Once a Good Girl Goes Bad

Paige in 10 sentences.

Directions – "I don't take direction from you anymore, Mommy Dearest, so butt the hell out of my life," Paige screams at Eve when shows up at a wild party in the wee hours and tries to drag Paige out of there.

Climb – She doesn't give a second thought to climbing into bed with a frat guy she just met; after all, if her mother can bone her boyfriend, then Paige has earned the right to fuck anyone she pleases.

Bury – Taking a pill and chasing it with another and still another is supposed to help her push down the pain; it's not supposed to almost kill her.

Insult – Even after nearly dying, as she lays broken and defeated in a hospital bed, she still finds it in herself to call out Eve when she shows up, claiming to be worried about Paige.

Beginning – Paige begins to miss JJ by Christmastime; even allowing him to give her a quick peck on the cheek under the mistletoe.

Decision – "It's a bad decision, Paige – going back to JJ, you know it is," Eve shouts at her daughter who just flips her the bird and walks out of the room.

Pretty – Why is that every time JJ tells Paige she's pretty, she actually feels sick; wondering if he finds her as desirable as he did her mother.

Maternal – Mother's Day rolls around and Paige is almost tempted to go see Eve but ultimately changes her mind; after all, with a mother like Eve, who needs enemies?

Little – "I don't understand you, Paige," Eve cries, "you forgave JJ but you can't give me so much as a tiny inch of understanding?"

Hurt – "No one ever hurt me like you did," Paige tells Eve, "and I won't ever give you the chance to do it again."

A/N: I just had to write this because I've been really impressed by the acting from Kassie DePaiva and True O'Brien, especially as of late. They have really touched my heart. I am working on a bigger project about Paige – to debut soon. Thanks for reading!