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Kim Possible

Red Flame

Chapter 25 – Team Possible Rides Again

Middleton, Possible Residence

When Christmas morning dawned, Kim groaned as the sunlight streamed through her window and fell across her face. While she didn't want to get up because she was tired, it was a pleasant exhaustion and she felt lighter and better than she had in what seemed like forever. As awareness returned to the redhead, she became aware of a weight upon her. Opening her eyes, her gaze angled downward and she first noticed a red/black-haired head upon her breast. Her eyes followed the hair and head down to the curve of the neck and along the rest of the nude body; though that stopped when she saw the sheet across the two of them at the waist. It's been far too long since we were like this, the young woman thought, smiling at her girlfriend and lover. She brought a hand over and began gently stroking the other girl's hair, loving the feel of it. Much to Kim's surprise, she heard a low purring sound. Startled, she stopped what she was doing and was surprised even more when it stopped. Puzzled, she waited a moment before she continued running her hand through Rebecca's hair and rubbing her finger's on her girlfriend's scalp. As soon as she did, though, the purring sound returned. Kim's eyes widened as she looher girlfriend. She's . . . purring? Kim wondered. She stopped again, and the sound faded away. She is purring! A Shego-like smirk made its way onto the redhead's face as she contemplated this. Just then, though, there was a knocking sound on floor; actually, it was coming from the door built into the floor. Rebecca groaned as she woke up, stretching herself out like a cat; which was only fitting considering her earlier action.

"Are you girls up yet?" came the voice of Ann Possible.

"Just woke up, Mom," Kim called back. Rebecca sat up and rubbed her eyes before looking at Kim and smiling.

"You two do know that it's after nine, right?" Ann asked them. "Everyone else has already had breakfast and we're all waiting on the two of you now." Both girls looked at each other, looked over at the clock over on Kim's side of the bed, and felt their eyes widen as they saw that it actually was after nine. The redhead immediately jerked upright, or rather she tried to; she'd forgotten that her girlfriend was leaning over her still and her forehead slammed into the side of Rebecca's head. The ivory-toned girl let out a pained yelp and jerked backwards. But she moved too fast and hard and tumbled off the bed headfirst. Kim tried to grab her, but only moved fast enough to take a foot to the chin, causing her to jerk back herself; which, of course, made her tumble off the other side of the bed. Ann, of course, was still underneath the door to the girls' room and heard everything, and it was all she could do to not burst out in a fit of gut-busting laughter. Shaking her head at their antics, the elder Possible female made her way back downstairs. She was just glad that Rebecca and Kim had moved past everything.

When the two came down stairs a few minutes later, they found that everyone else was in the den waiting for them. Neither was sure what to do right now, until Ann motioned them towards the kitchen.

"Late night, you two?" she asked teasingly, making the two teens experience full body blushes. "Now go eat." Nodding, Kim and Rebecca went into the kitchen and ate breakfast, which they had to warm back up and consisted of pancakes, ham, eggs, and toast. It didn't take them long to eat, though, mainly because they were embarrassed about the comment Kim's mom had made. When they made their way back into the den, though, the two lovers found that Jim and Tim had organized the presents into piles for each person. Rebecca was actually surprised to see that she had a good pile of presents, and it showed on her face. Ann, of course, noticed the girl's expression.

"What's the matter, Rebecca?" she asked, drawing everyone else's attention to the girl. "I thought you and your mothers celebrated Christmas?"

"We did," the ivory-toned girl replied sheepishly. "It's just that, well, I've never gotten so many gifts before. Usually just a couple from both of my parents."

"Then you're in for a treat," Kim told her girlfriend, pulling her to the couch.

"Speaking of your parents," James said as his sons began gathering gifts to pass out, "will they be coming by?"

"I, um, don't know, sir," Rebecca mumbled, still looking embarrassed.

"It's alright," he reassured her. "How about after we get done unwrapping presents and tending to everything you give them a call and invite them to Christmas dinner here? Maybe even invite your sister and her girlfriend, too."

"Really?" she asked, surprised. "Y-You all wouldn't mind?"

"Not at all," Ann said with a gentle smile. "Christmas is about family, after all." Rebecca felt a warm glow suffuse her at that. She'd never really had a chance to spend Christmas with extended family members; no one outside of Global Justice had known she'd existed until about six months ago, give or take.

