days I'm going to show that overgrown lizard just who the boss is."

Naruto laughing said "The both of you already know who the boss is."

Shinju quirking an eyebrow asked "Really who is it?"

Naruto giving her a deadpan look said "The person who kicks your ass every time you spar, the person who could and has destroyed entire civilizations because they hurt you, the person who can literally reshape the galaxy with a small burst of his mighty power. The person who makes all supernatural beings tremble in fear, the person who all women lust after. The person who not only rode a lightning bolt, but crashed said lightning bolt into the sea and fried the Kraken alive in one day."

Shinju giggling said "I love it when you brag about yourself Naruto-kun. It makes me so happy."

Naruto rolling his eyes said "Of course you do. That's the reason behind this entire spin in our conversation."

Shinju taking a bowl of ramen asked "So what mission do you want to take care of first?"

Naruto now digging into a bowl of ramen himself said "We need to end the war in Kiri, as all of the senseless deaths are really starting to agitate Kirara."

Shinju gaining a serious face said "That's why she's been so snappy and ready to attack."

Naruto gaining a serious look on his face now said "Yeah. Kirara is bonded with death, and anytime something dies she feels it. The number of deaths over in Kiri is staggering. It's getting to the point that it's affecting me. Hell it's the reason why I've been eating so much candy."

Shinju eating her second bowl said "Right I forgot that you're the beacon that all life has to go through one it dies."

Naruto nodding said "I'm also the only living being carrying the Z-virus that can transform a living being into a zombie."

Shinju hearing this said "Naruto-kun you're more fucked up then the Joker."

Naruto smiling asked "If I'm fucked up, what does that make you for loving me?"

Shinju giggling said "I'm just as fucked up as you are my love. We're just two fucked up kids in love, running from the sun."

Naruto laughing asked "Who was it that said that?"

Shinju with a gorgeous smile on her face said "You did my love. Those are the exact words that came out of your mouth on our first date. The waiter asked who we were, and you said that. He looked at you funny at first, but then shook his head and said "I feel you little man. We're all just kids running from the sun."

Naruto laughing said "He was such a hippie. It's a shame his wife killed him and their entire family."

Shinju shaking her head said "She said that if she couldn't have him, then no one would."

Naruto sighing said "That's why you never mix happy grass, with brain killers."

Shinju laughing said "Marijuana and Shrooms are a party on their own, mixing them together was asking for a disaster to happen."

Naruto eating his fifth bowl of ramen said "Yeah, now let's get home, I need a nap, and you still have to attend to Zilla."

Shinju downing her last bowl of ramen put some money on the table and said "Yeah. Let's go already."

Naruto was about to teleport the two of them home, when Yuago walked inside of the ramen stand with Anko and Kurenai. All three of them glomped Naruto, Anko nuzzling his face said "Naruto you little baka you had us worried vanishing without a trace for so long." Naruto eye smiling nuzzled Anko back and said "I missed you Anko-chan. Not even Shinju can talk smack like you can." He then tilting his head said "Although she's very good at making people blush." Shinju smirking said "So this is the infamous Anko-chan." She looking Anko over licked her lips and said "Naruto-kun said you were amazing. He said nothing about you being so curvy." Anko blinked, and then smirked. She looking at Naruto said "Baka, I like your girlfriend." Naruto rolling his eyes said "Of course you do, the two of you could practically be the same person." He pulling out a purple lollipop put it in his mouth and said "I still sometimes think that Anko missed me so much she split her personality in two and created Shinju who bonded with the power of the tree and wham Shinju is created." Kurenai shaking her head said "You know it could've been me or Yuago who missed you so much that we created another personality." Naruto running a hand through his hair said "Because if one of you had created another personality I wouldn't be able to get away with half of the stupid, insane, inane shit that I pull." Anko hearing this pouted and asked "Are you saying that I'm a bad influence?" Naruto snorting said "Anko-chan if you're a good influence then Kirara-chan and Shinju-chan aren't engaged in a war for my love." Shinju giggling said "Insane yes."