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"Do. Dare it. Everything is possible. Everything." – George Bernard Shaw Serpent

1:05 Tuesday July 26th National Gallery Arts Academy: Auditorium 3

Auditions came around for Octavius and Jedediah faster than they had hoped.

Yes they were as prepared as they could be for the different auditions, but they weren't "ready" ready. Octavius had more auditions then Jedediah, mainly because Jedediah only cared about being a part of the Smithsonian. They weren't sure which of them had it better; Jed had everything hanging on one audition so he could focus on its requirements more, but Octavius got more practice at perfecting his audition technique. They had both agreed that either way it sucked, and they were going to prove themselves to these drama schools and show them what acting really was!

Octavius had been through three or four auditions so far up to this point, he honestly couldn't remember how each of them went right now, the past 2 weeks had been such a blur of practicing and performing and seeking comfort in Jedediah whenever he doubted himself.

Now, here he was, at the school he wanted to go to the most. Panel of judges before him but he couldn't really see them due to the bright lights. Not being able to see his observers surprisingly put him even more on edge than he was before. But Octavius remained, on the exterior, as calm cool and collected as ever, even though all he could hear was his own heart beat thumping away in his chest.

"Hello" He greeted them from the stage, hoping that it sounded more confident than he felt.

"Hi there, would you like to state your name, previous school and reason for wanting to attend please." One of the faceless voices said.

"Yes um," Octavius coughed gently to clear his voice- all of the vocal warm ups he had done before entering seemed to have left him at this crucial moment.

"In your own time." Another voice cut in sharply "we still have a lot of people to see today."

Octavius felt this was supposed to throw him off but in fact it seemed to slap the butterflies right out of his stomach. He spoke coolly and calmly but with a sense of determination and authority only he could portray so elegantly "I am Octavius Caesar, I went to The Merenkahre College and I wish to attend you fine establishment as I feel it will give the platform and resources that I need to teach the world the beauty of theatre and the power of words."

There was a small murmur among the Judges, "good." the third voice said.

After that they asked a series of other questions, who his favourite actors/actresses were (Octavius had resisted saying Jedediah although it was the truth). Which theatrical practitioners inspired him most? How well does he deal with pressure and rejection?

And so on and so forth…

In a way the questioning part of the audition process is harder than the actual performance section. All you need to do is answer well, but you don't know what the questions will be. You can rehearse all you want for a performance.

"Right well, would you like to show us your classical piece now then. Step back in to the main spotlight, tell us the piece, the write why you chose it and then leave a 3 second pause before stating."

Octavius stepped back to where she had said and took a deep breath which he let out slowly, "I will be reciting a verse from Paulina from Shakespeare A Winter's Tale, I chose this part of the play as I feel in this moment her character has a lot of passion and such a fierce way about her which I really admire." Octavius closed his eyes after that and counted a slow three in his head, then wghen his opened his eyes he went straight in to the dialog he had rehearsed so many times that he didn't even have to think about the words he was saying.

Once he finished he waited a moment before looking back to the panel of three judges, who applauded him lightly.

"Okay thank you. Now on to Contemporary if you please, same again, name of play and playwright and why. Then begin."

Octavius felt as if the person speaking was smiling, he could hear it in their voice, he took this as a good sign- if he could just get over this last hurdle without messing up then he could leave with a quite confidence.

"I have chosen," his mind flicks gently to Jedediah "Two by Jim Cartwight, The Old Man's Speech. I feel as though this part of the play is so tender and filled with love and yet sadness." A soft smile creeps on to his lips as he speaks "someone very close to me showed me the beauty of modern language and theatre, and the commentary of love and longing in this piece really moves something with in me." He nodded to the judges and relaxed his stance then began the monologue.

The piece was quite, slow and yet every word that Octavius said seemed to hook the audience in. you could hear a pin drop in the back of the auditorium when he wasn't speaking it was so quite. The monologue didn't really end, it faded. Then Octavius stepped back to the front of the stage and bowed ever so slightly as the judges applauded a bit more excitedly this time muttering amongst one and other and scribbling some notes down.

"Very good. Yes. Well we will send letters out soon, please await our reply to your audition, and-" they hesitated "-well done."

Octavius couldn't hold back the grin on his lips "Thank you for your time, it's been a pleasure" then he left the way he had come in.

