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Rose darted back through the front doors of the TARDIS laughing as she swung them shut behind her. She heard the thud as the Doctor misjudged his timing and smacked straight into them. Slowly they reopened to show a young man in a pen striped suit rubbing his nose and giving her an indignant scowl.

"I swear the two of you are ganging up on me." The Doctor mused aloud.

There was a slight hum from the TARDIS herself as if agreeing with the man and he turned the indignant looked towards the center console.

"Maybe." Rose confirmed sticking her tongue between her teeth and grinning uncontrollably.

This was one of the first trips she'd taken with the Doctor that had gone quite well. They'd visited the planet of Rassillo XII. It was nothing but vendor's shops and sand as far as the eye could see. And absolutely nothing had happened. Which was sort of a miracle for the Doctor really. The man could barely take two steps without something exploding on a normal day.

"Right." He said pushing his momentary sulkiness behind him in favor of adventure. He slung off his overcoat and whipped it over the back of the jump chairs. He stopped with his hands on the center console gazing at the many gadgets and buttons that controlled his beloved ship. "Where to now?"

He turned to Rose who was grinning just as large as he was. The two fed off of each other's energy.

"Backwards, forwards, a million light years away!?" The Doctor asked loudly, twisting a knob on the panel to his left. "We could go and see the formation of the Milky Way, or maybe we could go to the waters of Malvon and watch a sunrise. They're said to be the most beautiful in the universe. But also a bit bright. Bright enough to scorch out a human's eyes. On second thought let's not go there."

Rose laughed. "What about the future?" Rose countered. "Haven't been to a real proper place in the future yet."

"I brought you to New New York." The Doctor replied looking slightly offended.

"Spent the whole trip in a hospital, yeah?" Rose scoffed but her face never lost the playful smile.

A matching grin slowly pulled its way onto his face. "The future it is then!" he announced beginning to move around the console with purpose. "But how far to go? There's the New Saharan Desert, less of a desert more of a resort really. And then there's the ancient ruins of Houston. Always worth a look, that. And-"

Rose simply allowed the Doctor to ramble. He always chose some place or another on his own any way. Chances were he already knew where he was directing them he just didn't want to spoil the surprise for her.

Quite suddenly, as the Doctor was spinning an odd wheel on the panel, the TARDIS shook. It was enough that Rose lost her footing and ended up sprawled on the floor. Now Rose would never claim that the Doctor was the best driver but he generally didn't make her fall over during the rides. And the motion had just felt wrong to begin with. She pushed herself to her feet clutching the jump chair to stay steady as the TARDIS was now shaking a bit more heavily than was really helpful.

"Wha's goin' on?" Rose got out between lurches.

The expression on the Doctor's face had darkened considerably. "We're being redirected."

Just then a siren started to sound overhead.

"That's not good." The Doctor said running about his console trying to retake control of his ship.

"Where're we bein' redirected to?" Rose called over the noise.

The Doctor swung the screen attached to the console in his direction but there was nothing but static on display. He shared a look with Rose just as the TARDIS gave one final jerk and came to a rest.

Rose released her grip on the jump seat and made her way to the Doctor who was trying to get anything about their location to display on the malfunctioning screen.

"Where d'ya suppose we landed?" Rose asked biting her lip and glancing at the doors.

"I don't know!" The Doctor said irately, slapping the screen and making it swing around to the other side of the console. This always happened. He asked the TARDIS to go one place and they ended up somewhere completely different. Sure, it kept his life interesting but man did it make it hard to show off. He took a deep breath. Live in the moment, he reminded himself and an eager smile slowly stretched onto his face as he turned to his companion. "Should we find out?"

After all, if the TARDIS had diverted here on her own, chances were something was needed of him in this area. Someone or something needed help. He couldn't exactly run away from that could he?

Rose gave him one of her signature smiles and turned for the doors as well. They were out in seconds and standing in a long corridor. Bleak walls stretched on for an eternity on either side of the TARDIS not a window in sight, but a door stood directly in front of them. The Doctor warily closed the door behind himself.

"'S not very homey is it?" Rose said with a laugh.

The Doctor offered her a weak smile as he pulled out his sonic screw driver and began taking readings. He flicked the device after a few seconds and his brows pulled together in confusion.

