A/N: Alright, we finally reach the climax of the fight. Who will win Thor or Naruto? Who will be the one remain standing in glory and victorious? Or the fight will end in a draw? Read this chapter to find out!

Story start!

Valley of the Strongest

Both combatants stood still while glared at each other. Both of this 'monsters' were being wrapped in their respectful power aura. The blond Ultimate was clad in pitch black armor with green lines, an overwhelming dark aura enveloped his body. The God of Thunder has his body clad in white surge of lighting that constantly dancing around his body. The notable feature though was his shiny white eyes that produced lighting.

Right now both fighters are at their most powerful forms. Their next clash will prove to be much more devastated then their previous one. If lucky, then maybe Valley of the Strongest will be half destroyed. Worst case of scenario, they might blow half of Asgard to the void for good.

Neither decided to make a move first, as they know that in their current form, the one who managed to deliver the first strike will get a huge advantage over his opponent.

Odin's Palace

The trio were observing the fight the screen anxiously couldn't help but gasped in shock and awe. Now their fight took to such a level that it could compare to the ancient times when God still existed and fought together with Archangels to seal away Trihexa. Or the fight of Old and New Satan factions for control over the Underworld.

Grayfia couldn't utter a word seeing Naruto in this form. She was overjoyed when she saw Naruto stood up after Thor's ruthless torture. But when he unleashed his Balance Breaker, he made her not only tremble in fright, but also made her produced cold sweat. Her! She was called the Strongest Queen and the dominator of ice element. She never sweat let alone produced the cold one. And yet Naruto made her sweat in this new form of his.

Rossweisse though did not held up that we'll like the two besides her. She is hyperventilating from the power of those two have unleashed. It's really unbelievable! But their powers could be felt even here, at the distance far from their location. Hell, right now all the population of Asgard could felt their power. She couldn't imagine that the fight will turn out to this level.

Odin seeing that the Valkyrie was hyperventilating, decided to calm her down.

''Took a deep breath, Rossweisse! Try to calm your mind down!'' All-father instructed to ease the mind of the poor Valkyrie.

Rosseweisse did as she was instruct, while Odin activated an energy barrier around them to shield them from the pressure of both combatants raw energies.

''T-thank you, Odin-sama!'' The silver haired Valkyrie has calm down a bit thanks to Odin's barrier. ''What kind of fight is this? Scratch that! This is a death match, where their lives put at stake and one wrong move can cost either of them their lives!''

''Now the fight turn out even more interesting'' comment Odin with an excite grin, despite their situation. When he thought that Thor didn't has a chance against Des Mail, he didn't know about Thor's current form. He could feel it clearly, even from here. Thor's power in this form has surpassed him at his best. At this moment, the strongest in Asgard is not him anymore, but Thor.

''Thor's white lightning…'' muttered All-father amusedly. ''Never thought that the brat managed to put him this far. No, I didn't even aware that Thor has this much power before. This fight turn out truly legendary''. Though he scratched his beard sweating a bit nervously. ''But at this rate, they will bury Asgard in their fight as well''

Suddenly one more screen appeared beside the the current one. A male with smooth purple hair that has his left eye covered by his bang appeared on the screen. ''Don't worry, father! I've noticed their energy level and calculated that they might destroy half of Asgard if go all out. So I've already put a super tough interdimension barrier, that tempory send Valley of the Strongest to another dimension'' The reassured his father through the screen.

Odin sighed in relief and thanked his son.'' Thank you, Tyr. I am already too old and afraid that my barrier couldn't hold up. It's a relief that you took a metter in your hands''

''It's alright, father'' replied the one-hand God.''Besides I am also curios to see how this fight will end. After all, I've never seen big brother goes all out ever. But that kid's power is tremendous as hell as well. This maybe the most awesome fight that will be in the history of Asgard''

''I think so as well!'' Odin nodded in agreement with his son.

Grayfia stared at Naruto's form through the screen and prayed.'Win, Naruto! As you are now, I know you could win. Win and come back to me! I believe in you!' She instinctively put her hand to her heart, feeling the rythm of it beat faster with each second.

Valley of the Strongest

While the two were glaring at each other, Naruto was deep in his thought. 'I am lucky to awake this form at the last minute or else I wound be a goner'. The blond Ultimate experimentally clutch and unclutch his fist with a little grin.' I can feel it! This power! I don't know how much powerful Thor become in his current state, but I feel that I won't lose to him in my current form!'

