Chapter 2: Saying Goodbye

Maria arrived at the grand hall. It was empty. She then heard some voices outside.

"Does she really need to leave, father?"

She went to the door, opened it, and saw the von Trapp family there.

"Fräulein Maria!" the children tackled her with a hug. Maria started to get teary-eyed, and looked at Georg. He smiled at her, and signaled her to say something to the children.

"Alright, alright. Let go first because I need to tell you all something. Gosh, you're making me cry," she started. The others chuckled. Georg just smiled.

"I'll start with you, Liesl," she said. Liesl stood in attention.

"When I first came here, you told me that you don't need a governess. Then during that storm, I found out you needed a friend. I was more than happy to be that to you. I also saw you grow to be a fine young lady," she said. Liesl smiled.

"I will miss you, you know that. Do take care of your brothers and sisters. I love you so much. And finally, goodbye," Maria said. Liesl had a tear in her eye, and both ladies hugged each other.

"I'll miss you," Liesl said. "I'll miss you too," Maria said. They broke away. She went to Friedrich.

"Ah, Friedrich. You told me on the first day you were 'impossible', am I right?" he said. They chuckled and Friedrich smiled and nodded.

"Well, it turns out you are. You never stop reaching for your dreams, thus making you impossible. You are a fine young man, by the age of fourteen you are strong, kind, and spirited. You and Kurt keep your sisters safe, alright?" Maria said. They laughed.

"I love you Friedrich. Goodbye," she said. She then hugged the young man.

Maria then went to Louisa.

"I remember you as the girl who loved different creatures. Such as frogs. Am I right?" Maria said, eyeing all of them. They bashfully smiled.

"Well, you were a fun, spirited young girl. You and your brothers usually start the fun and...some fights. But nonetheless, I am amazed by what you've become. I love you, Louisa-"

"Don't say goodbye," Louisa cut her off. Maria got a tear in her eye and hugged her.

Maria then moved on to Kurt.

"Kurt! You food-loving boy," Maria said, ruffling his hair. Kurt smiled and chuckled. The rest laughed.

"Kurt, you asked me what incorrigible means. Well, I said that you wanted to be treated like a boy. And that is what it is. Incorrigible means 'cannot be corrected'. And that is what you wanted to be treated. Or so I thought. You wanted to be treated like a man. You couldn't be corrected in food, I know that very well. Over the months, I've seen you do great things. I am very proud of you for that. Truth is, I see you not as incorrigible, but as a boy who wants to be a man like his father." Georg smiled at them both. "Kurt, don't change. Because you don't need to be more. You are great just the way you are. I love you Kurt, and as you sang the night of the party, goodbye," Maria ended, singing the last part that made the rest chuckle.

Maria went to Brigitta.

"For a ten-year-old, you are very, very wise," Maria started. Brigitta blushed.

"You practically notice everything. You find solutions for most things. You know a lot in your age. And, you love books. But I've known you to be very, very intelligent. Not only academically, but also spiritually. Brigitta, you are more than just smart. Use that in the future. I love you. Goodbye," Maria said. Brigitta got teary eyed and hugged her tightly. "I love you Fräulein Maria," she said. "I love you too, sweetheart," Maria replied. She broke away and went to Marta.

"The girl who loves pink. Hello, Marta," she started. Marta suddenly cried- Gretl as well, and both hugged Maria. Maria hugged them back. "You two are very jolly persons. I will miss your sweetness, your kind gestures, everything. I love you both. And you know you can visit me in the Abbey, right?" Maria said. They nodded. He hugged them again. "Now now, stop crying," she said. "We love you Mother," the two said. Maria got teary eyed and hugged them tighter. The others heard that as well.

She broke away and turned to all the children. "Remember, I love you all and I will always be in your hearts. I may not be there physically, but I am always there in spirit. I will forever cherish the memories we've all had. Come here," she said. All of them went and hugged their Fräulein. Georg got teary-eyed at the sight, touching its heart. Gretl and Marta was right, Maria was their Mother in so many different ways.

They broke away.

"Will you say something to father?" Brigitta said.

Maria tensed a bit, and turned around to meet the Captain's eyes.



Georg outstretched his arms, inviting her for a hug. Maria wrapped her arms around him, her head rested on his chest. They broke away, still holding on to each other, looking into one another's eyes.

"I will miss you," he said. "And I you," Maria replied.

"Will you still be a postulant?" Georg asked.

"As I said, I'm not sure, but I know I'll be staying there," she said.


They just looked at each other- lovingly, to add, and sadly as well.

"Georg, I saw you as a stoic man when I first saw you," Maria started.

"But the change I saw in you after our argument by the lake was heartwarming. Your facade crumbled and you finally gave the children what they needed the most. I am proud of you," she said.

Georg smiled.

"Love them all, Captain," she said. Georg pulled her for another hug. Tears started to pour from Maria's eyes, and Georg just comforted her.

For all the months the two had been hopelessly in love with each other, all the memories they've shared, everything they had, this was heartbreaking. From that ridiculous pinecone to Eidelweiss to Ländler and to all the memories after, this was a hug that'll last forever. Maria may not have questioned what the Baroness said after, and Georg may still not have stated his feelings, but they know they'll miss each other so much.

They broke away and did the nose-rub thing again. The children smiled at the heart made by the contour of their chins to their chests. They felt sad as well for that their father and Fräulein really was a perfect couple.

The children went to them for a group hug.

They all broke away and Maria wiped her tears, grabbing her guitar case and carpet bag.

"You could always visit me in the Abbey," she said. They nodded.

She made her way to Franz and looked back at them again.

"So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!" she sang. The children smiled.

Georg looked at her. Maria returned that look and smiled. Maria gave her carpet bag and guitar case to Franz and Franz put it at the trunk. Maria went inside the car and Franz did after putting her stuff in the trunk, and started the engine. He started driving. Maria put down the windows and waved. The children followed the car where she was and waved until the car came out and made its way to the Nonnberg Abbey. Georg just stared at the scene.

He just let her go.

Maria arrived at the Abbey after a few minutes. Franz gave her her baggage.

"Thank you Franz. I hope to see you again!" Maria said cheerfully. Franz just smiled at her and went back to the car and drove back to the villa.

Maria walked to the bell and pulled the rope. A sister arrived at the gate.


"Sister Margaretta!"

Sister Margaretta opened the gate and hugged her. They broke away.

"How was it?" Sister Margaretta asked.

"Oh, it was wonderful. The children were wonderful, the villa was wonderful, the experiences were wonderful, everything was wonderful!" Maria gushed. Sister Margaretta smiled.

"Well come on inside, I'll lead you to your room," the nun said.

Minutes later, Maria was brought to the Reverend Mother.

Maria came to the Reverend and kissed her hand before sitting on the chair.

"So, Maria, did you realize God's will?" the Reverend Mother asked.

"Well, there's this missing piece I've still been working on. But I knew I had to give the children all the love and change their father, which happened," Maria said.

"Captain von Trapp?" the older nun said.

"Yes." Maria replied.

"How was he?" the older nun asked.

"Fine. At first he was stoic, shutting everyone out, even his children. So I tried and changed him for his children," she said.

"Any impressions?"

"Well, he was handsome- wait, what?"

Mother Abbess looked at her. She felt that Maria shouldn't have left the villa. She knew Maria was made for the outdoors. She had a different path.

"Maria, I have something to tell you."

"About the von Trapps?"

"No, about the Anschluss."

Maria looked at the older nun questionably.

"You are leaving with some other postulants today for a safe place. The safest place I could think of is America."


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