"I need all of you."

His own words echoed in his head as he kissed Harry. They kissed gently still, like lovers slowly finding their way back to each other. He had always dreamed of this. The famous Harry Potter bent to his every will. his every need. Draco could feel him shiver underneath him at his light touches. His pale, long fingers trailed down Harry's neck, in wonder at how soft his skin felt. Draco's tongue probed Harry's mouth, needing so much more. His hand traveled down to Harry's hips, and slid across them to grasp Harry's ass. Harry whimpered as if he knew what was coming.

Draco lowered his face to Harry's ear, giving it a light lick before whispering, "Don't worry, love, I won't hurt you." He felt the boy under him relax. ".much."

He grinned at Harry before inserting a long finger into him.

"Ah, Draco!" Harry half moaned, half screamed at him, his eyes wide.

Draco leaned down and kissed him, slowly and deeply. He left his mouth on Harry's as he started pumping his finger in and out. He didn't want any more interruptions or complaints on Harry's part.

Harry groaned into Draco's mouth as he inserted another finger. He released Harry's mouth to watch his new lover. His eyes were screwed shut, a red tint to his cheeks, and he was breathing very heavy. Draco smiled and abruptly pulled out of Harry. His eyes flew open and he looked worriedly at Draco. Draco only smirked. Harry felt a wave of ecstasy pass through him as he looked into the other boy's eyes.

"Spread your legs."

Harry obeyed. Draco set himself at Harry's entrance. He leaned down, so that their chests were touching.

"I'm only going to ask you once. do you want this?"

Harry's eyes locked on Draco's gray ones. He put a hand to Draco's face, smiling. The other boy smiled back. Harry suddenly wrapped his legs around Draco's waist, forcing Draco into him. Draco only gasped and stared at Harry in disbelief.

He stared at Harry and briefly wondered if anyone had ever seen him like this before. his hair splayed messily across the pillow, his hands clutching the sheets, twisting and writhing in pleasure mixed with pain.

Draco started pumping, establishing a slow rhythm. Harry moaned and bit his lip. Draco let his eyes slide shut, wanting to concentrate on this feeling, just this feeling. He opened his eyes and met Harry's. Draco leaned down and kissed Harry, both of them keeping their eyes locked on the other's. Draco's hand slid to Harry's dick. He gripped it tightly, stroking him to match his rhythm. Harry moaned louder still, losing all reserve. Draco pumped harder, knowing he wouldn't last much longer with Harry moaning like he was. Harry tightened his grip on Draco, screaming his name as he came again. Draco groaned as he erupted into Harry.

He collapsed onto Harry's chest, breathing hard and sweating. He felt Harry's arms wrap around him gently. He slid upwards, kissing Harry and nuzzling his neck.

Draco didn't even try to stop the words as they formed on his tongue, "I love you, Harry."

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