"What's it say?"

"We're underground. Not a living soul for miles." The Doctor answered with a frown. "Why in the world would she send us here?" He glanced back at his TARDIS.

"Maybe she got confused?" Rose offered placing a hand against the TARDIS' side.

The Doctor's chest swelled in defiance. "The TARDIS does not get confused." Except when it does, his mind altered for him silently.

Rose just gave him a knowing look. She could see through his posturing. Always had been able to.

"So we're on Earth?" she asked glancing at the hall that seemed to stretch forever.

The door in front of them burst open and figures flooded from it. The Doctor was instantly stepping in front of Rose trying to draw as much focus on himself as possible in case these new arrivals were a threat.

Strangely enough their new acquaintances all seemed to be a rather grubby lot. They were dressed in mismatched clothes and each had a matching sneer on their face. They had completely circled the two time travelers cutting off their escape to the TARDIS.

"Alright, who are you lot then?" Rose spoke up as the Doctor tried to take in the details.

There was a general shifting amongst the men and the door they'd come through opened again. This time a woman stepped through. She was dressed entirely in white an evening gown clinging to her thin frame. Blonde hair spilled from her head in frizzy ringlets and she was staring at the two of them as if she'd seen more impressive things crawl from a gutter.

"You must be the Doctor." She said matter-of-factly.

"She looks familiar, yeah?" Rose whispered to the Doctor though she couldn't quite place why.

The Doctor glanced back at Rose nonplussed. He'd never seen the woman before him in his life and he'd lived a lot longer than Rose had. "Yes, that'd be me." He confirmed to the woman in white. "I'm the Doctor… hello." He gave a wave to the scowling men around him.

The woman before them gave a slight smile. "I was warned that you would show up sooner or later." She said, eyes icy and determined despite the mockingly warm expression. "Still, it's little matter… kill him."

Rose felt a surge of panic course through her as the woman turned away and gave the order.

"Oi, kill me? Why would you wanna do that?" The Doctor's eyes had shot wide at the order and he was more than a little confused. He wasn't about to stand still and let it happen though. "Close your eyes Rose." He said just loudly enough for her to hear before he changed the setting on his screw driver and pressed the button. A flare of light blinded their momentary captors and the Doctor grabbed Rose's hand and made a run for it through the thinnest section of men. They broke through and took off down the hall.

Rose kept pace beside him. "Don't suppose there's another door 'round here." Rose asked worriedly. The Doctor shot her a smile.

"Guess we'll find out, eh?" he asked as they finally reached a split in the path. He quickly chose left and pulled Rose along.

They didn't slow for what seemed forever for the human girl and by the time they did she had a stitch in her side. She leaned over catching her breath while the Doctor examined the first door they'd stumbled upon since taking off. Locked; naturally. At the very least they seemed to have outpaced their attackers. Thank god they hadn't had guns. That would have been a nightmare.

"Don't s'pose we can just… pop back in the TARDIS and ignore this happened?" Rose suggested with a laugh.

"Now where's the fun in that?" the Doctor scoffed as his screw driver whirred away at the door in front of him.

The slap of rubber on stone could be heard further down the way they came.

"Not to rush or anything, but I think we're 'bout to have company." Rose prodded.

"Ahah!" the Doctor exclaimed triumphantly as a click resounded from the obstacle. He instantly pushed the door open and pulled Rose along with him. He quickly shut the door behind him and set about relocking it once he was sure they hadn't walked into a worse situation.

Rose took a few steps away examining the odd room they'd found themselves in. It was almost cavernous in size. There was a strange greenish glow to the light and what looked like translucent pillars dotted the room further in. Closer to where they'd entered there were loads of cabinets containing an array of items from books to medical equipment.

The room was obviously a laboratory of some sort and Rose thought the whole thing screamed 'sinister'.

"Doctor," Rose asked the moment she heard the click signifying the completion of his task. "what you s'pose those are?"

The Doctor followed her line of sight to the pillars. A deep frown took over his features. "Incubating chambers, maybe?" he offered. He'd have to get closer to be sure.

"For what?" she asked horrified. The pillar already looked pretty big from where they were and they'd only look bigger the closer they moved.

The Doctor shrugged before offering her a grin. "Let's find out."

