SMT: Persona: Kazuya's story.

This is the story of a seemingly forgotten hero. The hero of Shin Megami Tensei 1, a boy by the name of Kazuya and just what happened to him if the apocalypse didn't occur and the Persona timeline continued.

A.N: This is my first fic so I'm gonna try my best to make it at least somewhat readable :D

Disclaimer: I don't Own Shin Megami Tensei or Persona Atlus and their respective mediums do.

1995, Kichijoji, Tokyo

It all started with a dream, a very strange dream. Everything seemed hazy for a moment until Kazuya scanned his surroundings. The only things around were hazy pink walls and fog as far as the eye can see. "whoa...never had a dream like this before...", he was doubly surprised that he was aware he was dreaming. After a couple of seconds of thinking his body just started moving on its own. "guess I'm not in control..."

A few steps forward and Kazuya came up to a wall. "what the hell?". Suddenly the wall exploded with light and a featureless face appeared. The face's voice boomed with authority, "who dare passeth through these corridors!?"

Kazuya felt the shock of fear run through his spine.

"Those that name themselves not shall go no further!" the face continued.

Kazuya was estranged by the faces manner of speech, "what do you want!?" he asked.

The face's eyes glowed as a circle of runes appeared around it. "speak to me thy name" it said.

"uh...Kazuya Kujou!" Kazuya said with an unsure but defiant tone.

The face's eyes glowed again. "If thou art truly Kazuya, then thou hast hidden reserves of power within you as well as a powerful destiny ahead." his voice boomed.

Kazuya looked dumbfounded, "I don't understand!?"

The runes around the face began to glow, "what awaiteth thee past this door?...the law of those whom light shineth or the chaos of those who rely on strength..." the face began to vibrate.

Kazuya was having trouble taking all this in, this dream made even less sense now then when it started. "stop speaking in riddles!" he yelled.

"place them on thy scale and tread lightly so as not to drop them." the face grew silent as the door slid upward and disappeared.

Kazuya started moving on his own again moving as if he was in a labyrinth of his mind. Several twist and turns later his body just stopped. Out of nowhere a man sized cross fell on to the ground a a man dressed in a blue robe faded in gesturing his hands toward a crucified man on the large cross.

"what happened to him?" Kazuya asked the man in blue.

The man in blue smirked wickedly and said "this is a soul devoted to the Lord"

Kazuya looked at the man like he was crazy, "very devoted apparently..." he joked.

The man chuckled and said, "call his name and he should awaken..."

Kazuya didn't know this man, he could barely make out his face but some how in the deepest recesses of his mind a name came to him as if recall a forgotten test answer, "Yoshio, his name is Yoshio Kashimoto"

The man in blue smiled wickedly again, "Yoshio, then he has hidden reserves of power and shares a place in your destiny..."

Suddenly the cross that Yoshio was on disappeared and he fell to the ground, "where am I...? There was something I was supposed to do..."

Kazuya raised an eyebrow and said "I don't know but you looked like you were in pain..."

Yoshio looked around and chuckled, "looks like you saved me...something tells me I'll discover my purpose if I go with you..."

Kazuya nodded, "me too..." then Kazuya started moving again with Yoshio following behind him. Kazuya took two more turns in his labyrinth and stopped suddenly when he came across a man on the floor.

Yoshio spoke up from behind and asked "what happened to him?"

Kazuya looked around as a demon appeared on top of the man. "This dried up soul yearns for power..." the demon smirked wildly, "simply speak his name and he'll awaken..."

Yoshio looked to Kazuya, "do you know this man?"

Kazuya shrugged. The demon shook his head in impatience "go on call his name!"

Kazuya didn't know this man either after looking closer at his face something clicked in the back of his mind "it's Tetsuo...Tetsuo Daiga."

Yoshio looked utterly stupefied, "how did you know?"

Kazuya shook his head with eyes wide, "I don't know man, but it's freaking me out..."

The demon chuckled, "his name is Tetsuo...he too has latent power and a destiny tied to yours..." the demon faded away and there lay Tetsuo. Tetsuo stood up, "why'd you wake me!?" he said in a whiny tone, "and I was have such a good dream too..."

Yoshio spoke up and said, "hey he just saved you from a demon relax man!"

Tetsuo looked surprised, "I didn't need savin'...dammit...fine you better lead me outta here...What kind of dream is this anyway" he complained.

Kazuya shook his head, "alright let's get moving..." he said as his body started moving on its own again and Tetsuo fell in behind Yoshio. Kazuya moved straight down the corridor of his mind and opened the door. The trio saw nothing but darkness until a pool of water became clear and in it was a woman bathing.

The woman turned her head and asked "who's there?"

The women was the only person Kazuya saw clearly, avoiding her curvy body, the woman's face was attractive but there was something about almost snake-like about it. The woman covered her exposed upper body with her long black hair and said "oh you're Kazuya"

Kazuya's eyes were wide with terror, "I-I body just lead me here!" he said turning to the others for some kind of comfort. Yoshio's eyes twitched before turning away, "my apologies..." he said lowering his head in shame, "forgive me mind is not pure"

Tetsuo had a goofy smile drawn on his face, "Kaz...she seems into you try and persuade her into a threesome!" he whispered. Yoshio slapped the back of his head, "you're not helping!"