"Thanks," she whispered, tears gathering in her eyes at the happiness and joy filling her. She looked down at the gift now in her hands; the tag said it was from Jim and Tim. She looked at the two boys and they smiled, giving her a thumbs up. Returning the smile, she carefully opens the present (by this point, she knew Kim's brothers way too well, and was treating the gift like a bomb disposal expert would a touchy bomb). She was surprised by what she found, though: a small pewter statue, in exquisite detail, of her and Kim sitting on a park bench, with her head resting on Kim's shoulder. The ivory-toned girl looked over at the twin boys with more tears in her eyes. The expresions on the faces of the statue Kim and Rebecca gave the impression of peace and love. She lifted it out of the box and showed everyone; Kim's face mimicked her girlfriend's.

"Thank you, guys," she said, her voice thick with emotion.

"We may think-" Jim said.

"That Kim is a pain-"Tim continued.

"But she's never been happier than when she's with you," they finished together.

"So we thought-" Jim added.

"You two would like them," Tim finished.

"Them?" Kim asked. Her brothers pointed to a similar-sized present in Kim's pile, and the redhead went to open it; she hesitated until everyone else nodded before doing so. When she did, she couldn't hold back a gasp and she covered her mouth with a hand. The Tweebs had also given her an exquisitely detailed pewter statue, but it was of her and Rebecca walking and holding hands, their faces turned towards each other with smiles. Kim didn't know what to say, but the look she gave Jim and Tim said it all, anyway.

"Hicka-bicka-boo?" Jim asked.

"Hoo-sha!" Tim replied, and the two high-fived. Ann and James insisted that the two girls open their presents first, even as Jim and Tim ripped into their own. James had gotten his sons chemistry and rocket sets, Ann had gotten them model kits from a popular sci-fi show, and Kim had gotten them each a pair of multi-function shades courtesy of Wade; Rebecca hadn't known what to get Kim's brothers as she didn't really know them that well, so she'd used some GJ force field tech to give them some of her plasma. When they unwrapped them, she did warn them that tampering with the generator would automatically deactivate the force field and cause the plasma to explosively disperse. They actually promised to never to do anything like that, especially since they were still a bit nervous about getting some more plasma from Rebecca, but in a less-than-fun way. Then Kim and Rebecca proceeded to open the rest of their presents. Rebecca got an album filled with photos of her and Kim from Ann, a Rocket Booster membership and a custom red/black Rocket Booster shirt from James, the complete Underworld film collection from Jim and Tim (though Tim's name was first on this tag), and from Kim . . . she received a promise ring with a silver band set with a ruby and two obsidian stones along with a silver and black flame necklace with a ruby heart inset within the 'core' of the 'fire.' She looked over at her girlfriend, stunned beyond words.

"That ring," Kim said softly, "is a promise ring. It's to symbolize my promise, to you, to never, ever hurt you like I did before. I died inside when you left, and I know that I hurt you too much. I didn't deserve your forgiveness but you gave it to me anyway. I know that things won't always be easy and peaceful between us, but I promise that I will never betray you again. I love you, Rebecca." The ivory-toned girl didn't say anything as she looked down at the ring and slipped it onto her left hand; she did turn to let Kim put the necklace on her, and gave her girlfriend a somewhat chaste kiss on the lips when she was done, though. Smiling, Kim went to open her presents. Her mom had given her an all-day, full-treatment, all-expense-paid pass to an exclusive spa in Upperton; her dad had given her a custom Rocket Booster shirt, too, as well as a $200 gift card to Hot Topic; Jim and Tim (again, with Tim's name first on this tag) had given her a romantic-comedy movie collection; and then came Rebecca's gift to her. The first thing Kim saw wwas two pairs of platinum-bound earrings, one of sapphire studs and the other of amethyst studs. Then Kim saw the ring. It had a silver band with amethyst and sapphires in it.

"I guess we both had the same idea," Rebecca said as she watched Kim's eyes fill with tears. "That's my promise ring to you. I wasn't exactly the girlfriend you needed back then, and let my desire to prove the truth cloud my heart. I should've trusted you more, and shouldn't have just stood aside. I'm just as much at fault as you are for what happened. That ring is meant to remind you of my promise: that I will always be there for you, no matter what." Kim threw her arms around Rebecca and hugged the other girl even as she kissed her. As Ann and James opened their presents, the two girls looked at each other and had the same thought: This is the best Christmas I've had so far.

After tending to the trash from unwrapping and opening the presents, Rebecca pulled out her kimmunicator and called up her parents.