"Wait…" Rose stopped and turned to her companion with a scowl. "You said there weren't anyone alive for miles. They looked pretty alive to me." She gestured toward the door.

The Doctor shrugged, glancing down at his screwdriver. Maybe it was on the fritz? He'd have to check it out when they made it back to the TARDIS. He might have to make an entirely new one. It'd been forever since he'd done that. Maybe it was about time anyway.

Rose let the accusation drop as the Doctor made his way toward the giant tubes. She'd learned that certain things weren't worth arguing with the Doctor over. Particularly anything that meant pointing out a mistake… unless there was a reason to nag on it. She joined him beside one of the pillars.

An eerie green glow emanated from inside illuminating the contents. Rose barely contained her disgust. "Tha's… tha's a human." She said watching the naked man bob up and down ever so gently.

The Doctor's ever present smile was gone, replaced by a slight frown. "It is." He agreed.

"What have they got 'im in there for?" she asked placing a hand on the glass. Was the man alive? Dead? Should they be trying to rescue him? She whipped around to stare at the other pillars a bit further off. From where they stood she could vaguely see the shape of a humanoid figure occupying each of the others as well. One or two stood vacant but the majority were definitely filled.

"I dunno." The Doctor answered her previous question what seemed like ages later. He was studying the man in front of them. Occasionally he'd direct the sonic at him but each time he flicked the device to read the information it had gathered he frowned. "This thing's not working right…" he muttered.

"We should get 'im out, yeah?" Rose said balling up her fist and smacking it into the glass, producing a low thud where it contacted and no more.

"That won't work." The Doctor said stepping back and looking around. "You're right though. We should try to get him out. There's no telling whether or not this is hurting him. I can't seem to get an accurate read on what the substance around him is, but it seems to be draining energy."

Rose's eyebrows shot up and she redoubled her efforts to break the glass with her fist.

"Stop, stop." The Doctor grabbed her wrist to keep her from striking the surface again. "There." He gestured to a raised panel of controls. They made their way over in a rush and he used his sonic on the controls for a few seconds before a resounding click echoed through the room. The glass on all of the tubes began to rise and the liquid surrounding the captives spilled out onto the floor dumping the people inside along with it.

The two hurried back to the man expecting to see some sort of signs of life. The man didn't stir. Inky black hair spilled over his face obscuring it but he wasn't so pale that he looked lifeless. Rose was on the verge of tilted his head back to perform CPR when a pounding began at the door they'd entered through.

"Not good." The Doctor said with a frown latching onto Rose's arm so they could start running again.

"Doctor!" she protested. "We can't just leave 'im."

The Doctor's eyes flitted from Rose to the door and back. He knelt quickly placing two fingers against the incapacitated man's jugular. He waited a few seconds. Nothing. No sign of life.

He frowned at the loss of life. It was always a shame to see life snuffed out in such an untimely manner.

"He's gone Rose." He finally said, pulling the girl to her feet. "There's nothing we can do for him now."

Rose looked absolutely heartbroken at the news, but she nodded and they took off toward the far end of the room. They passed the other tubes and Rose was hard pressed not to vomit while they ran. The tubes had held men and women in varying states of decay. Their corpses now littered the floor surrounded by the goop that had cradled them. Luckily for the two live inhabitants of the room there was another door at the back and they opened it with little effort just as a loud boom signaled the entrance of their pursuers into the room behind them.

"Not good." The Doctor said taking off again with his companion right behind.

They swung through another door to the left and found themselves in another long, barren hallway.

"This place is a maze!" Rose cried in frustration as they took off to their right.

"And you are the mice running it." A calm voice answered as they rounded another corner. They found themselves facing a wall of soldiers. Every one of them had a gun trained on the Doctor. In the middle stood a man with dark hair and a calm, calculated smile.

The two immediately halted and raised their hands trying to give the soldiers no reason to fire.

"My compatriot alerted me of your arrival and her inability to subdue you. I assure you, I'm not quite as incompetent as she is."

Breathing was the first thing he was aware of. Breathing, and perhaps thinking. Perhaps the two sensations came simultaneously, for he remembered thinking that breathing shouldn't be as difficult as it felt. His lungs felt like battered grocery bags that had been left out in the rain.

