"A little nonsense every now and then is cherished by the wisest of men." – Roald Dahl

5:34PM Friday July 3rd outside the Caesar Household

"Are you sure your parents won't mind? I can find somewhere else Octy." Jedediah said, feeling more and more anxious the closer he got to the house.

"They'll be more than welcoming Jed. We're Italian, being welcoming is in our nature I swear." Octavius laughed as he fished his keys out of his bag. The door opened and they went in "Mother father I have returned!" Octavius called out as he took off his shoes. Jedediah took this as a queue for him to take his shoes off as well. "Follow me in to the living room, you can sit there for a moment whist I go and explain to my parents your situation." He really did hope they'd let Jed stay, he didn't see any reason why the other man couldn't. But his parents could be quite strict sometimes.

Jed nodded and smiled sheepishly, he was really happy to be staying with Octavius. He watched his friend leave and then stat in silence with himself in the Caesars living room. It was clear that they had quite a bit of money, and it was also clear that they had a mild obsession with Roman history. The house looked so unbelievably regal and clean, it was as if they were some kind of royalty.

Jedediah could hear a very muffled convocation occurring upstairs, it didn't sound heated or angry though which really calmed his nerves.

After a few more minutes of sitting by himself and just looking around the living room, Jed heard the sound of someone practically running down the stairs. Seconds later and a very excited Octavius appeared "You can stay as long as you need!" he exclaimed happily "I told you it would be no problem."

"You sure it won't be no trouble on them?"

"Of course not dear Jedediah" Octavius stopped, did he just called him 'dear'?

"But I just don't wana 'cause them any problems."

"My parents are rather wealthy, it will be no problem." Octavius was suddenly so aware of how excited he seemed to be about Jedediah's rather sad situation, he mentally scolded himself for this "We have a guest bed room made up as it is actually, its uh- next door to mine if that is okay?".

"That's better than okay Octy!" Jed's lips turned up in to most gentle and sincere smile.

Octavius wished to see that face every day for the rest of his life if the gods would allow it.

5:58PM Friday July 3rd Octavius' Room

Jedediah still seemed rather exhausted and quite emotionally drained form the day's events, but Octavius didn't know what to do. It was still far too early for them to go to bed, they'd already eaten a lot of (less than amazing) pizza and they didn't really have the mental capacity to sit and read plays right now.

"How abut we watch a film?" Octavius suggested quietly as he glanced at his small collection of DVDs.

"That sounds great actually" Jedediah said matter-of-factly "You got any suggestions?"

"Wedding Crashers?"


"Marley and Me?"

"Way too sad. No."

"Shanghai Noon?"

"As much as I love a western, I'm not really in the mood for it you know?"

"Behind Enemy Lines?"

"That's a war movie right? Bit heavy, I need something fun and happy, you got any cartoons?"


Jedediah laughed, He walked on his knees over to the small DVD collection and stated inspecting Octavius' film tastes. "Do you own any films that don't have that Owen Wilson guy in it?"

The other man blushed "I just happen to be a fan of his work."

Jedediah inspected Octavius' body language and facial expression before clicking his tongue smugly and turning back to the film collection "You've got such a boner for him." he chuckled cheekily to himself.

Octavius practically squeaked and let out a splutter of defensive sentences (all of which he didn't finish) before slumping back on his bed and sighing in defeat "He is a very attractive man."

"I gotta agree, people always say I look like him." Jed mused as he looked at the cover of one of the films "I don't see it."

Octavius suddenly noticed it though. He didst say anything to Jedediah of course. If his crush knew that he looked exactly like his film crush then his crush would know that he has a crush on him! That made sense right…? It doesn't matter; either way Octavius now surprisingly liked Jedediah just that little bit more. "I do have some films without him in. I will admit there aren't many but still." Octavius confessed, trying to change the subject.

"You have Greece? I didn't peg you as the kind of guy who liked musicals."

"I have been known to appreciate them on occasion." He blamed Lancelot for getting him in to a few musicals, he'd never liked them until Lance had done nothing but sing musicals in their lessons together. "Do you wana watch it then?" Octavius asked, quietly hopeful for a yes.

"Only if we can sing along." Jedediah said with suggestive smirk.

"…Only if I can be Sandy." Octavius replied with and equally as suggestive smirk.

9:15AM Saturday July 4rd Octavius' Room

After having a stupidly fun time together re-enacting Greece along with the movie, the pair had basically passed out together on Octavius' bed.

Mrs Caesar had walked in on them both asleep later in the evening and she didn't have the heart to wake either of them up (she did have the heart to take a quick photo of them though; because wow did they look precious).

Octavius had woken up first and he spent a little while admiring Jedediah's sleeping form, before he felt creepy and decided to gently wake the other man up. He didn't like how Jedediah had jumped awake and seemed quite frightened before realising where he was a who he was with. In fact Octavius could have sworn that when Jed had woken up the other man had stammered out "I'm sorry Kah" very quickly.

He did worry about what Kahmunrah had done to poor Jedediah in their time together.