"Merry Christmas!" she said cheerfully when they came on the screen.

"Merry Christmas, Firefly," Isabella and Betty said at the same time, making their daughter giggle. "How was it at the Possibles'?"

"Amazing!" Rebecca said, then blushed at her excitement. "Kim's mom gave me an album with pictures of Kim and I, her dad made me a part of the club he runs at the space center, and her brothers gave me the Underworld movies and this amazing statue of Kim and I."

"And what did Kim get you?" Isabella asked. In response, Rebecca angled the kimmunicator to show of the necklace, then held up her hand. "It's a promise ring," the teen explained.

"I guess things are getting serious for you two, huh?" Betty asked.

"I don't know yet," her daughter replied. "I'm pretty sure things have always been serious for us, but this . . . I guess it really brings it home. This ring is supposed to remind the two of us that she's promised to be better than she was, that she won't betray me again. But I don't blame her for what happened. Not sure if I blamed her at all."

"Don't worry about it then, Firefly," Isabella said. "What's important is that you two are moving forward."

"Thanks, Mom," the ivory-toned girl said. "Oh, um, Missus Possible said I could invite you two here for Christmas dinner. Are you going to come?"

"Hell yeah!" the raven-haired woman said.

"Isabella!" Betty admonished.

"What?" her wife asked, successfully pulling off an innocent look. Then she chuckled and spoke to their daughter. "Of course we'll come, Firefly. Gotta pass out Christmas gifts, you know. We'll bring your sister and her girlfriend, too. I'm sure they've got at least you and Kim something."

"I'll let Missus Possible know," Rebecca promised.

"Good," Betty said. "We'll be there in a couple of hours. We love you, Rebecca, and we're both glad things are great again between you and Kim."

"Love you, Mom, Mommy," she replied, then disconnected.

"My mom always makes a lot of food," Kim said, coming up behind her girlfriend and wrapping her arms around the other girl's waist. "And she did say you could invite Samantha and Ellen." The redhead rested her chin on Rebecca's shoulder.

"I'm so glad we're okay now," the ivory-toned girl whispered, relaxing into the redhead's embrace.

"We're more than okay," she replied, and they shared a kiss when Rebecca turned her head. The super-powered teen couldn't help a flash of memory going through her head, one of catching Bonnie and Kim kissing, but it was gone before it could do more than appear before her mind's eye. Somehow, she could tell, could sense, that Kim had the same flash of memory, but neither girl let it stick on their minds. Both knew that what had happened would never be forgotten, and honestly neither wanted to forget it; they both felt that while they shouldn't dwell on it, they knew it was pivotal turning point in their lives. When they broke off the kiss, they were smiling at each other.

"Thank you for saving my life," Rebecca told her.

"Thank you for being in mine," Kim replied. Just then, the kimmunicator went off and both girls answered.

"What's the sitch?" they said at the same time.

"Talk about a stereo effect," Wade replied, grinning. "We just got a hit on the site."

"On Christmas?" Kim asked, confused. "I thought villains took the holidays off, too?"

"It's a new one, apparently. Calls herself Cat O Nine Tails."

"After that whip thing?" Rebecca put in.

"Seems like it. And she actually uses a cat o nine tails. The hit came from the Middleton Museum where she still happens to be."

"So what's she after-" the redhead began.

"-and do you have a ride for us?" the red/black-haired girl finished. Wade stared at the two of them for a moment.

"That was a little strange. I don't know what she's after, to be honest. Ride's on the way."

"Please and thank you," Kim said.

"What do you mean, you don't know?" Rebecca asked. "You know what the Joint Chiefs of Staff have for lunch; how can you not know what this loony is after?"

"For the simple fact that, after examining and streaming the security footage, she just seems to be wandering around the museum and grabbing random items before walking to another exhibit and dropping what she grabbed for something new." He typed a few keys. "Her real name is Catherine Mary Time. She was actually an independent consultant for museums across the world until a few years ago when Global Justice linked the disappearance of certain artifacts to museums she's consulted on."

By this point, the two girls had changed into their mission gear (for Kim, it was her usual cargos and black midrif-baring shirt and for Rebecca it was a red hoodie and baggy black cargo shorts) since they'd both decided that their battle suits wouldn't be needed for this.

"What's her gimmick?" Kim asked as they headed out to the descending VTOL aircraft.

"Um . . . she dresses up as a pirate with cat ears and a cat tail."