The blond started to reminisce the moment he awake this power a second before his death.


Somewhere in foreign place where time and space has stopped, an enormous pitch black dragon was seen sitting in a meditation position with closed eyes. This dragon wore an armor a bit looked like Naruto's soon-to-be awakened Des Mail. There was also a huge double-edge spear was stabbed at his right side. Suddenly the dragon felt something and opened it's eyes to reveal the wicked pupiless crimson eyes. The dragons jaw twick into a smirk revealing the creature's sharp teeth.

''Finally that fool has enough managed to unlock Des Mail'' the dark dragon muttered to itself.'' I will used him and when his guard was down I will take over and will have my revenge!''

The dragon gritted its jaw tightly recalling that shameful day when it was sealed into Kokuten by a mere human.

Line break

Naruto was floating in some dark space with a daze look. He was too careless and now would pay dearly for that. He cursed himself once again for letting his guard down against the Thunder God. He forgot that Thor had much more battle experience then him. He got too overconfident, the moment he activated Tsukuyomi. He was cocky enough to think that Thor wouldn't be able to counter Tsukuyomi, as they was one of the move that nearly have no way to counter it. But he forgot one thing important, that he was fighting at the e enimie's territory, so the opponent would always gained some kind of advantage. And indeed his EMS power were useless as long as there is Yggdrasyl's Blessing.

''Kuso! How I could be that careless!'' The blond Ultimate furiously slammed his fists to the ground.''Despite knowing how powerful Thor really is, I still let the arrogance get the better or he due to the fact except Sirzechs-sama nobody managed to put it that far!'' Naruto couldn't stop pounding his fist to the ground from frustration. After doing that for a while, he finally stopped and looked up helplessly sighing. ''How the heck am I supposed to escape Thor when he already got his hand in my head. My current strength won't be enough to break free''. Naruto scoffed irritately.

Suddenly he heard a booming voice right in front of him. There was a huge silhouette of a dragon with two crimson pupil-less eyes.

"Hahaha! We finally met, partner'' But deep down, Diablo's thought were much sinister. 'I will lend you a bit of my power and use you fleshbag for my resurrection. Enjoy this power of mine while you can, human'

Naruto looked up with wide eyes at the gigantic silhouette in front of him. He felt that the creature in front of him have a very wicked aura so he need to be cautious in front him.

''Who are you? And why hasn't you appear before?"

"I am The Nemesis Dragon, Diablo. My soul was sealed in the sword that used to seal me" replied now revealed Diablo. "The reason why I didn't appear before was because unlike other dragon-type Sacred Gear, I will only manifest when you are ready to unlock Balance Breaker. Now the time has come!"

Naruto narrowed his eyes after the dragon's introduction. 'So this is the legendary Nemesis Dragon that was rumored to have been rampaging the world for more than 3000 years until it was sealed away in a Sacred Blade. Never expect that Kokuten was the one that sealed it though'. Staring at the silhouette of the mighty dragon while glancing at those menacing crimson eyes, Naruto could felt that this creature nearly litmiless power. And the only way to escape Thor's clutch is to accept the wicked power of this vile dragon to unlock Balance Breaker.

''Just in time, Diablo!" exclaimed Naruto with a fake smirk, "Let's show that God, what we truly capable of!". 'Don't think I don't know about your intention to break free, Diablo! Just like you decide to use me, I am using you as well'

''Ossu!"replied Diablo and enveloped Naruto in a dark aura of power. While observing, how his dark power leak into Naruto's body, the vile dragon chuckled sinisterly to himself. 'Kukuku, that's right use my power more, fleshbag. The more you use it the more addict you will become and the more you will lose control over your mind. And when you will become the most vulnerable, I will strike and will have my revenge!'

End Flashback

Naruto looked at his opponent in determination.'' I will win this match Thor-sama! No matter how much stronger you've became or how much faster you've became, you won't be able to keep up with me any longer.

