"Thank you for joining us in the barracks on such short notice," Chrom addressed his forces. "We have a difficult battle ahead of us, and Robin called us all here for an emergency strategy meeting. As we have all learned by now, Robin is a brilliant tactician. If you value your lives, you will listen carefully to his strategy and follow it to the letter. Take it away, Robin."

"Thank you, Chrom," spoke Robin. "Everyone, my plan is relatively simple. First and foremost, Chrom needs to get married to Sumia."

"Wait, what?" responded a startled Chrom.

"After that, Lissa should marry Ricken and Olivia should marry Libra," added Robin.

Chrom lowered his eyebrows in suspicion. "Hold on a second," he said. "You told me you had a battle plan."

"This is my battle plan," replied Robin.

"Your battle plan is to play matchmaker?" asked Chrom.

"We are most efficient when we work together in pairs," explained Robin. "We need people who are willing to put their lives on the line to protect their partners. That is why it is imperative for each pair to go to war as husband and wife. May I continue?"

"I guess so," Chrom relented.

Robin continued. "Maribelle, you marry Lon'qu. Sully, you marry Donnel. Next, we have Cordelia and Stahl, Frederick and Cherche, Panne and Kellam, Miriel and Gregor, Gaius and Tharja, and finally, Vaike and Nowi."

Chrom remained confused. "Robin, you always seem to know what you're doing, so please enlighten me. Were these pairings chosen at random, or is there some reasoning behind your choices?"

Robin explained, "I am pairing you all with partners who would produce optimal offspring to join our forces in the future."

"I mean no offense to Sumia," said Chrom, "but what makes you think she would be the 'optimal' mother of my children?"

Suddenly, an unknown young woman entered the barracks. "Hello, Father. Hello, Mother," she said while looking at Chrom and Sumia. "My name is Lucina, and I am your daughter from the future."

"Hold on just a second, you," Robin interrupted. He slowly and carefully made his way toward Lucina—studying her, eying her up and down—until they were uncomfortably close.

"You marry me."