"Could be worse," the redhead said after a moment. "She could be wearing a plaid skirt."

"I tell ya, lassie, 'tis a kilt!" Rebecca said in an excellent mockery of Duff Killigan. As the two girls shared gut-busting laughter over that, the jet quickly made its way to the museum. It didn't stop as it passed over the museum; Team Possible just threw themselves out of the side door and used the retro packs that had been onboard the jet to brake their momentum.

"You know, I'm wondering something," Rebecca asked as they climbed into an air vent.

"What's that?" Kim asked, enjoying the view as she was following behind her girlfriend.

"First, stop looking at my ass," the ivory-toned girl quipped with a knowing smirk.

"Kinda hard not to look at it since it's right in my face," retorted the redhead.

"Second, why are there always air vents big enough for people to crawl through in pretty much every building?" she asked.

"Not sure, to be honest," Kim admitted. "Not gonna complain, though." After that, it didn't take them long to find a vent that allowed them to stealthily drop into the museum. And surprisingly, not only was Cat O Nine Tails still in the museum, but she wandered into the room where the two girls had just appeared. The expression on the villainess's face was priceless: pure shock, as though she hadn't expected anyone to be in there (which, in all honesty, she hadn't).

"You know, the museum's actually closed on Christmas," Kim said with a smirk on her face.

"And they do have the hours posted on the door, you know," Rebecca added. "Of course, that assumes you can read."

"Little girls shouldn't play in the big leagues," Cat replied, pulling out one of her whips.

"You know, she's right," the redhead said with exaggerated surprise.

"I guess you win the bet, Bubbles," the red/blackhead said with an obviously false pout. They looked at each other, then back at the villain. "So," Rebecca went on, "we'll give you a chance to surrender to the police who are probably arriving outside right now before we have to spank you."

"You've got a lot of nerve, kid," the woman growled, cracking her whip threateningly.

"Oh, puh-leeze!" Kim snorted. "You haven't seen her nerve yet."

"Hey!" Rebecca protested. "You're supposed to be on my side!" The two girls turned to face each other, seemingly ignoring the villain, who was getting increasingly agitated with the two teens.

"Well, you've shown more nerve in the past than you're doing right now," the redhead accused.

"Why should I put out even my B-game for a C-grade villain?" her girlfriend retorted. "Especially one that dresses in that kind of get up and obviously has a fetish for being whipped!"

"That's enough!" Cat shrieked, cracking her whip at the two girls. Who, much to her surprise, weren't there anymore. She had a moment to gape at where they'd been before she had her legs swept out from under her as another kick bounced her off the museum floor. Rebecca used the momentum from her sweep kick to spin back up to her feet, while Kim used the reaction from kicking Cat O Nine Tails to backflip onto her feet next to her girlfriend. The blonde villainess hit the floor a second time and skidded a few feet before getting stopped by the doorway she'd walked through a few minutes ago. Groaning, she picked herself up and attempted a menacing glare as her gaze fell upon her teenage adversaries.

"You're gonna pay for that," she growled, pulling yet another whip out of her long coat.

"Told you," Rebecca said. "Whip fetish." The neko pirate themed villainess charged at the duo, only to trip and hit the floor again as a foot had suddenly felt a lot hotter for just a second. She looked up at the heroes and watched as the ivory-toned one with the red and black shifting hair pulled a finger back to her lips and blew it like she was blowing away smoke from a gun.

"What the hell?" Cat O Nine Tails grumbled, getting back to her feet again. Rebecca ignited her fingertip again and aimed it at the older woman.

"Plasma powers, grandma," she taunted.

"I'm not old!" she shrieked.

"Oooh, looks like you hit a sore spot with her, Bombshell," Kim said. "Better apologize. You know women her age can get pretty cranky without much trouble."

"Stop it!" the villainess screamed. "I'm only thirty-seven!"

"Should I get her a walker or a wheelchair?" Rebecca asked, looking at Kim. Cat O Nine Tails screamed wordlessly and threw her whip to the floor. She stomped a foot, intending to holler at the two teenagers, but never got the chance; as soon as the whip hit the floor Kim ran at her, forcing the blonde woman to begin dodging and weaving in an attempt to avoid being hit. Of course, she had no idea the redhead was slowing herself down and intentionally missing, so the woman believed she was actually avoiding the hits. Kim's moves got the pirate-garbed woman to turn her back, and like a striking cobra Rebecca was right there behind the older woman. She put her widely spread thumb and forefinger around the woman's neck and, before she could react to the touch, sent a jolt of plasma between them. It wasn't a high-powered burst, and it only lasted a second; but that was enough to knock the villainess out. Without a sound, the woman collapsed to the floor like a puppet whose strings had been cut.