Once off stage he couldn't really help but do a little jump in excitement. That had gone well. That had gone really well. But he couldn't get his hopes up, the more hopeful he is the more disappointed he will be if- heaven forbid, they didn't actually want to take him on.

When Octavius had left the Academies main building and he began his walk across the vast campus he rummaged through his jacket pocket and pulled out his phone.

15 messages from Jedediah.

Octavius rolled his eyes with a smile, just reading that name made his feel warm inside. There was a point where seeing that many messages from Jedediah would make him feel worried that the other man was panicking about something, but what Octavius had more recently discovered was that Jedediah just liked to text that much to annoy him.

The messages went as follows:

1: Good luck Octy! :D

2: Wait

3: I should have said break a leg

4: Sorry!

5: Break a leg! :D

6: Break both legs! :D

7: Heck break both arms too if that gonna bring luck!

8: Are you in the audition right now?

9: They had better love you!

10: I love you so they have to love you!

11: wait I didn't mean that last on like that haha whoops!

12: I mean I love you but

13: You know what I mean

14: *several laughing/crying emojis*

15: Y!

Octavius went to text back but thought it would be easier to phone. How do you even reply to the happy supportive mess Jed had sent him? Octavius mused as he listed to his phone ring, waiting for the other to pick up. After about two rings he did.

"Octy! How'd it go? I can't talk long man I'm like 2 people away from my audition and I need to get in the zone" he laughed

Octavius could tell his friend was pretty nervous due to how fast he was speaking "Yes I feel my audition was a success, our hard work paid off I think. But please don't let me keep you this is such an important moment for you dear Jedediah."

Jedediah sighed in exasperation "don't I know it, I mean, I technically have a chance next year too but if I make a bad impression I'm finished. Maybe I shouldn't do it."

"No Jedediah you can't quit now, go in there and perform like I've seen you do a thousand times over, with grace and passion like no one else, apart from me of course, can even begin to compete with."

The was a moment of silence as Jed let the words sink in "Thanks Octy" he sounded a tad calmer now "Oh shit the next person just one in, I've gotta practice!"

"Stay calm Jedediah, I believe in you- call me when you're all done" Octavius tried to sound as supportive as he could, he almost felt more nervous for Jed's audition than he had for his own one.

"Thanks man- I'll see you soon." And with that he hung up.

Jedediah received a text message from Octavius a few moments later:

" D! :D :D :D"

"In a hundred years, they'll be all new people." - Zach Braff All New People

2:25 Tuesday July 26th The Smithsonian Arts University: Auditorium 2

"Thank you for auditioning, we will be in touch within the next month about whether or not we will be accepting you."

Jedediah smiled and thanked the audition panel. He couldn't help but feel like they were being extra nice to compensate for his mistake. It was all going so well until then.

It wasn't a huge mistake, really.

He just forgot the words to the contemporary piece half way through and ended up saying the first paragraph twice.

No big deal.

That was a lie; it was an extremely big deal.

If Jedediah could kick himself right now and not make even more of a fool of himself he would. He had to just hope that his answers to their questions had been as flawless as he thought they were, and he also had to hope that his classical piece (the weaker of the two he had prepared) was good enough to sell himself to the audition panel.

Jedediah wanted to be hopeful but he couldn't even laugh at his mistake, he felt low and lethargic. He knew he told Octavius that he'd call after the audition but he just couldn't bring himself to do it, he didn't want to face his best friend, the person he looked up to the most and who had supported him up till this point. He felt like he had let Octavius down, though Octy would deny that, Jedediah still felt it to be fact.

He walked out of the drama area and to the Universities cafeteria. This place was so up market they had their own full-fledged coffee shop and everything. Jedediah guessed that if there was one thing University students needed it would be coffee.

Jed took a look at their menu and after a minuet of just staring at the words, he realised that he really hadn't been taking them in, and there was only so long he could leave the barista waiting.

"Uh- I'll just have the sweetest thing you do if that's okay."

He felt so tired all of a sudden; he could use the sugar rush.

The drink had taken a surprising amount of time to make, but that probably because there was no one else waiting and the barista probably enjoyed the chance to create something a little different than usual. To say that this drink was impressive was an understatement, it seemed as though there was one of everything inside it and it tasted the same as that.

Which was exactly what Jed was after.

He paid, not wanting to see or hear how much it cost because he guessed it was too much. But he deserved a treat like this to cheer himself up at least a little bit after that disaster of an audition.

