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Lillian Camilla Potter nee` Evans was not what people believed her to be. She wasn't even human.

She was a Chthonic Deity. She did not possess as much power as the Olympians, or the Titans, seeing as both groups of deities came before her kind. But she was a goddess and had power unlike that which mortals dared to dream.

Her true name was humorous to some. Her fellows wondered why she allowed herself to be reborn into the body of a human child - mixing their beings together - and grow as humans did. This was a game that she played once every century. And her most recent 'life' was as Lily Evans.

The very people she gifted magic to, split among themselves.

Did the purebloods not realize that their families all started off as 'muggleborn'? Did they deliberately forget that part?

Lily herself, was 'born' into a position if the 'lowest magical', when in truth she was the progenitor of it all. Hecate, the Mother of all Magic herself, in the form of a human babe.

And she lived her life, outshining all those pompous children who assumed themselves better than she. She had a falling out with her friend, whom she'd been sad to let go, but she knew that he had to grow and wouldn't be able to do so with her around. She never cared for his insult, for he tended to speak in anger often. She never cared that he turned to Dark Magic. She had created Dark Magic and was perfectly okay with it. No, what she knew, was that he had to learn and wouldn't be able to do so by tailing after her all the time.

And so she found herself intrigued by a young toe-rag from her past. James Potter, whom had been a git to her dear Severus. James had

grown out of his bullying though. He'd become a man worthy of her positive affections.

He did realize how much of an arse he'd been and he apologized for all the horrible things he'd done. Lily accepted it all in stride and eventually found herself falling for him.

As herself, Hecate was a virgin goddess and had never lain with anyone in her own form. The loophole there, was to overtake another form and find release that way. So she remained a virgin goddess, even though Lily had married.

She'd been shocked at her amount of care for James. And then… came her own babe. Her little Hadrian. The first demi-god she'd sired.

As the first child of Hecate, he was blessed with many a great thing. The first, was his magical ability. As a direct blood relation to the Mother of all Magic, he would be powerful for a mortal. The second, was his affinity for animals, canines in particular. Hecate really liked dogs. The third, was his ability to wield blades, coming from her own ability with short-bladed weaponry. The final, was her blessing.

Her only child had been prophesied to fell the Dark Lord Voldemort, a mortal of notable power. Her blessing would ensure that he indeed would win against his foe, no matter how many years it would take.

Her blessing came at a cost. Her 'life'.

While some fools called it Dark Magic, it was simply a sacrifice of her blood.

Blood for Blood,

Heart for Heart,

Life for Life.

A simply ritual that held deeper meaning. She gave her mortal life for her son's, imbuing him with her blessing. As the Mother of all Magic, Voldemort wouldn't even be able to overpower her blessing. And she watched as her child grew into a beautiful young man, who was completely unaware of his parentage.

He accomplished so much and did eventually defeat his adversaries. In doing so, he unconsciously earned himself immortality at the hands of Death Herself. Uniting Death's Hallows.

Death, the only being stronger than any god or goddess in the Nine Realms.

And now, her son was Master of Death and she felt that he needed some happiness.

It was a good thing that she had slipped a letter for him into the Main Potter Vault, before her 'death'. For when he read it, she'd be able to formally claim him and acknowledge him as hers.

Her son would become great. And with the growing day and age, his future happiness lay just around the corner.

She'd be getting true grandchildren soon!

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