"Pick that up from your sister?" Kim asked as she pulled out her kimmunicator.

"Yep," Rebecca confirmed. "It's something I hadn't really thought about before, since my training was kinda meant to prepare me to take her down, and considering how good she is my rapid incapacitation skills weren't really touched on much."

"Hey, Wade," the redhead said. "You can send the police in."

"That was pretty fast," the kid genius said.

"Yeah, well, this is one Cat that should've stayed in the bag," Kim replied, causing Rebecca to groan in seeming agony.

"That was the worst pun ever," she said. "Of all time," she added.

"Like you could've done better."

"I could have. And without even trying."

"Let's just go back home," the redhead grumbled.

Arriving back at the Possibles', the two headed up to Kim's room to get out of their mission clothes and take a shower (though out of respect for the fact that they were still teenagers and living in Kim's mom's house, they did so separately). By the time both girls were done, someone was knocking at the door. Ann had just gotten to the door and was opening it when her daughter and her daughter's girlfriend reached the bottom of the steps. She was happily surprised at who was now in her doorway.

"Samantha! Ellen!" the elder Possible female said with a bright smile. "So good to see you two again."

"Thanks, Missus Possible," Samantha replied, blushing a little.

"Call me 'Ann,'" was the response she got. The two younger women stepped into the house as Ann shut the door.

"Samantha!" Rebecca shouted upon catching sight of her older sister.

"Hey, kid," the pale-skinned woman said, grinning at her little sister. She had to put down the gifts she was holding to sweep the girl into a hug. She did the same to Kim after releasing her sister.

"Good to see you, too, Possible," Samantha said.

"Same here, Shego," the redhead replied, earning a pinch from the raven-haired woman. "Ow!"

"Samantha," Ellen admonished.

"Whatever," Samantha replied, rolling her eyes. "Hey, Bek, Mom and Mommy here yet?"

"No, they're still on their way, I think," Rebecca said. "But they should be here soon." She eyed the presents her sister was picking back up as she more carefully hugged her sister's girlfriend. "Can we open those now?"

"We'll wait 'til our parents get here," the pale-skinned woman stated, getting a pout in return. "I don't have to give you yours at all, you know."

"Oh, come on!" her sister whined.

"Nope," Samantha said, an evil smirk on her face. As she continued her attempts to cajole her sister into letting her open her presents, the group moved into the den. And in spite of the fact there were three martial artists in the room with hyper-spatial awareness, no one noticed anything amiss.

Standing on the street-side of the Possibles' lawn was a tall yet slender figure. Even though the outfit they were wearing was decidedly ambiguous, it wasn't hard to tell that the person was a woman. One who had seen quite a few years, or quite a few hardships; in her case, though, it was both. Her once flame red hair had faded to a somewhat burnt orange, and had white streaks running through it. Her face, though showing a few obvious lines, still had eyes bright with intelligence. She had her hands in her pockets, though the gloves she was wearing over them made it somewhat unnecessary. It hadn't been easy locating this place, especially since she had to remain under the radar; her primary gift had shown her what would happen if she moved too soon or too quick and was discovered. It wasn't yet time for her to reveal herself, yet she had to come see them. As she looked through the huge window into the den, she watched the happiness and joy unfolding before her and felt several different things. Joy of her own as everyone looked happy and content. Sorrow that she still had to be away from them, even though they didn't know she existed. Regret that she couldn't enter their world just yet. And so many others. A quick vision flashed across her mind's eye, telling her she needed to leave now or she'd be discovered.

"Too soon," she whispered to herself. Over the past decade and more, her voice had always been a comfort to her, and she'd gotten into the habit of speaking to herself. Doing so had actually kept others away from her, for which she was grateful. "As much as I want to both be with them and yet hold myself away for their safety, I'll be in this fight sooner than I originally foresaw. But if I don't prepare things now, then my intervention may cause certain unfortunate possibilities to have a greater percentage of occurring." Nodding to herself, she turned and began walking down the street. Since it was Christmas, after all, people were home with their families; she couldn't risk using her second gift when there was a chance she'd been observed.