Slowly, and with great effort he peeled open his eyes. He felted drained, like he hadn't eaten in a week. The scene before him was completely and utterly unfamiliar. His tired eyes took in the goopy liquid all around him and stark black floor it was spilled upon. His own fingers laid just inches from his eyes and further out at the edges of his blurred vision he could make out a table of some sort.

He tested his arms. Though shaky they held him reasonably well. He pushed himself into an upright position and rubbed his head. The room didn't come into any greater focus but it did allow him to see from a more normal angle. He hacked out a bit of the strange goop around him. He had to swallow against the urge to vomit. What was the strange liquid on the floor and why was it inside of him? Better yet, where the hell was he?

His surroundings were utterly unfamiliar.

He pushed himself to wobbly feet. He felt entirely too exposed laying on the floor of some random place completely unclothed and clueless as to how he'd gotten there. He made his way shakily to the small panel extended from the floor. Buttons galore adorned its face but he hadn't the foggiest what a single one did so he opted not to touch any. Instead he eyed the room and spotted another table, or at least what seemed to be a table, against the far wall. He squinted at it hoping to bring it into focus to no avail.

"Some glasses would be nice." He muttered to himself as he hobbled toward the table. Slowly his steps gained more confidence.

The table, to his surprise, held an array of different styles of clothing. He sifted through the material with confusion. Who would just leave clothes in a heaping mess like this? His fingers hit something cold and metal and he withdrew them holding, to his amazement, a pair of round glasses. He blinked and put the frames on, reveling in the clarity of the room once they were in place. Sight reestablished, he quickly began sorting through the clothing. If his glasses were here his clothes must be as well, right? Sure enough, pushed near the back of the pile were his trousers. He quickly slid them on and did up the zip. He pulled a random T-shirt from the pile and donned it as well.

Clothed now, he began to worry about less basic things. Like how the ever loving hell he'd gotten to where he was. Last he remembered… Well, it was foggy, but he was pretty sure he'd been sharing lunch with his fiancé. So how had he ended up here? Wait! His wand, it had to be there right?

He shuffled through the clothes in a panic. But there it was safe and sound. He was afraid whoever had stripped him might have taken his wand. He really needed some answers.

A door banged open somewhere further in the room and he panicked. Friend or foe? His mind raced with possibilities. Better safe than sorry. He grabbed the door knob of the door next to him and gave it a tug. Nothing happened. "Alohamora." He whispered and the lock clicked. He slid through and closed the door mostly behind him.

"Disgusting!" a voice said loudly and there was a bang as someone dropped something that sounded like a bucket.

"Eh, it ain't so bad." Answered another. "Used to clean worse back where I came from."

"S'pose you would have." The first agreed but he didn't seem happy about the agreement at all.

"Ya don' think he'll put us in these someday."

"Nah, Scott says he only puts in the accidents."

"Lots of accidents these days."

"Don't let them hear you say tha'."

They continued bickering as they worked but the young man outside the door was no longer listening. He was trying to puzzle out what sort of situation he'd gotten himself into. He was all set to sit there and try to figure it out but the two were moving closer to his hiding spot and he was fairly certain getting discovered would be a very bad idea. He needed to relocate himself.

He slipped down the hallway as quietly as he could. He walked for a good five minutes not seeing any other exit and he was certain he'd just trapped himself in the most absurdly large closet ever before he stumbled upon another door. Like the last it was locked. With a quite incantation he was through the door and moving across a room with plush carpet and nice office furniture. Behind the desk sat yet another door and not really having many options he went for it.

This one wasn't locked but the moment he opened it he regretted the decision. Two men in full army fatigues stood watch at the door and the moment it slid open they turned his way with confusion on their faces. One looked mildly familiar in that, I saw your face in passing, way. Just beyond them were a man and a woman roped to two chairs. They were looking at him with equal amounts confusion, fear, and hope.

His mouth dropped open as he fumbled for an excuse. "Ah, um… just… looking for the loo…?" he said with a bit of hope. Maybe they weren't his enemies.

One of the guards stared at him with nothing but dumbfoundedness written on his face. The other's face twisted in outrage. "Potter!" he bellowed, and instantly Harry knew they weren't friends.