All of a sudden Thor disappeared in front of him with a gust of wind while left the earth-crushing marks. Naruto took a defensive stance and ready for defense. Thor appeared behind and delivered a powerful punch at the blond. The punch was so fast and poweful that it created a sonic boom upon release, Naruto was sent flying to the mountain and destroyed it when he crashed. Thor didn't and his assault must there took off straight at the Ultimate with blinding speed and slammed his head heavily in the blond's stomach. Thor took his oppoent with him and crushed him to the ground creating rifts on the ground. Getting tired from that, Thor slammed Mjolnir at Naruto and sent him flying and destroyed another piece of the valley. Soon there was only a small piece of land remained of the beautiful Valley of the Strongest.

After such ruthless assault, seemingly Naruto was supossed to be torn to shreds and yet he could stood up and continued to battle with the mighty Thor. That fact confused God of Thunder greatly. He knew for sure that Naruto couldn't manage to keep up with him neither in speed nor in strength. So the question is, how did he do that?

At the distance, Naruto once again rise again seemingly unscathed with no bruise on his body or face. A light smirk escaped his lips, making Thor narrowed his pupiless white eyes at the blond.

''Why weren't you damaged after all those assaults of mine?'' Thor demanded with authority in his tone. ''I know that you couldn't be able to keep up with me in this state because if you could,you would've avoid all of my attacks, not taking in all of them''

The blond Ultimate mouth twitch to an amusing smirk. ''That's true! You've become faster than me in your current state and if it's not for Des Mail special ability I would've been dead already''. Naruto held up his index finger and added with confident tone.''You see with Des Mail's special ability, it's not neccesary for me to avoid all your attacks. I could take them all and came out unscathed''

''What do you mean by that?!'' demanded the Thunder God with narrowed eyes.

Naruto's smirk became wider as he stated. ''Des Mail has an absolute control of reality and illusion. That means I could transform all those attacks of yours to a mere illusion''. Though outside he looked confidently, he was sweating horribly from inside.'Though I could only use that ability for 30 seconds for now. But you don't need to know that, Thor-sama'.

Naruto tried to not show it, but because he hasn't mastered Des Mail, it put a lot of strain on his body. In fact he is barely standing to show Thor that he could still fight on equal term with the mighty God.

'This is bad! I need to end the fight with the next move or else I won't have a chance to win. I did expected for the evolved form of Kokuten to put much strain on my body, but this…is just beyond my imagination. It is like my body is being tearing apart with each second passes. This is a one-way gamble. Do it and win gloriously or fail and die a horrible death' Naruto thought in alarm while staring at the mighty figure of Thor.

The Thunder God looked very amused at the blond pseudo-God. In all his life, he never had such a great fight. He never thought that someone would manage to make him feel this emotion. The emotion that he thought he never possess. Dread. Thor felt dread for the first time seeing someone managed to survive his beating while he was at 100%. Sure nobody even managed to make him go this far before, but just the fact that Naruto could still breathing while he went beyond 50%, it is already an impossible feat for others.

Despite Naruto claiming that he could turn all his attacks to illusions, Thor found the blond is a bit nervous. That means, that ability has a limit and very short too. Speculating that, Thor smirk confidently.

"Is that so? How about I try one more time?'' Naruto cursed in jis head, seeing thar Thor had saw through his bluff. " You can't possibly fool me, kozo. Your ability maybe very powerful, no maybe even omnipotent, but even it has a certain limit. Seeing as your face as no longer that confident as before, I guess that is your limit. This is a perfect chance to finish this match!"

Naruto stayed silent with a poker face to not show uneasiness, but Thor has already seen through him. Though what Thor didn't know that Naruto showed him that expression purplely to make the mighty God let his guard down to finish the fight.

'That's it! Come to me!' the blond Ultimate thought in anticipation.

In a flash, Thor dissapeard from Naruto's sight and reappeared with Mjölnir in his hand, that radiatated a very dense white surge of electricity. There was a huge glee on Thunder God's face as he will finally got the opportunity to end this tiresome fight.

''LYN FERDIG! (in Norse means Lightning Finish) Thor's voice rang through the whole valley, though you couldn't actually called that a valley after all the previous destructions caused by the Thunder God.

The attack was shot in the form of A lightning-coated Sleipnir, Thor's favorite horse that his father has gifted him on his 20th birthday. A horse was not only radiant but destructive as well, the moment it was launch everything behind it was turned to cinders. The horse itself has 6 legs with blazing golden eyes in its sockets. And there was no doubt that if Naruto took this attack head on, he will be a goner.

Looking at the horse of destruction, Naruto couldn't help but chuckled despite the hopless situation he is in.