And by the time the Global Justice VTOL (Vertical Take-Off/Landing) jet carrying Betty and Isabella landed in front of the Possible house, the mysterious woman had vanished.

When Betty and Isabella walked into the Possible home, they were greeted by their daughters and their girlfriends. Kim and Ellen took the gifts the two women had brought, and carried them into the den to be placed with the ones Samantha and Ellen had brought, while Rebecca and Samantha hugged their moms. Ann called out for her husband and sons, and everyone gathered in the den to open the new presents. Though the Possibles (except for Kim) hadn't gotten their four guests any gifts, which wasn't an issue as Isabella had to insist when Ann guiltily brought it up, everyone had a good time. Jim and Tim got more science and chemistry stuff, Ann got some cooking and medical books, and James got subscriptions to a few rocket maganizes and journals. Rebecca eagerly opened the gift her sister had gotten her, and pulled out a custom full-coverage helmet that had been made to look like a wolf's head and was painted black with red accenting.

"This is totally b-awesome!" she exclaimed.

"'B-awesome?'" Ellen questioned.

"'Beyond awesome,'" Kim explained. Then she opened her gift and saw a similar helmet, though hers was white with blue accenting and was made to look like a cat's head; she had to echo her girlfriend's excitement.

"Motorcycle helmets, Samantha?" Ann asked skeptically.

"Not really," the pale-skinned woman replied. "Though they can be used for that. These helmets are capable of working with their battle suits, or without them. They can be used for the HALO drops Kimmie likes to do, and can even be sealed up for use underwater or in gas-filled death traps. They have the capability of separating the oxygen and hydrogen molecules in water to provide breathable air, though only up to a depth of fifty feet. There are hidden ports to hook SCUBA gear or other such gizmos directly to the helmets."

"Totally spankin'!" Kim squealed. The two happily opened up the gifts Rebecca's parents had gotten them. Kim got Cuddle Buddies from the two women: a koalaccoon and a limited edition mis-colored tiguin. Rebecca got a pair of Care Bears, which caused her to squeal like a little girl: the red-furred All My Heart Bear (which was a limited edition Valentine's Day release), and a very rare black-furred Spooky Fun Bear (which is an even rarer Halloween-edition Care Bear that hadn't been released as the character never appeared in any of the shows, new or old). Samantha rolled her eyes at the two teens, thinking that they were definitely too old for such silly things. Lastly, two girls opened up Ellen's gifts for them; Rebecca got a black-red scarf with a pair of black-palmed red gloves and a black-red cat-eared beanie, while Kim got a purple-black scarf with a pair of purple-palmed black gloves and a purple-black fox-eared beanie. And after everyone had put up their new gifts, the whole gathering enjoyed a very delicious Christmas dinner made mostly by Ann (no one trusted Kim in the kitchen after the time she'd actually managed to set a boiling pot of water on fire). And in spite of the usual bickering between the various siblings and girlfriends, it was probably the best Christmas any of them had ever had.

Middleton, The Park

It was a few days after Christmas, and Rebecca was walking in the park with her sister. It was actually at the insistence of their respective girlfriends, who wanted the siblings to spend some time together over the winter break. Though neither of them would admit, both were actually grateful for the chance to spend some time together that didn't involve sparring; thanks to Samantha being a GJ agent and Rebecca having school to deal with as well as Team Possible missions, the siblings really didn't have all that much time to hang out with just each other. So they decided to take a walk through the park. The pale-skinned sister was clad in a pair of black slacks and a forest green turtleneck while the ivory-toned sister was wearing dark red capris and a 3/4-sleeve black hoodie; thanks to their higher than normal body temperatures, neither of them was really affected by any but the most extreme temperatures.

"I'm actually glad that villains respect at least the Christmas season," Rebecca commented after a while of comfortable silence.

"Are you kidding?" Samantha asked with a laugh. "Working during the Christmas season something none of my former colleagues would even think to do. Especially Drakken; he had this whole 'evil family' thing going on in his mind."

"This is actually my first Christmas outside of Global Justice's headquarters," her sister admitted. "I was supposed to be a 'secret project' to take you out since you had become evil, so I wasn't allowed out."

"At least things are different now," the older sister said.

"Yeah, but I can't help feeling that something isn't right," Rebecca said softly. "I can't say what, exactly, but I was getting a weird vibe from the place. And even now there's just a vague hint of . . . 'wrongness' in the air." She shook her head, attempting to clear away those thoughts. "So, um, Mom said I have brothers, too?"

