All Ye Faithful

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Oh, um also, this takes place during the episode "All Ye Faithful". According to the preview, Harm is flying home, trying to get back in time for Bud and Harriet's party. Along the way, he runs into problems. I might post this after the episode, so just ignore anything that happens in the episode, if you read this afterwards. Okay, I seriously will shut up now!

"Hey Sailor!"

"Hey Marine. How's the party?" Harm's mood brightened by just hearing Mac's voice.

"Well you'll just have to see for yourself!" Mac's voice was playful, but she was serious. They hadn't seen each other in two weeks, which was entirely too long, for her. She really missed him.

"I swear I'm trying Mac. That's why I called. I'm flying a Tomcat home, with Adm. Boone as my RIO." Harm heard her gasp over the line.

"You're flying home?" Mac knew he was one of the best pilots in the Navy, two DFC's proved that, but she still couldn't help but worry. "Isn't there some other way, a COD or something?"

"There's no other way Mac, I'm sorry. I would take it in an instant if there was." Mac chuckled.

"No you wouldn't Flyboy. You love flying, you wouldn't let anyone else be the pilot." Mac paused to collect herself. "I just can't help but to think of last May. You flew, trying to get back home, and I almost lost you." Much to her disgust, she felt tears run down her cheek. She wished so badly that Harm was there, to wipe them away.

Harm could hear her sniffling. "Mac, Sarah," Mac stifled her tears when she heard Harm use her given name. "Don't cry, please. You know I hate it when you cry. Look, I promise that I'll be careful. I'll be home soon." Mac sniffled then laughed.

"I'm gonna do this right this time. Good luck Sailor. You are going to be here Christmas morning." She said with more conviction then she felt. "There's mistletoe here, and I fully expect a kiss, at the latest, tomorrow night."

"With pleasure Ninja Girl." That was definitely motivation for getting home, kissing Mac. "Mac I've got to go suit up. I'll see you in a few hours."

"Be safe Sailor."

"I will Marine." With that the connection was broken.

"I love you Harm." She whispered. She then went back to the festivities, and tell everyone the news.

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