The woman giggled at Kazuya's discomfort, "My name is Yuriko. I've been waiting for you all my and I are to be together eternally..." Kazuya's face was redder than a tomato, he was utterly speechless he never had a girl confess to him not even in a dream. Kazuya suddenly started backing away.

Tetsuo tried to stop him but was pulled along with him. "Hey wait! We actually have a shot here! Don't pass this up man!"

Soon Kazuya ran into a dead end and he heard his mother's voice

"Kazuya aren't you up yet? Just because you're off school doesn't mean you can sleep all day" Kazuya saw the other two disappear and the world started to fade. "come on Kazuya it's time to get up!" she said in a sing-song voice Kazuya hated.

"it's time to get up!" she said it again as Kazuya awoke to his room just the way he left it.

"alright mom...I'm up!" he sounded groggy the dream he had was surreal, and the naked woman definitely got to him, he was in no shape to stand up.

"ugh what kind up dream has a giant face and two guys I've never met before..." Kazuya said as he kicked away his covers and stretched.

Kazuya crab-walked his way to his study desk and logged on to DDS net. A dialogue opened with old message post when a message appeared.

you have 1 new message

Kazuya raised an eyebrow, who posted a board-wide message. Kazuya clicked the refresh button which took 2 minutes to finish loading.

Date: 10/14/1995

From: Stephen

To all those connected to the net. At present we humans face an imminent threat. The demons from legend and myth have awakened and are poised to attack. The only way to fight demons is to make use of demons ourselves. This program is the key. I hope some brave soul will take up this program and rise up. The demons must be fought to save humanity. -end-

Kazuya looked at the message with a static silence. Stephen was one of Kazuya's greatest heroes. He learned English so he could understand his lectures directly. Stephen was the foremost mind on physics and computer science so Kazuya wasn't about to write off this message as mindless ramblings. He wanted to think about it more but he was already downloading the attached program to his COMP.

Kazuya looked up at the shelf above his desk. It was littered with different kinds of books mostly manga and books on computers; nothing on demons of legend and myth.

"while it downloads and installs I need food..." he got up and put pants on now that his morning problem had resolved itself.

"Kazuya you up yet? Don't tell me you fell back asleep?" Kazuya's mom's voice rang out.

"I'm coming mom!" Kazuya found some shirt from his closet and ran into the bathroom. After finishing his routine he went to the kitchen where his mom had made him an omelet.

"dinner for breakfast?" Kazuya said scratching his head.

Kazuya's mom, Hiroko Kujou, smiled warmly, "I wanted to try something new today."

"it smells awesome mom." Kazuya said with a smirk. He sat down at the table to eat where his mom was already washing her dishes.

"you seemed to have slept well last night. You slept so well not even the noisy sirens from the police cars woke you." Hiroko had a concerned look on her face.

"I think something really bad happened..." she snapped out of it just as an idea popped into her head, "oh I almost forgot here is this months allowance" Hiroko dug through her apron and pulled out a wad of Yen bills.

Kazuya was eating quite fast and said "thanks!" with his mouth full.

"Kazu-chan that's bad manners, a young man should know better!" she said with a stern look before laughing it off.

After Kazuya finished his breakfast his mom took the plates and started washing them, "actually Kazuya, could you go fetch me some coffee from the cafe at the arcade?"

Kazuya really didn't want to, he wanted to find out more about this demon summoning program but his mom just gave him his allowance, "alright mom" he said with hint of reluctance.

"thanks" Hiroko smiled as she stacked the plates in the cupboard.

Kazuya returned to his room to finish getting dressed. Just as he slipped on his sneakers a message appeared on his PC and the Demon Summoning Program finished downloading and installing.

"what's the message?" he said clicking on it.


From Stephen

You should have the Demon summoning Program. A detailed instruction book is included with the download along with a companion program called the Automapper. I'm currently working on improving the program so it runs more efficiently.

message end

"okay...why would I need an Automapper?" Kazuya strapped his COMP to his arm and hooked up the head gear. The COMP was short for arm-mounted COMPuter. COMP's was the thought-child of cell phones and laptop computers. They were a pretty penny but most were not only battery charged but some were solar-powered. Through the eye piece the display of the headgear one could see the command line display to which programs were executed. Truly innovative stuff. Kazuya thank his mom for weeks when she bought one for him on his fifteenth birthday

Kazuya walked out of his room slipping on his green cargo jacket. "see you later mom!"

"keep your guard up and don't stay out too late!"

"Alright mom..." Kazuya said with a hint of annoyance.

"did you hear...a girl was killed in Inogashira park. It's becoming a dangerous world Kazu-chan so please come before dark"

Kazuya gave his mom a reassuring smile, "don't worry about me mom."

Hiroko rolled her eyes, "trying to be a macho man...boys will be boys right. That won't stop me from worrying about you" she said matter of factly.

Kazuya waved his mom goodbye and walked out to the house entrance where his dog, Pascal, waited for him.

"hey Pascal" Kazuya smiled walking down the corridor. Pascal was a blue and white furred Husky, he barked happily and walked toward his leash that was hanging next to the door.

Kazuya frowned, "come on Pascal I'm going to the Arcade. I can't bring you in they'll toss you out."

Pascal whimpered. Kazuya smiled and scratched underneath Pascal's chin while rubbing the top of his head, which made Pascal feel better. Pascal licked Kazuya's cheek.

"eww." Kazuya laughed and Pascal trotted back to his corner next to the door.

Kazuya walked out of his house sticking his hands into his grey jeans pockets.