It was a cold winter night, Natasha was eating a captain america popsicle while scrolling through Netflix, she was wearing a black jacket, a captain america t-shirt and black uggs with captain america socks and tight pajamas with captain america's shield on the back, her butt was showing, and nobody cares about what she is wearing. there was nothing to watch, she settled on reading her copy of fifty shades of grey for the 5000th time, bucky then walked in, noticing her clothes. this made him jealous, "Natalia" he whispered seductively into the russian spies' ear. "Yes, bucky?" she replied, her popsicle melting from the sexual tension arising. Suddenly, his eyes turned red and his metal arm ( which has a captain america fridge magnet on it ) clenched. "WHO THE HELL IS BUCKY?!" He exclaimed, he then punched natasha in her face, kicking her, sending her flying out of the roof, never to be seen again. Oliver Queen then entered the room, shooting an explosive bomb arrow which was really cool!1 he stood quietly for an hour before speaking. "That's not #ollieaf."