"I guess we really look alike. He choose to use such a destructive move to end the fight". The blond closed his eyes for a bit and then reopened them. "However I cannot let myself be defeated like this. Alright! Your strongest agaisnt my strongest! LET'S SEE WHO WILL BE THE ONE STANDING!"

After the shout, Naruto began to radiated a dense pitch black energy and enveloped it around his body. Then at the same time, he unleashed Ultimate Susano. Two source of enery began to circle around Naruto, causing Thor to stare at the blond. Thor was confident in his technique, because unlike other moves that he has used on the blond before, this time he held nothing back and unleashed the technique in 100% power. Sure no matter what the blond do now he won't be able do anything. Though he will see his last struggle to the end.

While two stream of energies circled around him, Naruto has his eyes closed in concentration. In his mind, he has the black energy equip his body and slowly the huge Susano began to shrink and being drawn to his body.

In real world, Thor was slack-jawed when the huge Susano became smaller and equip to Naruto like an armor. Slowly the blond opened his eyes to reveal a pair of EMS staring straight at Sleipnir-copy. He looked both his hands and saw that they were glowing in golden energy of Ultimate Susano.

"I guess it is a success" muttered the blond with his mouth twitched to a light grin.

Staring back at the incoming Sleipnir, the blond manifested Yata no Kagami in his left hand and Totsuka no sakegiri in his right. With a final roar, the horse slammed at the blond. But Naruto quickly shield himself with Yata no Kagami, still the horse was strong enough to push him back behind a few feet, making Naruto gritted his teeth in annoyance. With his remaining hand, Naruto quickly thrust Totsuka at it and the sword started to absorb it in.

The process lasted for a minute and then a huge horse with 6 legs made of electricity was absorbed in a little sakegiri.

Thor's eyes were widen like saucers. What he just witnessed blew his mind. Surely, Naruto told him before that Totsuka blade could seal everything in it. But as an experience warrior he knew everything have its limits. Lyn Ferdig was an attack powerful enough to level Valhala if used on magnitude scale. So there was no way that the shrink version of Totsuka was capable of sealing it.

"What was that?" Thor whisperred hollowly.

Naruto began to feel the the after-effect of his technique, feeling a shockwave tearing his body from the inside. The blond widened his eyes feeling a painful sensation and coughed up blood. Shakingly he touched the blood at the corner of his mouth and chuckled bitterly.

'It's a price for using a technique without mastering it,huh?' Pausing a bit, he began to analyze his technique. 'Matoi. A technique that could equip any source of energy and boosting the effectiveness of techniques x10'. A very powerful technique, but the risk is high as well. If you equip a foreign energy without adapting to it, the feedback could be very well destroy your bodies within seconds'

'But only thanks to Matoi ability by boosting the abilities of both Totsuka no sakegiri and Yata no kagami x10, I managed to stop Thor's technique' Chuckling humorlessly, he added. 'Though at a price of course, my body is numb like a log now. I wonder how much longer I will be able to last?'

Thor was still not out of shock and could only stared at the blond dumbfoundedly. 'H-how did he do that?', that question rang through Thunder God's mind, like an echo. Suddenly the alarm caught up to him, when he heard a screeching sound of something spinning really fast. Looking up, he felt into stupor seeing a gigantic pitch black shuriken with a spinning dark purple orbs of destruction in his opponent's hand.

Naruto knew that he is at his limit and he could collapse anytime. That's why by canceling Susano he used something far more destructive. This is one technique that he has never used on a fight before, only at practice. And with Matoi effect, this technique's power was x10. One hit and everything will turn to dust. The desire to win a fight agaisnt Thor, caused the blond to neglet everything. He even forgot how destructive his move is.

"This is my most powerful move, Thor-sama…" Naruto pant like mad with his hand held up carrying the disk of destruction. "Ankoku Rasengekiha. This is the upgrade move of Rasenshuriken by utilizing Matoi. I don't really care anymore! I will win this fight!" With that, ignoring all the future consequences, Naruto launch his technique at Thor.

Odin's Royal Palace

The moment Naruto launched Ankoku Rasengekiha, Odin stood up in panic and cried out.

"Is that brat really intend to turn all of us to dust?! That reckless idiot!".

Immediately Odin used his magic and teleport both fighters away from Valley of the Strongest.