Sipping sadly on the drink as he turned around to walk out the building. He really hadn't been paying attention; too busy wallowing in self-pity for his now completely over acting career (okay that may have been an exaggeration).

If he had just been paying that little bit more attention to his surroundings then maybe he wouldn't have bumped in to a man approaching the coffee shop.

If he had just been paying that little bit more attention then maybe he wouldn't have spilt his new drink down himself.

"Dagnabbit!" Jedediah exclaimed loudly as his brain caught up with what had just happened. Looking down at his ruined shirt and jeans he didn't know what to do.

He looked up and locked eyes with the man he'd just bumped in to who also had a bit of this posh drink down him. They both looked as surprised as each other for a moment before starting to smile.

Then chuckle.

Then laugh.

Honesty neither of them could tell you why, it was just funny. Like a sitcom had come true, reall6y they should have been arguing or apologising but they just laughed for a moment.

"I really am sorry I should have been watching where I was going" the other man said as he pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket to wipe his glasses with and then his shirt.

"Are you kidding it was my fault!" Jed said back as he grabbed a handful of napkins from behind him to start clearing up himself and the mess he had made.

"Agree to disagree" the man smiled, "here let me help" he took some napkins too and started clearing the floor with Jed. "I bet this drink cost you a pretty penny"

"Yeah it did" Jed sighed thinking about his pitiful bank account. "This did cheer me up though, I don't know why… I was having a pretty bad day."

"I could tell as much, there may as well have been a storm cloud over your head you looked so glum." the other man smiled and put the napkins downs then extended his hand for an hand shake "I'm Teddy, Teddy Roosevelt, and you are?"

"Jedediah Smith, but you can call me Jed if you want." Jed smiled back and shook Teddy's hand.

They finished cleaning up the mess and Teddy bought them both a regular cup of coffee.

"You really didn't have to do that, it was my fault."

"Oh nonsense, what happens happens. You looked like you needed a little luck. It's been nice meeting you; hopefully our paths cross again someday, and remember to smile my boy." Teddy shook Jed's hand one more time and then they parted ways. Jed felt refreshed and he had almost forgotten the goings on in the audition room.


He opened his phone and saw the " D! :D :D :D" text that Octavius had sent him light up on his screen. He smiled and phoned him straight away. Seconds later Octavius answered.

"So how was it? You were an awfully long time I was starting to get worried." Octavius joked.

"I'll tell you about it when I'm home, it wasn't great. But I don't feel too bad anymore, what happens happens yeah?" Jed said quoting that man he had met earlier.

"Oh I am sorry to hear that dear Jedediah, but I am sure it was not as bad as you thought. Even if you didn't do as well as you could, it's still better than what anyone else can do."

"You always know what to say don't you?" Jed said sarcastically.

"Yes. Yes I do" Octavius quipped back "after we've got all the gossip about our auditions out of the way tonight, do you fancy a pizza and movie night by any chance? My treat."

"But you hate -non-authentic Italian pizza-?" Jed said doing his best Octavius impression

"For one I don't sound like that. And for two, I know you like it and I'll even suffer bad pizza for you."

"If I didn't know any better I'd say you were flirting." Jedediah laughed and although he couldn't see it Octavius blushed.

"Whatever, do you want the pizza or not?"

"You bet your ass I do!"

"Great. It's a date then." Octavius said quickly and hung up the phone.

This time it was Jedediah that blushed.

"Let us learn to appreciate there will be times when the trees will be bare, and look forward to the time when we may pick the fruit." – Anton Chekhov

10:15 Thursday August 11th Caesar Family Household

In a shocking turn of events, Jedediah and Octavius had started dating.

And by a shocking turn of events, I mean, no one was shocked by it. More relived that it had finally happened and they had stopped dancing around one and other so much.

Officially they had been dating for about two weeks, but their 'little thing' had been going on for months now in reality. Just one evening while watching some trashy rom-com together, Octavius had joked that they had more chemistry than the two making out on screen, more sexual tension too- and it had all really escalated from there.

Nothing in particular changed about their everyday lives or how they acted around one and other. Except the kissing, there was load of kissing now. Much to both of their delights.

Octavius' parents are very accepting and were pretty happy it'd finally happened. But they still don't let them share a bed room though.