He back pedaled to avoid the gun swinging his direction and dove in front of the desk. "Not good." Harry muttered before popping around the edge of the desk and hoping his Expelliarmus worked on muggle weapons. He popped up and shot the spell off. To his immense relief the gun flew from the man's hands and clattered across the room. He quickly aimed the same spell at the second guard who was staring bewildered at the gun that had just liberated itself from his partners grasp. "Expelliarmus!" Harry cried and the second gun was out of danger's way. Leaving Harry with the job of incapacitating the two men before they could regain their weapons.

"Petrificus totalus!" Harry shot the spell at the man he'd just disarmed. The man froze mid step and toppled over. Before he could swing toward his second opponent a sharp pain blossomed from the back of his skull and he tumbled head over heel over the top of the desk ending as a sprawled mess on the other side.

"I've got you now." The man who'd recognized him said triumphantly as he circled around the front. The man stepped on Harry's wand arm before he could raise it to defend himself. The gun lowered to level with his face. "Sweet dreams Potter."

Harry closed his eyes against the dizziness and the inevitable bullet to the face, but it never came. A heavy thud sounded in front of him and he opened his eyes to see the woman who'd been roped to the chair standing in front of him and grinning like a loon. "Alright then?" she asked extending her hand to him.

He wasn't sure standing was the wisest move for his head at the moment but he didn't exactly want to stay prostrate with all the strange people in the room. "Yeah…"

"Well, we're sure glad you came 'long. Right Doctor?" she said turning slightly so Harry could see the thin man examining the wall behind her.

"Right? Oh," The man turned his attention from what Harry could now see was some sort of computer panel that had been placed in the wall. "Yes, right. Terribly rude of me… but that's me now, rude. Nice to meet you, I'm the Doctor. This is Rose, Rose Tyler."

"Ah… Harry Potter." Harry offered using his free hand to stabilize himself against the desk so he just offered them a sort of half wave with his wand hand. Everything that had happened since he woke had been strange, to say the least, so he didn't even bother wondering why 'the doctor' didn't have a proper name.

"Harry Potter?" Rose repeated with a quirked eyebrow. "Your parents a bit nerdy then?"

Harry's eyebrows drew together. "Sorry?"

The doctor stopped whatever he'd been doing with the small metallic thing in his hand and turned Harry's direction with a concentrated look of… something on his face. "Harry Potter?" he repeated.

Harry blinked. These were the two strangest… no perhaps they weren't the strangest people he'd ever met but they were certainly acting odd about his name. Should he not have told them? Were they actually Death Eaters the ministry hadn't gotten around to pegging yet? Oh well, the cat was out of the bag now.

"Doctor?" Rose said, a bit unsure now.

Blue light streamed from the small device in the Doctor's hand and Harry had to fight the urge to jump out of the way. It buzzed for a few moments in front of him before the Doctor withdrew it and made a sharp flicking motion. He hummed to himself for a moment before a bright smile adorned his face. "Brilliant."

"What's brilliant?" Harry asked defensively. "What did you just do?"

"I'm with him." Rose spoke up eying the device with curiosity. "What's goin' on?"

The Doctor grin in an almost manic way. "The reason I couldn't pick up humans on the sonic before." The Doctor waved the device. "I didn't get a chance to check with any of the others yet, them being hostile and all."

"They just left you your weapon?" Harry asked eying the device with uncertainty.

"OI!" the Doctor looked offended. "It's not a weapon, it's a screw driver."

"What's it say though?" Rose interrupted.

"Oh, yes. Brilliant bit of technology actually. Telekinetically linked multi-form. You're just a big ball of shifty-wifty energy pushed into human form by a programmer."

"I'm sorry… what?" Harry wasn't sure if he should be offended by the strange man or not. He felt like he should be. That definitely sounded like an insult despite his assurances that it was 'brilliant, really'.

"Doctor…" Rose was motioning to the door where footsteps could be heard. They didn't sound hurried but they weren't far off either.

"Right… we should be skedaddle." The Doctor grinned a motioned to the door behind him. After you Mr. Potter."

Harry scrunched his nose in distaste but he did move toward the door. He wasn't sure he trusted this odd girl and man but being with them certainly beat being shot to death.

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