Seeing both Naruto and Thor dissapeared from the screen, caused Grayfia to widen her eyes in horror and immediately caught Odin's collar in fury.

"Where did you send them?!" Grayfia demanded with a dangerous look.

But that didn't actually frighten the All-father, he looked deadly in her eyes and retort.

"You don't actualy understand what that blond boyfriend if yours just did, right," Grayfia remained sile t so Odin continued his explanation."That move that the kid just used, if it hits the target then it will obliterate everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! You, me,…, this realm…"

Grayfia finally realized the truth in Odin's words. Rossweisse also couldn't help, but gasped in her palm in horror. Naruto nearly killed all of them!

To calm both girls down Odin added with a sigh."Of course, he didn't intend to do that deliberately. But his desire for victory against Thor was too much. As a result unintentionaly he pushed behind everything that hold him back to claim the victory" Pausing a bit, Odin continued. "I actually understand why he did that. My son, Thor, is one opponent that he can't allow himself to hold back. He is the only one that has ever force the brat to use his full power and push him enough to step up to another level. If he would not come out victorious after everything he has put into this fight, than it will be all for nothing. Even if the brat didn't boast much, he still has a pride as a warrior"

Grayfia could only clutch her hands tightly and prayed that wherver Naruto was sent, he will be ok. Rossweisse was still at shock that she nearly died by her crush's hand if not for Odin. Right now she is having conflicting thoughts about the blond.

Unknown dark place

The moment Naruto launched his technique, realization hit him like a brick and he attemted to stop, but it was already too late. Both he and Thor were surprised when they both suddenly were teleport to this dark space.

Ankoku Rasengekiha hit its target and you could hear a loud roar like of the beast emanating from Thor's mouth. The attack's range began to expand so wide, that Naruto have to temporaly transported himself to Kamui dimension to escape death. Though he barely has any energy left after using his trump card.

Returning to his former location, he saw that Thor was still standing. At first, that shocked him greatly, but upon inspecting his eyes. He noticed that Thor has lost his consciousness while standing. Naruto couldn't help but chuckled. All of a sudden he felt a shockwave inside his body and vomited lots of blood. With that our hero collapsed and stayed montionlessly on the ground.

10 days later

Asgard's hospital room

A pair of drowsy eyes slowly flickered, gazing at the white ceiling above. Naruto sighed, already understood that he is in the hospital right now. It's been a while since, he got into one. Hearing some footsteps approaching him, he glanced down and saw a silver haired beauty with dark green eyes in what appeared to be a very short and tight nurse outfit. It was so tight that it hugs her body enough to expose everything she has to offer to the blond's eyes. The outfit was so short that just a gentle wind will reveal everything she wore underneath.

Freyja noticed the blond hottie woke up, a sly smile appeared on her face. She was in charge to rake care of him since 10 days ago after his and Thor earth-shaking clash. Freyja is the goddess of love, but unlike Venus, she is pretty shallow and could easily be seduced by looks. But she also very high standards and very picky in her choices. Because of that reason only a few caught her eye in Asgard. Though seeing Naruto for the first time, makes her already deems him a worthy one.

Noticing the blond staring at her, she smirked in content, thought that he has already fell for her charms. Approaching him slowly and seductively swaying her hips on purpose, Freyja never took her eyes of his sky blue one.

"I see you are awake, Naruto-san" The goddess gently sat on the side of the bed.

"Excuse me. But who are you?" Seeing that look for so many times, Naruto has already noticed that this woman was attracted physically at him. He could admitted, like other women, he has seen this one is incredibly beautiful. But he already used to see beautiful women around him to be affected by her beauty. "How long I've been lying here?"

Freyja smiled beautifully and softly put her hand on his hand. "I am Freyja. Odin-sama put me in charge to take care of you since your battle with Thor-sama. You've been lying for 10 days already"

"I see" muttered the blond. "What about Thor-sama? Is he alright?" Naruto asked, looking at the goddess for answer.

Freyja took an apple on the plate near the blond and began to clean it while replied. "Yeah, he is alright. But I am surprised that he was still alive, after sensing the amount of energy released. No wonder he is a heir to the throne"

"D-did that mean I won?" Naruto asked hopefully. After cutting the apple to pieces, Freyja smiled brightly at him. "Yup!"

The blond sighed in relief, but looked questionably at the goddess when he saw a piece of apple in front of him. "Ehm..."

