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The senior exorcist who had poisoned that stupid Fairy-whatsit guild's demon spawn—the elder of the Okumura twins included—gulped as he could have sworn he caught sight of that terrifying white-haired woman glancing at him.

That smile…why did she have to give him that smile?

Honestly, her expression was perfectly innocent. He was sure that no one else who may have been watching her would guess the darkness lurking under her skin.

But he knew.

During her fight with that woman who had been the guest judge—the one where all of the women in the magic guilds had apparently gone bat-shit crazy—the Strauss girl had turned into a demon far more terrifying than he thought Okumura would ever be capable of. Even the other two half-demons in that gift, the females, didn't quite measure up to her from what they'd seen so far.

But not even his fellow exorcists believed him when he claimed that the She-Demon was going to kill him.

Well, maybe those junior exorcists under Shura's command, but really, they'd been pegged as demon-sympathizers a long time ago, so they would probably cheer the mage on.

Anyway, he had caught a glimpse of what was under that woman's bright and cheery persona—she was a demon far worse than any real demon he had faced.

He might not have been so terrified if she didn't keep drinking what looked like bleach from a small vial that looked so much like the one he had used in his attempted assassination of their hellspawn.

After a long moment, he risked another glance, and saw one of the woman's guildmates—the guy with the maroon hair and long white coat—accept his own shot of whatever was in that vial from the woman, lifting his glass in a silent 'cheers' before chugging it down in one go.

He gave a low whine, causing the man to smirk directly at him.

Arthur Auguste Angel, Paladin and therefore leader of the exorcists of the True Cross, scowled down at his subordinate, who had been so easily cowed by those insignificant mage's intimidation tactics.

He was slightly wary, however.

If nothing else, their little 'show' made it quite clear that they knew perfectly well who had almost been responsible for their members deaths.

The blonde would never admit it to anyone on pain of death, but he had been slightly…nervous…during the guild's multiple displays of power.

In comparison, the elder Okumura twin was a small fish dwarfed by sharks.

But no matter.

They had the will of the divine being behind them.

They would NOT lose to these magic-using heathens.

From the judge's table, Lahar sighed.

It hadn't even been ten minutes since Strauss had brought her 'concerns' to them, and already it looked like she had made one of the visiting exorcists pass out from fear.

He wouldn't admit it, but he could hardly blame the man for that.

Fairy Tail mages were terrifying, if not because of their power than due to their sheer unpredictability.

He knew that if nothing was done about those exorcists soon legally, it wouldn't be long before Fairy Tail acted on their own.

Of course, having recognized the poison that they had tried to use on their intended victims, Lahar was a little tempted to let them.

Not that he would ever admit that to anyone.

He had a reputation to uphold.

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