Octavius had acceptance letters back from all but one of the schools he had auditioned for, they were all unconditional offers. Which was great but Octavius was only really interested in the one school that hadn't written back yet: National Gallery Arts Academy.

Jedediah had heard nothing back from the Smithsonian, and he was trying to act cool and like he didn't care or so over confident like he got offered a place on the day. In reality he was hyper aware of the anxiety in the back of his mind surrounding his lack of an offer, conditional or otherwise.

Jed was waiting by the door, for no real reason (just like he had no reason for waiting there every day around this time for the past 3 weeks). The post had come late. But sure as anything when it did arrive there were two letters, one for Octavius and one for Jedediah. It was clear from the size and shape of these letters that they were from The Smithsonian and National Arts.

Jedediah had practically run up to Octavius' room and jumped on to his bed, the other boy was just getting dressed at this point.

"Jed what is it?" Octavius asked pulling his shirt on over his head.

Jedediah waved the letters in front of his face "the moment of truth Kemosabe. I can't tell if I ate some bad food last night or if I'm excited right now"

Octavius jumped on the bed beside Jed and took the letters from him, looking at them in their full glory "It all hangs on this doesn't it really"

Jed grimaced "can we open each other's? I don't think I can bring myself to even look at mine…"

"Of course." Octavius had read the names on each letter and gave his to Jedediah to open, "You go first, I can't wait any longer, I need to know if I have to go with my second choice." Octavius crossed his fingers and squeezed his eyes shut as he listed to Jedediah rip the top of the letter open and shuffle the document out. There was a few seconds of silence as Jedediah read the letter before:

"You got it Octy! They gave you an unconditional offer commending you on your performance ability!"

Octavius could have screamed with joy but instead he settled from jumping off the bed and punching the air with a cry of "Yes!" he was grinning so big right now that his jaw was starting to ache a tad.

"Octy I'm so proud of you!" Jed had jumped up now too and they embraced tightly.

When they parted the pair made eye contact and it was quite a lovely moment until Octavius piped up positively with "Okay Jed dear, now for your letter."

"What? Aw, Nah. We ain't gotta do that- let's just celebrate yours a little longer or something, hey we can play a video game or-"

"I know you're trying to put it off because you're nervous"

"I am not!"

"You are too, come on." Octavius sat back down and patted the space next to him "Sit Jedediah, whatever the outcome, it's not the end of the world."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Jed sat down next to Octavius, fists clenched on his lap trying not to show how nervous he was. He kept his eyes glued to his hands as he listened to Octavius open the letter and read it- it seemed to take an absolute eternity.

"Jedediah, I am" Octavius hesitated "sorry to say they have not placed you." He sighed solemnly and wrapped his arm around Jedediah's shoulder, pulling him in closer.

"Aw shucks…" was all Jed had managed to mumble. It felt like his vocal chords had given up on his at this time, he really didn't feel like talking, or doing anything all of a sudden.

"We can work through this, it's not the end of the world you can audition again next year, but lord knows why you would even grace them with your presence again, you're a finer actor than any of the hacks they would have accepted- you're far too good for them and-"

"Just stop it Octy." Jedediah signed as he straightened up, not realising how much he had slumped over upon hearing the bad news. "Whatever. I didn't want it that bad anyway."

Which was a lie so obvious you'd be a fool to miss it.

"These kinds of thigs happen for a reason" Octavius had tried to sooth "We take the bad with the good so something even better than the Smithsonian is on the horizon for you Jedediah I know it!" he believed it, he really did.

"Thanks." Jed had said with a ghost of a smile tracing on his lips "listen uh-" he stood and starched "I'm gunna go out for a walk, I need to clear my head, you go reply to all your acceptance letters, I'm sure National Arts cant wait to have you" he was trying to be supportive of Octavius he really was, but his words just felt so fake.

"I'll come with you" Octavius didn't want to leave Jed feeling so low all by himself.

"Nah you stay here, I'll be back in half an hour or so- then I can destroy you at Mario kart or something yeah?" Jed smiled then and it seemed more genuine.

Octavius felt better when Jed had said that, he seemed to be bouncing back "Alright, see you soon. But it is I who will be destroying you." He said menacingly.

"We'll see about that." Jed winked.