2:33PM Saturday July 4rd Caesar Household Living Room

Although Jedediah had not long been at the Caesar Household, he already felt right at home. He'd never really known what it was like to be in a functioning healthy family. He really liked it, and having Octavius around certainly helped too.

They were about to start playing a rather intense game of Smash Bros. Having both won two games each, and this was the deciding and most important round. "It's time for you to get your butt whooped by Princess Peach." Jed boasted as selected his favourite character.

"And it is time for you to get your 'butt whooped' by Kirby." Octavius stated over dramatically when he'd selected his favourite character. They did find it funny how both their mains were two of the pinkest characters in the game.

Pink was just a very badass colour they agreed.

Octavius was just about to select the stage they would be battling on when Jedediah phone began ringing.

He wasn't going to answer it but then Jedediah took one glance to who it was and he found himself quickly grabbing the phone and swiping the 'answer call' button. Jed got up and made to leave the room to talk privately, but he then thought it would probably better to have Octavius by his side for this call.

It was Kahmunrah.

Jedediah finally had his chance to speak his mind and break it all off once and for all.

Octavius had seen the caller I.D before Jedediah answered, he had it in his right mind to snatch the phone off of Jedediah and violently tell Kahmunrah where he should go. But by the look on Jed's face, Octavius could tell that that's exactly what Jedediah was going to do.


"Jedediah darling-" the familiar sly lisp ridden voice on the other end of the phone began, but Jed wasn't having any of it.

"What do you want Kah? If you didn't notice you were kind of an ass to-"

"That was ages ago Jed I wish you wouldn't dwell on these things."

"It was yesterday!"

"That doesn't matter. What matters is that you didn't come home last night."

"Because you probably would have beaten me up."

"What? No, I wouldn't have done that. We would have talked it like civil adults."

Of course that was a lie and Jedediah knew it, but part of him wanted to believe Kah and he felt quite guilty for leaving him last night.

That was until Kah carried on talking, "So because you didn't come home I got quite angry, you know what I'm like when I'm angry I just can't stop myself. I may or may not have destroyed a lot of the stuff in your room."


"Just some books and-"

"My plays!" Jed was outraged.

"Yes maybe, but what I want to say is that while I was doing all of that last night I kept thinking about you."

"Kah there is no way-"

"Let me finish, by the gods you are annoying. Anyway, I decided last night that this little thing we have going on is now over. I'll get Ahk to bring what's left of your stuff to you at school or something. Hope being homeless isn't too bad, because seriously, who would want to take you in? Good riddance Jed, don't ever talk to me again." and then Kahmunrah hung up.

Jed yelled in frustration and threw his phone down on to the sofa "That bastard!" Jed's eyes quickly filled with tears which then flowed freely from his eyes with no sign of stopping in the near future.

Octavius could only hear what Jedediah was saying on the phone, he had no idea what Kah had said but he didn't like it "What did he say?" He was concerned that he hadn't heard Jedediah break it off.

"Oh just that he broke up with me." Jed snapped "which was really hard to hear for some reason, I guess it's 'cause I've wasted a good three years of my life on that prick." The adrenalin of his anger was running out of Jed now and he was beginning to feel more broken than angry.

"Jedediah you are worth so much more than Kah anyway, people make mistakes. Its experience. You are still so young, who cares." Octavius was talking fast, having no filter on the words from his heart leaving his mouth.

"That's true…" they sat in silence together for a while as Jedediah contemplated what had just happened. "You know what the worst part was Octy?" Jed sniffed, running his eyes on his sleeve "I didn't even get the pleasure of breaking it off. I was so ready to destroy him!" Jed continued "I was gunna break up with him, and then tell him that I always thought a career in sports was a stupid idea, an' that the coach only keeps him on the team out of sympathy. Because I've seen Kah play so many sports and he's awful; at all of them. Next I woulda laughed at him when he got all worked up and angry because his lisp goes in to overdrive." Jed smirked to himself sadly "Then I was gunna be all 'Bye, ass hole thanks for nothing.' But I didn't get to even say that… I think I'm going to be sick."

Octavius wrapped his arms around Jedediah tightly, knowing that the other man needed the support quite desperately right now. "Jedediah, everything will be fine, the best thing you can do right now is move on from Kah. Make it so that he is nothing more than a bad memory. More forward in to a new stage of your life, and know that I'll be with you every step of the way."

Jed's only reply was to wrap his arms around Octavius's waist, so they were stood there, entwined in an extremely protective hug.

After a short while, Jed had calmed down, he went to the bathroom and washed his face as Octavius made them drinks. They finished their game and surprisingly it came down to a sudden death, which Jedediah had won though a sneaky trick.

The mood lightened slightly then Octavius and Jedediah had to get down to more serious business. They went and found Mr and Mrs Caesar to talk to them about Jedediah moving in to the spare room. They were more than happy to keep Jedediah around luckily. Octavius was always so thankful for how wonderful his parents were.

It was decided very quickly, and after a quick phone call to Ahkmenra about moving Jed's stuff over everything was sorted.

Things were finally looking up for Jedediah and he was finally realising it.

Octavius had changed his life for the better.

Phew that took a while! Hope you liked it, please tell me what you thought!