"I looked at him right in the eyes. And I stopped crying." – Nick Payne, Same Deep Water as Me

3:55 Friday July 10th at the Merenkahre College: Drama Room 1

LESSON 30/30

The last of the lessons that Octavius and Jed could take together before the term ends and the opportunity to audition for drama school arises.

A little while back Mr. Daley had pulled Jed to one side and told him that the Smithsonian were willing to audition him this year with the yr 13s, which is why Jed had been working so unbelievably hard at his audition piece. In a way, the prospect of getting in to The Smithsonian a year early was really good for Jed, it gave him something to really focus on instead of his horrible ex.

Surprisingly, Kahmunrah hadn't actually bothered Jed or Octavius at all. Instead he just blanked Jedediah, and acted as if he had never even seen him.

In the long run this was probably for the best. Cut everything that was toxic out of Jedediah's life quickly and swiftly, no more damage to be done. But, in the short term, being blanked was tearing Jed apart, he knew he shouldn't care, but he did. If anything he was annoyed actually, had he really meant so little to Kah that the other man doesn't even notice they are apart?

For a few days Jedediah just really wasn't himself, he didn't have his usual energy and it was basically impossible for even Octavius to make him smile. This was an understandable reaction though. Besides, Octavius was certain it'd all clear up soon.

Of course he was right.

There was something blossoming between the two, Octavius knew he was in love with Jedediah, he'd hold back on telling him until he thought the other was ready. Jed's heart seemed to flutter in a way it never had around Kah when he was with Octavius, he still want fully sure what that feeling was just yet though.

The 'lessons' weren't exactly lessons anymore; they were now essentially designated play discussion and performance time.

"Octy, what scripts are you gunna use for your audition pieces?" Jedediah asked as he looked though his list of options. He'd chosen a good selection but he still dint quite think he had the one yet.

"I was thinking I'd keep it simple, less is more. So I'm going to a bit of 'Twelfth Night' for my classic, and then for the modern piece, one of Charlie's monologues from 'All New People' I hope that's alright? Ever since I saw you perform it I've been unable to get it out of my head." Octavius chuckled.

"Hey that's great!" Jed grinned "Yeah, do it, man that'll be so great. I hope you get in."

"As do I to you dear Jedediah." Octavius had taken to calling Jed that now, and the other man didn't seem to mind, in fact he seemed to like it. "Have you decided yet?"

"Not really, I know I wana do 'Titus Andronicus' for my classic, I don't know what part yet but that's not too hard. It's the Contemporary stuff that's buggin' me, there's too much I like…" he glared at the list he'd made.

Why did he love so many plays?

"Well you love everything on that list right? Why not cut them all up and putting them in to a hat, then you do whatever comes out. That luck of the draw." Octavius suggested.

That's exactly what they ended up doing, and the result wasn't what Octavius was expecting to say the least.

"Jedediah, this is a woman's monologue, I don't think they'll let you-"

"There's no listed rules that states I can" Jed said smugly "Besides, if I can perform this well enough, they'll all be crying and not caring about the fact that I ain't a female. Plus it'll make me stand out wont it?"

"I suppose" Octavius was trying to not sound sceptical but it was a bit difficult. It was unheard of to play the opposite gender, but Jed looked as if he was pretty set on it "It is a very moving play after all, 'Like a Virgin'… I take you're doing the argument?"

"You betcha, it gives me chills even when I read it. I remember once I was working backstage on a production of it, helpin' with costumes and stuff, an' I was crying just listening to the play! Can't imagine what it must have been like to watch it all happen."

"Well I'm sure there won't be a dry eye on the panel." Octavius said was he threw away the scrap paper that wasn't needed.

"Yeah, I'm getting in to The Smithsonian even if it kills me." Jed jokes absentmindedly as he scribbled away on his copy of the 'Like a Virgin' script. Annotations are very important to the bones of a performance.

"But Jedediah, do remember that if you don't get in this year, you still have next year." Octavius said softly, he wasn't sure how his friend would react to that. He didn't doubt the others acting talent at all, he just didn't want Jed getting to crushed if he didn't get in.

"Yeah yeah I know" Jedediah waved him off nonchalantly "But I'm getting in this year, I gotta start my career, staying in education is killing me slowly you know?" that was only part of the reason though; Jed couldn't really stand being around anywhere that he had a memory with Kahmunrah. They had met at the school and of course made pliantly of memories around it. He wanted to get away so he could start trying to forget.

"Well I hope you make it Jed, my thoughts will be of nothing but you whist you are auditioning." Octavius smiled warmly.

His thought where of nothing but Jedediah most of the time anyway.

"Well thanks Octy, same to you whenever you're in an audition. I know you'll smash em' all outta the park."

Jed never really noticed it, but his thoughts were practically all of Octavius anyway.

"Well then, shall we leave? The caretakers will be around soon to clear up." Octavius began packing his stuff away. Jed simply nodded and began to do the same.

At some point on their walk home together their hands had bumped together. Next thing they knew they were holding hands, it didn't feel forced or wrong.

Nothing could have felt more right actually.

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