Chapter 2 – Phil

He stirred the spoon around the mug a few times before clinking it on the edge and throwing it in the sink. He picked up both mugs of tea and carried them through to the living room, setting them down on the table. He picked up his laptop and slumped down on the sofa, adjusting a few times until he was comfortable, before opening up Tumblr and settling down.

Phil yawned softly, stretching out his arms slowly. He finished his tea and set the mug down on the table. He looked at the now cold cup of tea meant for Dan and frowned. Dan had said he was going for a bath ages ago, and he was usually done by now.

He hated cold tea, and he knew Phil was making him some. So why wasn't he here?

Phil decided to investigate the situation further. He stood up, stretching again, and began to make his way around the house. In a search that was only semi-serious.

Dan wasn't in the kitchen, he wasn't in his bedroom, he wasn't in Phil's bedroom, and definitely wasn't in the living room. So that only left the bathroom…

"Dan..?" Phil called out as he headed towards the bathroom, unsure as to why his friend would still be in there.

"Dan, are you in there?" Phil knocked on the door gently, not wanting to burst in.

"Dan..? Dan, I made tea… But your one's cold now, so I, um.." Phil trailed off at the realisation that he had had no reply. He knocked again, this time a little louder, just to make sure he had been heard. He tried turning to door knob to get in, and felt the door shift slightly.

"Dan you're starting to worry me" Phil said it in a joking tone, but could hear the panic starting to slip into his voice. Something was very, very wrong.

He pushed on the door again, relying on the lock to be broken.

"If this is a prank, I'm gonna get you back" He muttered to himself whilst jiggling the door in an attempt to make it open.

There was a cracking noise, followed by the door swinging open, with Phil still attached. He stepped into the bathroom and shoved his hand over his eyes. Not particularly wanting to see Dan naked.

"Dan..?" No noise had been made since he'd entered the room. No screaming for him to leave, no awkward remark, no splashing in response. Nothing.

Phil felt a feeling of dread settle in his stomach as he slowly removed his hand from his eyes. There was water everywhere. Spilling from the sides of the bathtub and onto the floor in messy puddles. Phil's breathe hitched as he saw his friend lying lifelessly in the water.


He ran over to the bathtub, sliding on the slippery surface of the floor. Falling to his knees in front of Dan's face. He grabbed Dan's hand and felt for a pulse, tapped at his cheek with trembling fingers, and screamed his name. Utter panic over took Phil, and he barely noticed the tears as they streamed down onto Dan's face. He ended up with his arms under Dan's shoulders, dragging him out of the water. Dan's head flopped down onto his own chest as Phil struggled to pull his six foot three unconscious best friend out of the freezing cold bath. He managed to slide Dan out, and set him down on the floor. He grabbed all the towels he could find and began to rub them on Dan, begging the friction to heat up his almost blue friend.


Scrambling off the floor, Phil ran, muscles burning, to the telephone. Calling an ambulance and blurting out everything he'd found through a cracked voice and blurring vision.