"Yeah," Samantha grumbled. "Assholes at best. Well, except for Walter and Westley; they're our youngest brothers, and twins."

"Like Kim's brothers."

"Yeah. So in a way their power of duplication makes sense," the pale-skinned woman said. Then she looked thoughtful. "You know, I'm actually not sure if you're the same age as they are, or if you're older."

"Mom says I'm older, as far as physical age goes," the orange-eyed girl replied. "Chronologically, of course, I'm younger. And I have two other brothers, right?"

"Unfortunately," was the reluctant answer. "Mark is pretty much a self-absorbed prima donna. Or he was the last time I was around all of them. He also likes to think he's older than I am, even though I'm pretty much a year older than he is."

"Is he really that bad?" Rebecca asked.

"More or less. He seems to constantly need to be the center of attention, and – back when I was part of Team Go – he always tried to defend his ability to shrink as being absolutely essential to our success," Samantha replied, snorting. "I followed their 'career' for a few years after I left; they pretty much needed luck to save the day. Always went into action without an overall plan, not really working together; it's a wonder any of Go City's villains ended up in jail."

"So why did you leave?" came the question the older sibling was expecting. Samantha hung her head and sighed.

"Ellen," she replied softly.

"Your girlfriend?" her sister asked.

"Yeah," Samantha replied. "Back then, I still looked up to Hego – our older brother Harvey – even though I thought he was pretty much a jerk. I was a lesbian, and he was always wanting me to hide that. I was pretty easy to spot whether I was in normal clothes or not, so he didn't like it when I was out of Go Tower. And he believed that my homosexuality would reflect badly on the team and shit like that. I was actually dating Ellen; going to restuarants every now and then, or spending time in Go City Park. Somehow, I can't really remember how anymore, he managed to convince me to end my relationship with her in order to 'preserve the integrity of the team and its ability to protect Go City.' I was an idiot and listened to him; I may not have liked him or Mark, but I did have a soft spot for the twins and he used that against me. Of course, he and they could pass off as 'normal' people while Mark and I always stood out thanks to our skin tones. Anyways, when Ellen and I went on our next date, I broke things off with her. She didn't understand why, considering how close and involved we'd become. I didn't really, either, but I stupidly pushed forward with it and ended up hurting the both of us. The next time I saw her, she was Electronique. I didn't know how that'd happened, and still don't."

"You haven't asked?" Rebecca wondered.

"Don't really see a need to now," the pale-skinned woman replied. "Even if she hadn't had her powers forcibly ripped from herself, it wouldn't matter anymore. The how and the why no longer matter; we're back together, after all, and I honestly think we're closer now than we ever were."

"I hear adversity can do that," the ivory-toned girl said dryly, drawing a chuckle from her older sister. Before their conversation could go any further, though, they found their path blocked by a rather large and – to Samantha – familiar silhouette.

"Harvey," Samantha growled angrily, just barely keeping her hands from igniting with plasma. Rebecca didn't know him beyond what she'd been told, of course, but her sister's reaction and her own instincts were sending up a lot of warning signs with her. She subtley stepped off to the side a bit, leaving more room between her and her sister so they could both move if needed.

"Samantha," he said happily, wearing a big smile as if unaware of her tone and attitude. "Glad to see you're once again on the side of Truth and Justice." Somehow, Rebecca wasn't sure how, the man had managed to capitalize 'truth' and 'justice' in his speech.

"What the fuck do you want, Hego?" she snapped. He didn't respond to her question, if he'd even heard it, and turned to look at Rebecca.

"And you must be Samantha's clone," he stated, though it wasn't in a disdainful tone.

"I'm Rebecca Shaw," she said frostily. "Samantha's sister." She made sure to emphasize that fact.

"And my sister as well," he seemed to remind her.

"Like bloody hell I am!" she protested. He frowned at her language.

"I see you're teaching our new sister some rather . . . distasteful habits," Harvey said disapprovingly.

"What the fuck do you want, Hego?!" Samantha snapped.

"I'm here on Father's behalf," he told her.

"He ain't my father," she growled, angry that her ox of a brother still couldn't understand her feelings on that matter. She'd hated Robert Gibbs ever since, as a little girl, she'd figured out that he was the reason their mom had left.

"Of course he is," the black-haired man insisted. "And he's asked me to invite the two of you to Team Go – although you'd be coming back, Samantha."

