Author's Notes: hey guyths! um, definite slash so dont read it if your offended. i might even rate this NC-17 if allowed that ^_- but oh well. this is a scene that was stuck in my head for a long time.. the cliche shower scene. mwahahahaa. um, set around the time of.. lets say... 7th year cuz theyd be oh so hot then ^_^

begin slashz0r


Harry, having finished undessing, slid a towel around his slim waist. He made his way to the Gryffindor boy's showers only to find it.. locked.

'Thats odd, I could've sworn I was the only one staying for the holidays this year..' Harry thought.

'Oh well' He knocked. No answer. He could faintly hear water running on the other side of the door. Deciding to try his luck (plus he really needed a shower) he whispered, "alohomora". He heard a soft click. He tried the knob again and it turned easily. He opened the door to find...


He clapped both hands to his mouth but it was too late. Draco Malfoy turned around. His pale body was slick with water and his fair hair was plastered to the sides of his face. Harry's eyes had already wandered over Draco's naked form and he promplty turned a very nice shade of crimson.

Draco hid his surprise at being walked in on by no less than Harry Potter himself. He turned around and nonchalantly stuck his head back under the running water.

"Potter," he drawled almost tiredly, "when the door to the shower is locked, it means go find another shower."

"But.." Harry couldnt help but glance at Malfoy's tight, pale ass. "But this is my shower!" he said, finally finding his voice. "Why arent you using your own Slytherin shower?"

Draco turned to face Harry. Water still cascading down his body, he fixed his silver-blue eyes on Harry. "Do you know how hard it is to get hot water in those dungeons?" he almost smiled.

Harry was taken aback. He'd expected some snide remark or him doing this just to get on Harry's nerves. Not for something like.. hot water.

"Well I.. uh.. no, I guess i dont"

"Exactly. " Draco turned around and continued to shower. He grabbed a bar of soap but it slipped from his hands and landed on the shower floor.

"Whoops," he said as he bent over to retrieve it. He almost made it fully upright when he dropped it again.

"Blast." Facing away from Harry this time, he bent down to get it once again.

Harry couldnt help but stare at his ass as he wondered if Malfoy was always this clumsy in the shower.

Malfoy straightened up again and turned to Harry, who was still staring. Draco felt his cheeks flush.

"Come to watch, Potter?" he asked with a smirk.

"Er, no." Harry hastily undid his towel, wary of Draco's eyes on him. He laid his towel down, followed by his glasses. His green eyes met Draco's silver ones. "Did you?" he countered with a glare.

Draco scoffed. "I had no idea I'd be having company."

"Well if you really didnt want company, maybe you shouldve locked the door better."

Harry strode over next to Malfoy and turned on the adjacent shower. Draco watched as cold water hit Harry first, sending goosebumps all over his skin. The water warmed and changed to hot, making Harry close his eyes and stand underneath the flow of water. Draco watched in ill fascination as Harry ran his hands over his messy black hair, smoothing it out under the downpour.

"Maybe i did want company," Draco sidled in from of Harry and pushed him against the shower wall. Before Harry could think to react, Draco's lips were pressed again his own. Draco let a hand slide down Harrys slick chest before breaking the kiss and turning to leave.

A firm calloused hand caught him by the wrist. Draco waited for Harry to yell at him, hit him, let him go, anything but stay silent. The seconds dragged by. He sighed, deciding that nothing was going to happen unless he set things in motion. He whirled around and looked at the other boy. "Look Harry, I--"

Harry grabbed Draco by the shoulders and pulled him into a deep kiss. Draco slipped his arms around Harry's waist. He licked Harry's lips, begging to be let inside. Harry hastily obliged and met Draco's tongue with his own. Both boys kissed hungrily while letting their hands slide over each other's slick bodies. Harry's hand wandered down Draco's back, to his ass. He gave a light squeeze. Draco gasped and tensed. He slowly pulled away from Harry, not daring to look him in the face.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked, his voice laiden with concern and anxiety. "I.. I thought you wanted this." Now his voice was remorseful, maybe even sad. Draco turned his back to Harry.

"I do want this. I have wanted this. Only, you cant possibly want someone like--" Draco gasped sharply as Harry's arms wrapped around him from behind.

"How could I not want someone like you?" Harry murmered into Draco's soft neck.

He began lightly kissing, then licking and teasing the tender flesh behind Draco's ear. Harry smiled when Draco's breathing became short, soft gasps of air. One arm around Draco's chest, Harry slowly brushed his hand down Draco's stomach, going lower...

Draco broke contact and spun to face Harry. He looked into Harrys eyes.. he looked simply crestfallen. Like a child who is showed candy and not allowed to eat it. Draco allowed a sincere smile to play on his lips.

"Not here."

He took Harry by the hand and let him into the Dormitories.


end slashz0r

A/N... hmm.. whatcha think? not the best of my writing style, prolly no style at all but neway, like i said, just a thought roaming inside my brain and i had to let it out. forgive the lack of plot, but there wasnt supposed to be one neway!! its just smut!!! ok, bai