Hi ladies and gentlemen, just so you know this is not an update.

I am sorry. I am truly sorry. I had promised those who followed this story an update soon but here I am just apologizing. My summer was to be of updates and relaxation but for me it is apperently torture on a whole other level.

I have to deal with summer classes and writer's block that its literally breaking my heart that I can't type up the next chapter to this story...

To add on top of that my computer is now completely trash. I can't seem to get it working properly and it is slow as crud. So basically I can't use it anymore. Really, at this point for me summer is hot and its getting hotter than hell itself

Again I am so sorry. I will fix this soon so you can get your chapter!

Okay enough with the apology. This is the part where I ask you readers your opinon and stuff. Here's the thing. I've been having trouble with the second chapter of this story and I want to hear your ideas for it. I had rewritten the second chapter about five times and the current rewrite seems good for me and you. However I want to hear your ideas. As the story is going right now where and how would you think things should go? PM or Review your idea to me if you want.

Also, I have run into a predicament. I discovered that I just plain suck at writing chaptered stories. With this discovery and writer's block I can't do jack nothing. So here's what I am planning to do to fix this.

I'm planning to write a series of one-shots all under the same story title. I'm going to help improve my overall writing by doing this and in a way remove my writer's guilt. Selfish I know, but honestly this seems to be the only way for me and you guys and girls to benefit.

So yes this is all I have to say. I deeply apologize to those who found interest in this story and is patiently waiting for a real update. Please stay awsome during the summer!

This is The 13 Paged NoteBook signing off!