"I love the two of them so much because they are the 'we' of me." – Carsen McCullers, Member of the Wedding

12:20 Monday September 5th National Gallery Arts Academy

Jed and Octavius had taken the train to the Academy with a suitcases and a backpack each of all of Octavius' stuff. It had taken a little while but Jed eventually came to terms with his missed chance at the Smithsonian and it was fine because he could try again next year. What had surprisingly been a little harder to come to terms with was the fact that Octavius was moving away.

Yes he'd be back at holidays and for breaks and he was only an hour or so away- so it wasn't that bad. But it really was.

Jedediah being Jedediah through hadn't really spoken to Octavius about how much he was going to miss him; he assumed that his boyfriend was in a very similar state coupled with the pressures of stating a new very challenging theatre course.

On the train trip up they had reminisced about what had happened over the past year or so, about the pizza, about the disaster that was Jed's relationship with Kah. It was awful at the time but they did find a way to laugh about it now that it seemed so very long ago.

Jedediah was still very much in touch with Amelia, Dexter and Ahkmenrah, they skyped at least once a week just to catch up (sometimes Octavius would join in but he wasn't all that with technology). Amelia was taking a gap year to go traveling around the world, she had always complained about being so cooped up in the same place for all her life- she wanted to see the world. Dexter was an apprentice at the new Zoo opening nearby and he was sure he was going to love it, especially the monkeys. Lastly Ahkmenrah was going to study Egyptology abroad, a subject he had always been so very passionate about.

The train ride and subsequent bus journey that had followed flew by. Time always seemed to go quicker when they were together as there was never a dull moment.

Next thing the pair knew they were stood outside the huge Academy's gates, other students flocking in around them, saying good bye to loved ones as they made the first steps to the rest of their lives.

Octavius looked nervously at Jed for the first time since they started their trip, this was a very big moment- a strange cocktail of nervous energy, anxiety and excitement bubbled in his stomach.

Jed just smiled lovingly back at him, held his hand and gave it a squeeze of reassurance "C'mon Octy, let's get you saddled up for your biggest rodeo yet."

Octavius nodded in reply and they walked through the gates towards the sign up area.

Jedediah sat on a nearby bench and set the luggage they had taken all this way down beside him. "I can't do this bit with you, but when you've done all that come back here and we can get you settled in your room before I need to go home." A flicker of sadness passed though both their minds at the thought of parting ways for now.

"Alright" Octavius said as he left his bags with Jedediah, he grabbed a pen out of his backpack first though, every the organised man he was.

Jedediah starts thinking on his phone, scrolling through Facebook, tweeting about how proud of his boyfriend he was, he may have taken a selfie or too as well. Pretty oblivious to the rest of the world at this point he jumps when someone taps him on the shoulder from beside him.

"Jed? Jedediah Smith I believe?" next thing Jed knows a gloved hand has taken his and is shaking it with some serious vigour. He recognised that voice straight away.

"Teddy?" they made eye contact and grinned.

"The very same!" The older man beamed.

"That is crazier than a road lizard! What are the chances of seeing you here? You know someone who's attending? You a teacher here?" Jed asks curiously, this was the second time he had met the man him within the past two months.

"Its pure coincidence I promise you." he laughed politely and patted him on the shoulder "I'm a casting director actually, I was scouting out actors for this new show I'm working on at the moment, that's what I was here last time actually- I'm here again looking at the fresh meat." He looked around "no luck yet through, no one has that look I'm after." Teddy sighed.

This was a lot of information for Jed to take in at once; he knew he had recognised the name Teddy Roosevelt! This guy was the biggest casting director working right now, any major blockbuster film you can guarantee it was his company casting it. Jed honestly felt a little bit star struck, then embarrassed because all this man knew about him was that he was a clumsy oaf who'd been having a bad day and managed to ruin both their shirts.

"Well I'm sure you'll find what you're after" Jed offered "Looks like there is a lot of talent about."

"Well actually, speaking of talent- you don't," teddy laughed again, ever the happy man "this is going to sound foolish- you don't act do you? It's just that- and you can answer however you want to this I won't get offended. I'm casting a new film right now and one of celebrity names dropped out, you can never rely on that Owen Wilson guy. But ever since we bumped in to each other, I haven't been able to stop thinking about how perfect for this part you'd be!"

If Jed thought this was a lot of information to take in before. It was an overload right now. "I- uh- yes! Yes I act loads yeah I'm an actor" Jed stumbled over his words he couldn't believe this was happening, the good with the bad just like Octavius had said to him.