Freyja moved the piece closer to his mouth and replied cheerfully. "Let me feed you, Naruto-san! You still not fully recover, just lie there and relax"

"No! No!" Naruto refused shaking his head in negative." I am perfectly fine, now. I can eat by myself"

But the goddess was very stubborn, like hell she will let this opportunity to seduce him slip. Moving closer to Naruto, so that their noses litterally touch each other. Freyja whispered hotly, while gently blew at his face. "But I insist, Naruto-san. Just let me give you a bit of pleasure. I am sure you will enjoy it a lot~"

Naruto moved his head behind a bit, feeling really uncomfortable with the situation. "Umm, is that still a proposition to feed me?"

Freyja mouth changed to a seductive smile and she whispered back. "If you want I can do MORE than jusy feeding you, Naru-chan~" This time she boldly began to caress his cheek while licking her lips hungrily. "Such a handsome face~" Using her other hand she touched gently his muscular chest. "And this perfect body~ You are everything, I've ever want in a man!"

Naruto gulped seeing the lust has completly took over the goddess eyes. But thankful or not thankful to whoever came in, Freyja turned to look at the one intrude.

Naruto gulped once again, feeling the temperature in the room dropped could see icicles began to form at the ceiling. Before their very own eyes was Grayfia Lucifuge with unreadabke expression. But judging from her dark aura, she sure as hell was not calm. In her hand was a packet of something, probably ramen for Naruto. With each step getting closer to Naruto's bed, the temperature began to drop faster.

Naruto subconsciously pulled the blanket closer, feeling chills down his spine. But the most person that was most terrified was none other than Freyja. The goddess glanced at the piece of apple that she was about to feed Naruto was completely frozen. With Grayfia standing right in front of her now, Freyja couldn't help, but shivered in both fear and cold.

With an icy gaze, Grayfia looked down at the covering Naruto first. ''I see that girls couldn't stop, but flock around you all the time, eh, Naruto? And here I thought I could prepare your favorite food and gave you while it's still hot''. Showing the frozen pot, Grayfia stated uncaringly. ''But I guess it's not the case now''. With another icy gaze, Grayfia looked at the shivering goddess. ''Thank you for taking care of this idiot when I was absent. But I am here now. So you could go take care of your business, Freyja-san''

Not even dare to argue with the Ice Queen in front of her, Freyja nodded her head frantically and ran away AQAP. The moment the goddess left the cabin, the temperature returned to normal. Grayfia's expression turned sly and whispered dangerously, causing the blond Ultimate to flinch a bit.

"Remember this once and for all, Naruto, because I am not gonna repeat this anymore" Grayfia leaned in closer and started to whisper hotly in his ear. "It is already obvious, that I can't stop girls from approaching you all the time. However remember one thing clearly: It doesn't matter how many girls will be chasing you. But I will ALWAYS be the your number one".

Naruto actually widened his eyes after hearing her reply. He never saw Grayfia act this possessively towards him before. As if her statement was not enough, The Strongest Queen traced Naruto's jaw line from the cheek with a possessive look in her eyes. "Not Rias-sama, not even your childhood maid friend. I AM your number 1 girl. Got it?"

The blond experienced this kind of shock for the first time, so all he could do was nodded his head. Since when this girl became so possessive of him? Naruto wondered what makes her thought turned out like that?

"Good!" with a seductive glint in her eyes, Grayfia completely caught Naruto off guard, by capturing his lips in a searing passionate kiss. Grayfia acted so boldly, because she has already made up her mind. She will be his wife. She will create a family with him. She will devote her entire self to him. She will be the one that he could trust the most and the one that he could dependent on without a second thought.

Naruto still hasn't recovered from the shock, so Grayfia took control of the entire situation. She deepned the kiss and started exploring his mouth. Naruto just instinctively opened his mouth to allow her to do whatver she wanted. The kiss last until the air was need and Grayfia reluctantly leaned back a bit only the touched forehead with the blond, panting a bit from the kiss.

"Still shock by my new personality, huh?" Naruto nodded dumbly, causing the silverhead to chuckle. "Do you even know I act like this?" The reply was another shake of head. "That's because I've decided for myself. I will be the one that will always stood by your side, support you, care for you for the rest of your life" With a loving gaze, Grayfia caressed Naruto's cheek. "I will be your right hand and your shield when you need". But the final statement shocked Naruto the most. "I, Grayfia Lucifuge, vow to devote my whole life to you, Naruto Uzumaki!"