"Look, Harvey," she replied, plasma beginning to flicker around her hands, "I told you when I left, and when I helped Kim Possible get you guys your powers back, that I am never coming back to Team Go."

"You also said you were evil, and obviously that is wrong," Harvey said, as if that proved that her desire to never return to the team was just as false.

"I'm still evil," she told him. "I'm just evil for the goody-goodies now."

"And I'm certain that our sister is most eager to join a team of real super heroes," he boasted, looking towards the ivory-toned girl as if to hear her vindicate him.

"I've got a team, dumbass," Rebecca said. "I'm part of Team Possible, and I'm dating my teammate."

"That blond boy that is with Miss Possible?" he asked, confused.

"I'm going to ignore that disgusting implication," the orange-eyed girl replied. "No, I'm dating Kim Possible."

"But she's a girl," he said, confused.

"No shit?" Rebecca said, feigning shock. "I had no idea!" Samantha snorted at her sister's sarcasm, drawing a disapproving look from her older brother that was ignored.

"You can't date a girl," he said.

"Why not?" she asked.

"Because it isn't right!" he insisted.

"I love her, she loves me. We'd do anything for each other. Seems right to me."

"And I'm back with Ellen by the way," Samantha interjected.

"She's not only a woman, but evil, too!" Harvey replied, shocked.

"Nope. Well, to the evil part, anyway," his pale-skinned sister said. "Ellen doesn't have her powers anymore, and works for Global Justice now."

"I will not have my sisters exhibiting immoral behavior while on my team," he said.

"We're not on your team, asshole," Samantha growled

"Father has asked that you rejoin the team, and that our sister join the team," he told them. "And he's said that if you did not join willingly, then I was to use these to make you." He held out his hand and in his hand was a pair of chips. Mind control chips, if Samantha was any judge of things; and considering that Doctor Drakken had once been developing mind control technology, she definitely was a good judge of similar devices.

"You son of a bitch," she said softly, her anger now stoked to supernova levels.

"It doesn't have to be this way," Harvey replied. "Come back to the team on your own, give your immoral and wrong behavior, and we won't have to use these."

"We're not coming with you," Rebecca said, her hands already ignited with her red plasma. "I am not going to leave Kim. Ever."

"Then I'm sorry it has to be this way," he said, genuinely apologetic. And then he moved, faster than either of them had expected; even Samantha, who should've known better. As his hands grabbed onto the backs of their necks, adhering the mind control chips to them, Rebecca doused her plasma and reached a hand into her pocket, grabbing her kimmunicator and triggering its emergency alert a split second before she became locked inside her own body.

Kim was at home getting ready to head out to the park to meet the two sisters when her kimmunicator began blaring out an alarm she knew the meaning of but had never expected to ever hear. Quickly snatching up the blue-colored device, she cleared the screen and was looking at a grid-style GPS map with a furiously blinking red dot. Then the map vanished and was replaced by Wade.

"Kim," he began.

"I know," she replied. "Rebecca's in serious trouble."

"She's moving out of Middleton Park," he told her. "I'm also tracking both Samantha's Global Justice tracker as well as the signature of her Glow. And . . . there's something else, Kim."

"What is it, Wade?" she asked, feeling a sickening sensation in the pit of her stomach.

"There's another Glow signature there. And I'm not referring to Rebecca's."

"Keep tracking them as long as you can, Wade, and let Betty and Isabella know what's going on," she told him.

"What will you be doing?" he asked, already on the job.

"I'm going to try to go after them myself," Kim replied. She set the kimmunicator down on her bed and walked over to her closet. Stripping herself down to her undergarments, she slipped into her battle suit. "I already lost Rebecca once," she went on, zipping up the suit and activating its form-fitting feature. "I gave her promise that I intend to keep."

E/N: Sorry for the long delay in this chapter; as mentioned before, I had internet issues that prevented me from being online at all, plus I had a bit of writer's block. And Rebecca's love of Care Bears is a homage to StarvingLunatic's character of Jade in his Walking the Line series.

It looks like everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and Kim and Rebecca have made some major promises to each other as well as taking a major step forward in their relationship. But it appears a dark cloud is once again on the horizon as Hego appears with a dire agenda.

What is Robert Gibbs's plan, and why does he need Samantha and Rebecca? Will Kim make it in time to save her girlfriend and Samantha before the leave Middleton? And just who is that mystery woman that had been observing everyone? The answers might be revealed in the next chapter of Red Flame, "Hidden Agendas."