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Sounds of joyous laughter and crackling fire filled the air on a cool summer evening. To commemorate the demise of Naraku and the permanent return of Lady Kagome, the villagers of Edo had gathered to throw a large celebratory dinner. Mountains of food and alcohol had been prepared by the village woman for everyone to eat and drink to their heart's content. Lumber had been carried into the village by the men for a large fire to illuminate the dark evening. Sparks flew into the air as many of the older children pranced and sang around the large fire. A certain blue-eyed miko was the center of attention as she joined the smaller children in a game of tag. Squeals of laughter erupted as the miko caught an energetic little kitsune and his playmate, a small girl in a checkered kimono, and tickled their sides without mercy. Not too far, a hanyou and a neko sat next to the thick trunk of a tree. Amber eyes fondly followed the form of the miko. Feeling his gaze, she turned to level his stare and beamed at him.

"Inuyasha! Come join us!" She called out.

"Keh!" He scoffed, but there was a warm smile on his face. "Fat chance, Kagome!"

She laughed and the hanyou's ears twitched at the pleasing sound. "Your loss then!" She winked at him before returning her attention to the game at hand.

Inuyasha sighed as he stuck his arms in the sleeves of his haori, his golden gaze never leaving the raven-haired woman. For the first time in a long while, the half-demon felt at peace and he wouldn't have this night be any other way.

Off to the side, a monk and taijiya were sharing each other's company under the canopy of a tree, their bodies leaning against each other and their fingers interlaced. The sides of the taijiya's lips quirked up as her thumb rubbed at the palm of the monk's.

"I can't believe it's finally over, Miroku," she whispered, leaning her head into the chest of her companion.

"Neither can I, Sango." The monk pressed a kiss firmly above the woman's brow. He snuck his arm around her waist and pulled her closer, tucking her head under his chin. "Neither can I."

The two watched the bustling activity around the fire with fond eyes. Rin and Shippo had dragged both Kohaku and Jaken towards the fire and were teaching the two how to dance. The boy and the imp were having varying amounts of success. To be specific, the taijiya was faring alright, but the small youkai had burst into a fit of anger in which he had directed at Rin. The girl simply made a face and told the imp he had always been a terrible dancer.

"I'm glad Kohaku's enjoying himself." Sango smiled fondly.

"Rin certainly seems to have an effect on people, my dear Sango." Miroku said. "If she was able to thaw the ice around Sesshomaru-sama's heart, there was no doubt that she could help Kohaku enjoy his youth again."

"Speaking of," Sango frowned, turning to look up at the monk. "I wonder where he's gone. It's not like him to leave Rin alone for this long."

"Ah, speaking of the devil, my dear."

A large impressive aura flooded the clearing to signal the arrival of a certain inu lord. All activity ceased as the daiyoukai walked into the clearing. Eyes watched his form as he proceeded to drop several dead animals onto the dirt.

"Welcome back, Sesshomaru-sama!" Rin cried out with a large grin on her face.

"Oh kami!" One of the village women cried. "Is that a boar?"

The villagers began bustling over the presents the daiyoukai had brought to inspect them.

"I haven't seen this much meat in ages!"

"Prepare the animals! We're having another feast!"

As the villagers went into a frenzy over the surplus of meat, Sesshomaru made his way over to Inuyasha, who shook his head at him. "Keh! What a showoff, as usual!"

The daiyoukai refrained from rolling his eyes at his half-brother as he sat down next to him, crossing his legs. "Still an imbecile, I see, Inuyasha."

"Oh fuck off, would'ya?"

As Rin came running up to them, Sesshomaru pointed a glare in Inuyasha's direction. "Watch your language, halfbreed, or I will have your tongue."

The hanyou merely grumbled a curse under his breath as Rin grabbed a hold of the inu lord's sleeve. "Would you like to join us, Lord Sesshomaru?" She asked with a giggle, ignoring Jaken's squawk of protests behind her.

The daiyoukai's lip quirked into a ghost of a smile. "I will be content watching."


The two inu brothers watched in silence as the little girl pranced back towards the fire to join the miko, the kitsune, the taijiya, and the imp. The little girl seemed to be especially radiant under the kind gaze of the former time-traveling miko. Ever since the inu-tachi had joined forces with Sesshomaru, the little girl had always been so enamored by the older girl. It was perhaps the yearning for a maternal figure that drew Rin to her. As time went by, even Sesshomaru found himself respecting the onna even though her ability to attract trouble proved to be a nuisance.

"Yo, asshole."

The daiyoukai refrained from sighing. "What do you require now, halfbreed?"

"Look, man, if something ever happens to me, can you promise to take care of Kagome in my stead?"

The inu lord's eyes widened a fraction in surprise and he turned to face his brother, but the hanyou's golden gaze was still locked on the miko playing with the children. He understood the implications of his brother's request. By asking him, Inuyasha was bowing his head to him, acknowledging him as his alpha. Despite their long going rivalry, Inuyasha trusted Sesshomaru. For the miko, he was willing to swallow his pride and put aside their differences. The daiyoukai looked at his brother for a good minute and nodded gravely. Amber met amber.

"You have my word, Inuyasha."

His brother flashed him a toothy grin, eyes shining. "Thanks, Sesshomaru."