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Harry was sitting next to Sleipnir. The war horse hadn't received the proper care, especially since his body was much different than a normal horse's.

Sleipnir had to eat a specific kind of food. Harry had learned that from Loki who could apparently speak every language in the universe. Sleipnir needed a certain amount of sleep every two hundred hours. The poor creature needed an abnormal amount of food because he had two stomachs and four lungs. Basically, he had very special needs that had to be properly observed.

Harry was incredibly touched when Sleipnir's half siblings had taken to him easily. Jor loved to lay across him and Fenrir enjoyed having someone around who was nearly as big as him physically.

So while Harry was busy cataloging all the various things that the poor dear would require, the siblings were chattering, somehow able to understand one another.

Once Harry and the list made up, he would inform the House Elves of the proper regime that would be followed in order to get Sleipnir up to his proper health. Harry refused to have anyone lack nourishment while under his roof.

Loki was feeling extremely conflicted over the happenings of late.

His 'father' had long ago enslaved Sleipnir and Loki had come to accept that. At least he was able to visit one of his children without getting caught. But to learn that his mother, the one who taught him to use his magic. The one that had coached him tirelessly. The only one to ever stand by him through anything. She was the one to strengthen the control the All-Father had over Loki's child.

Loki cared very much for his children. He cared for his mother. But she wasn't his blood relation and his children were. His children came first, and he felt hurt and slighted, that she would agree to leash an innocent child.

Sleipnir was the youngest of Loki's children. Just because he was a horse, didn't make him any less of a being. Loki bore Sleipnir for eleven months, living as a horse the entire time. He had put time and effort into the protection of his child and was saddened to have him taken away.

The consensus on Asgard, was that Loki always bore monstrous children and that they had to be taken away from him lest he manipulate their minds and teach his 'trickery' to them.

How convenient that it was only trickery when a male used magic. Frigga used magic all the time, but no one dared say a thing because she was female and it was expected of female Asgardians.

As he had heard Midgardians say, it was sexist.

The only thing that even calmed him down some, was the fact that Harry had taken his children with without so much as a thought. The young demi-god had simply begun to care for them, alongside raising his godson.

Harry was a breath of fresh air.

Loki admired the young man and was beginning to feel something else toward him. Loki had cared for his former wife, though he had never loved her. He'd never loved anyone, he was certain. Loki didn't not really know about the emotion as he had never experienced it before.

How was he to know what sort of feelings were festering within him, toward Harry James Potter?

So, Loki was doing something that he had never cared to do before. He was going to channel a god. More specifically, one related to the Olympians and their ilk.

Harry's mother was a goddess. Harry's mother specifically dealt with magic. As Loki was a practitioner of such, he hoped that it would at least earn him favor in the eyes of the goddess. After all, those of Asgard did not communicate well with those of Olympus.

Not that Loki was even an Asgardian.

He'd collected several willow branches and had saturated them with his magic. He then burned them slowly, in order to let the dark purple fumes fill the air around him.

"I have been waiting to meet you, Loki Laufeyson. I watch everything my child does and Death and I have both discussed your… intentions."

The strong voice came from the mist of violet smoke. It surrounded Loki on all sides and made him feel cornered.

"My son begins to see the benefit of long term relationships. He's never allowed himself more than the briefest of intimacies, because of his status. But you, you can give him what he needs."

"What does he need?" Loki asked, intrigued and slightly wary. He could not work miracles after all.

"Love. Care. Honesty. Understanding. Family. Harry has had a very difficult life and is too used to being the one everyone leans on for support. For once, it is his turn to do the leaning. Harry wants to have a large family, because those who were supposed to be his family despised him, and those who were his family, were killed before he ever got to meet them.

Harry was the vanquisher of an enemy so powerful, he worried the Olympians. Should Voldemort have learned of Harry's origins, he could have taken Harry's divinity. He could have been a threat to the gods. The man was capable of much, and the entirety of a magical society, looked to a little boy to save them, even after denying him. Even after casting him out, betraying him, and ignoring him. They expected the world of him, and he delivered."

Harry did not often speak about his past, far too concerned with the present to care much about it. It was a glum revelation to hear that someone so pleasant had such a terrible life.

"Harry needs someone else to be the strong one, and you have the potential. Keep on as you are, and eventually both of you will be too immersed with one another, to ever look away."

The smoke faded then, leaving Loki to breath much easier. His magic wrapped around his body, pushing away the oppressive feeling of a goddess' magic. That had been intense and they had done was talk. He could only imagine what it would be like to meet her in person.

Loki found himself reluctant to pursue that line of thinking and focused on something more interesting.

Harry was developing feelings of a sort and if Loki continued on as he was, he may eventually sway the young magic user's interest. Loki was the only possible romantic attachment in Harry's life at present. Apparently, it was difficult to find a spouse who was willing to accept the children one already had, even on Midgard.

The thought was a bit saddening, not that Loki wanted anyone else raising his children but he and his chosen.

Thor, contrary to what many believed, was not as foolish as many assumed he was. Thor always tried to be a good brother. He tried to be better. He tried to be patient. He didn't succeed very well at times, but the point was that he tried.

He'd seen the change in Loki ever since coming to Midgard. He was less rude, while just as sarcastic. He was more helpful and listened when people spoke to him. Often times, he listened and gave advice when it was needed.

Loki had already changed for what Thor was sure was the better. But then after meeting the young demi-god, Loki was happy.

Loki did not often smile simply because he was happy. He found amusement in the struggles of others. Occasionally he would laugh at something the Man of Iron said. But Loki did not wake up with a smile, nor did he slumber that way.

Loki disappeared for days at a time and would return smiling. Sometimes he didn't even notice he was doing it. And even when Thor asked, he never lost his happiness.

Loki had found a light in his life. A light that someone was trying to take away from him.

Thor did not often agree with his father, but had never really thought to question his actions.

However, Loki was his brother. Loki was family. Loki deserved to be happy as much as anyone else. And father, was trying to take away that happiness.

For ages, Thor had longed to be a hero. To be a king that everyone wanted. He'd been told grand tales when he was naught but a child. He knew what was expected of a ruler, and something in his heart told him that his father was not what was best for Asgard.

Thor loved his father, but Odin was in the wrong.

If worst came to worst, Thor was not siding with Asgard.

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