"That's great! Well did you want to came in and read for the part then? We are auditioning a few more people for the role at this address" he handed Jedediah his business card with his office in the back "at three o'clock- please take the time to come by Jedediah, I see something great in you" he grinned and patted Jed's shoulder once more

Jedediah was gobsmacked he couldn't believe his luck this was almost too much to take in, he felt a little bit like fainting or pinching himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming. "Wow! Thanks Teddy, I'll be there you can count on it"

"Just don't spill a drink on me this time and we'll be all set" Teddy joked "I'll see you around then, I've got to keep looking about" he walked off and waved back at Jedediah "smile my boy!"

Jed waved him off and looked back at the card in his hand "Sunrise Casting" he read the words over and over in awe.

The only way was up from this point onwards.

When Octavius had come back from his sign up Jed had practically jumped on to him in pure joy as he rattled off the story of what had just happened. Honestly Octavius thought he was lying at first but the business card said it all. He could have cried out of pure happiness, his boyfriend really needed some good luck with the way things had been going.

They found Octavius' dorm room and dumped all the bags down, looked around the small room and checked that everything worked in the room. It was all in perfect working order and everything felt right for Octavius and Jedediah, like the puzzle pieces of their lives were all fitting in to place.

They shared a look in silence, both thinking the same thing.

A do not disturb sign and a locked door said all it really needed to about what was going on.

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of a play than in a year of conversation." – Plato


Little time skip to just after the reading with Teddy

Oct and Jed Skype, the audition was a success and now Jed has got the new lead in a comedy series set in a museum.

Oct talks about all the course work and scripts he has to do. Jed says he feels bad for him but then Octavius is like "Are you kidding?! This is wonderful!" life couldn't get any better. They wish each other good night. Filming starts in 2 weeks, and finishes the same day as Oct's performance. Oct's first performance is in 10 weeks.

OCTOBER Start with a series of texts between them. Jed is filming and Oct should be rehearsing. It's on the day of Oct's performance and Jed doesn't know if he'll be able to make it.

Jed has to leave to film and Oct has just enough time for a final dress run.

The show starts and from the wings Oct can see that Jed isn't there. He is sad but understands.

Jed rushes in during the interval of the show and sits with Oct's parents. Oct's noticed this and is so delighted.

Octavius is stunning on stage and Jed gives him a standing ovation the minuet it ends.

They meet up after the performance and go out for drinks with Oct's parents.

Jed and Oct go back to Oct's University flat (they stop off at a little supermarket on the way back for snacks) they watch trashy films and cat videos with snacks just like old times.

APRIL the show airs on TV. Jed travels up to Oct's especially for it, they watch it together, Jed is a nervous wreck throughout the whole thing. Octavius is so proud of him.

The next day Jed checks social media and his emails. Show is a huge hit.

It's already been commissioned for 2 more seasons. Who knew everyone would love a story about a museum that comes to life at night?

They are so happy, Jed gets a little teary and they think that things can only keep getting better form here! They do career wise. But relationship wise… Not so much.

Due to his sudden success Jed has less and less time to see or talk to Oct

Due to Oct's University work he has even less time than Jed.

They still text every day, but the relationship is very strained.

It's JUNE. They haven't seen each other in person since the premier.

They are both upset that they simply don't have the time for one and other no matter how much they want it.

They text, and phone once a week but it's not enough.

Oct goes on half term in 2 weeks. That's enough time for Jed to book time off from doing talk shows and other little publicity things.

He books them a holiday to Italy, he really wants to tell Oct but he holds back. He wants to tell him in person and see his reaction.

Jed waits for Oct outside the Universities campus incognito. The minuet they see each other they hug tightly and a few hurried kisses are exchanged. They walk off together holding hands and find a coffee shop.

Oct comments on how oddly Jed is acting.

Jed chuckles and grins like a child as he places the two tickets to Italy on the table infront of Octavius.

Oct is speechless for a moment. He reads the tickets over and over again before he starts crying genuine tears of joy. He grabs Jed's hand over the table tightly and says "I've missed you so much"

Jed is getting pretty emotional too "miss me as much as authentic Italian pizza?" he tries to joke but he's getting pretty choked up.

Oct rolls his eyes before smiling so passionately at Jed "Let's not be too hasty now"

Jed "I love you so goddamn much." He presses his forehead to Oct's hand.

"I love you too. More than any pizza in the world.



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