"W-why? Why did you decide that? How can you be sure that I am your life partner? What make you so sure?" Naruto asked confusedly, finally managed to snap out of the shock. They didn't spend that much time for Grayfia to reach such conclusion.

Grayfia smiled lovingly at him again, while using her left hand to brush his goldilocks. "Because I am crazy about you, silly. This conclusion I made when I saw your lifeless body lying in the hospital's bed. At that time, a horrible thought came to my mind. What if you will never wake up? That thought brought me so much pain to my heart. That mere thought made me realized, that my love for was a true one. That without you, I don't want to exist anymore. At first, I was really shock about that discovery as well. I've never cared for anyone that much before. I admitted I had a bit of a crush on Sirzechs-sama, while pretending to be his wife. He had such a bright personally that I can't help but caught in it". Gently putting her hand om his heart, Grayfia whispered with a smile full of joy." But you are different and yet I am still being drawn to you. You do not have a bright persomality like Sirzechs-sama, on the contrary your are distant and rarely speak with anyone except Sirzechs-sama and Rias-sama.

However the moment you unleash your power on Kokabiel, I felt something…" Pausing a bit, Grayfia tried to describe the feeling she felt. "Something really special. At first, I just thought that it was because of your incredible power. But it was something more". With a soft smile, the silver hair beauty continued. "And just recently, I've realised what it was?"

"So what it was then?" asked Naruto edging his eyebrow a bit in curiosity.

"Love, of course" replied Grayfia simply. "I fell in love with you at first sight, without realizing that". As if to emphasized, Grayfia added. "And I also know that this is true love. My feelings for you are not like to Sirzechs-sama. It will last forever"

Naruto remained silent for a bit long to collect his thought. "I-I don't know what to say Grayfia. I-I mean I noticed, of course, that during our journey you were pretty serious about that. I just didn't know that you are THIS serious!". Shaking his head, Naruto continued his rant. "I didn't even deserve your love! I couldn't show my emotions due to my condition! I nearly killed everyone by just wanting to win agaisnt Thor! Don't you see? I am dangerous to be around with! I am unstable!"

But despite his rant, Grayfia just embraced him to calm him down and whispered. "Then it will be more of a reason for me to stay by your side. Because I WILL be able to stop you if things turn out ugly"

Somehow her words reassured the blond, but he still felt uneasy. Though he reluctantly accept her reason, knowing how stubborn she could be.

Unknowingly to both of them, all of Naruto's emotions, that seemingly have been erased, were slowly bit by bit resurfacing. That also explained Naruto's rant just now.

Behind the door of Naruto's room, one Valkyrie has eavsdropped accidentally and began to question her own feelings towards the blond Ultimate.

"Are my feelings strong enough to follow him? Do I have such faith in him, like Grayfia-san after what happened?" Those are the current questions running inside Rosseweiss head. But then other questions appeared. 'But what about his feelings for me? We didn't spend that much time and rarely speak to each other. What if he didn't see me as a woman, but just a friend? But he also didn't show much affection towards Grayfia-san and yet she possessed such powerful feelings to him. Is this what people call unconditional love?"

Rosseweisse was a very pure maiden. She has neithher experience love nor got herself a boyfriend. That's why she felt very confuse right now. All this experience is very new to her. It's the first time she got a crush on someone after all. Also the problem of her affection is a bit weird emotionally.

With a heavy sigh, Rosseweisse muttered to herself. "I don't know what to feel anymore. One half of mine is attracted to him, but the other half was frighten of him due to the previous week accident. Why did things turn out so complicated"

Unknown to her, Naruto managed to feel her turmoil and planned to do something about that.

Greek patheon

Zeus temple

As the temple of the supreme God, Zeus temple was enormous comparef to other Greek deities temples. Currently there was no one except one person, that was sitting on the throne. The person was clearly female judging by her long luscios hair that reach to the floor. Unlike other Greek deitis that wore white silky robes, this one wore a pitch dark one matching her hair. And the noticable feature that you could see a huge cleavage at the chest area.

Putting her palm gently on her cheek the mysterious female smiled slightly and whispered.

"I will see you again very soon, my precious son"

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