"Experience is simply a name we give our mistakes." – Oscar Wilde

1:25PM Friday July 3rd at the Merenkahre College: Outside the Principles Office

Everyone had been to the nurses' office to be checked over for injury. Then after that, one by one, all of those involved with the fight had been sent in to the Principles office.

After he woke up, Kahmunrah had insisted on going first, claiming he had better things to do with his time than wait around "for justice to be served and for those fools to get expelled." He was in and out very quickly. Although he didn't look happy with whatever had just happened in there when he left.

Al went next; he waited for Napoleon who went in after. They left together, ranting angrily about their punishments. Ivan was next and he didn't really seem too phased by the whole situation, kept his cool even after receiving a harsh telling off.

All that had taken a surprising amount of time and Principle McPhee we a very busy person, so he made the executive decision to see everyone else in two easy groups. Amelia, Custer and Dexter, then Jedediah and Octavius.

The first set had gone in looking quite proud of what they had done, and non-surprisingly they looked even more proud when they left. Jed's friends had been waiting all too long to beat Kah up, nothing could really bring them down now.

Jedediah received a text from Amelia a few minutes later that went as follows:

"Gone back to mine for some celebration drinks if you want to join? Octy can come too of course. Hope you're okay! Xx"

He wasn't really in the mood for drinks.

2:47PM Friday July 3rd at the Merenkahre College: The Principles Office

"-And that's our side of the story Sir." Octavius finished explaining the events that had just occurred. He did most of the talking as he could easily tell that Jedediah just wanted today to be over. At some point whist he was taking, Jed had begun holding his hand under the table, for comfort Octavius assumed.

"Well it all holds up." McPhee said as he looked over his notes from the other recounts "You didn't start anything, but you did carry it on and I can't-" He wasn't going to let them off the hook

"That may be the case but-!" Octavius started. He'd never been in trouble in his whole life; he didn't really want to go on record as a fighter.

"Did you just talk over me?" McPhee said dramatically, his voiced seemed to get higher pitched the more worked up he got. "You do happen to remember that you were in a fight today Octavius. Yes you may not have started it but I have it in my right mind to pack you up and send you to another school!" he grumbled.

"But sir I was-"

"Again! See your doing it again. Octavius I know you do drama but you talk far too much."

"Now Octy ain't causing any trouble Sir." Jed stepped in; worried that Octavius would receive the full pelt of the punishment.

"I suppose he isn't the bad guy here." McPhee settled down "Neither of you are. Look, I'll let you two get away with 3 lunchtime detentions. That's less than anyone else got. So you had better consider yourself lucky."

The pair went to thank the principle but he shhh'ed them and told them he had lots of work to do. So they left without another word. They didn't notice they were still holding hands until they were outside the office. When they realised they hastily let go and laughed awkwardly with one and other.

"Sorry for getting you in to this mess Octy." Jed said sadly "I feel real guilty for havin' you fight my battles."

"Do not apologise, as your friend I feel that your battles are mine to fight as well. I would never leave you to stand alone." Octavius reassured Jedediah as they began to walk out of the school.

"Same to you then I guess." Jed seemed to smile then, but only for a second, the whole situation had left him feeling quite miserable.

Much like when they had gone out together on that fateful Saturday, seeing Jedediah so uncharacteristically low broke Octavius heart. He couldn't stand to see it. "Um, perhaps you wouldn't mind accompanying me to the pizza shop in town? Take your mind off everything for a while and also have a less than average pizza with me?" Octavius offered "My treat of course, I do not wish to trouble you."

Normally Jed would have refused to have someone pay for him but he really didn't have the energy to argue right now, so he just nodded. He appreciated that Octavius would have pizza he didn't like just to cheer him up though.

"That's settled then, we shall share a treat together for the sake of an ordeal over with for now." Octavius was simply trying to make the best of a pretty bad situation. He hoped it was helping; it was hard to tell form Jedediah's face.

4:56M Friday July 3rd at Park Pizzeria

Octavius took great pride in how well he was at cheering the other man up. It was like his calling in life (other than drama). At first Octavius had wondered if taking Jed out was the best idea, maybe he just needed to be alone? Luckily, within the first few minutes of being the restaurant Octavius' concerns were put to rest. Jed seemed to brighten up quickly and his smile returned with full force once the food had arrived.

It was all going so well, and they'd just finished eating, when Jed's mobile phone rang. "Oh hey it's Ahk." Jed stated happily, he then felt and impending sense of doom hang over him as he the day's events flashed though his mind. Jed suddenly wished he hadn't had that pizza, as he was almost certain that he was going to bring it up again if this call was what he thought it was.

Jed left the table to take the convocation outside. Octavius was glad he was facing the window so he could keep an eye on him.


"Hi Jed!" Ahk sated "I'll cut straight too it, can you stay round someone else's house tonight? Kah's not best pleased… I think you'll be safer elsewhere for now. You understand right? I'm not kicking you out or anything."

"No no, I get ya. I don't really feel like goin' home anyway…" Jed could hear the muffled sounds of Kah ranting angrily on the other end of the phone and it sent a shiver of fear up his spine "Are you gunna be okay back there? Kah don't sound too happy, and you know as well as I do what he's like in that state."

"I can handle him just fine. He'll get it out of his system then start raiding our fridge for as much food as he can carry."

"Yeah that's true. Okay well, good luck partner. Sorry for all this trouble."

"Don't apologise, it was bound to happen eventually. Stay safe Jed, I'll see you soon."

"Alright, bye Ahk." Jed took his phone down from his ear and sighed as he stared at his screensaver; it was a picture of him and Kah.

He suddenly felt completely numb, he wasn't sure if his legs would be able to hold him up much longer.

Where was he supposed to go?

What was he supposed to do?

He'd never wanted for a day not to have happened so much in his whole life.

Jed was lost in his own in his own thoughts for… well he didn't know how long, it could have been a second or hours and he wouldn't have noticed. It wasn't until Octavius timidly nudged his shoulder that he blinked himself awake.

"I paid for our food. Are you alright my friend? You look frightfully pale."

"I've got nowhere to stay." Jed croaked, losing his voice for a moment before he coughed it back "I can't go home because Kah is rampaging. Amelia lives too far away, Dexter's family won't let him have people over and Custer's family aren't doing so well with money, I don't wana impose." He let out a frustrated noise that just sounded so painfully hopeless.

"You shall stay with me Jedediah." Octavius said strongly as he looked the other man in the eyes (by the gods were they blue).


"I won't take no for an answer Jedediah. I would do anything for you."

Jedediah's face softened and he wrapped his arms tightly around Octavius. Hugging him with nothing but pure love and gratefulness occupying his mind. "I can't thank you enough for this Octy." He mumbled in to the other man's shoulder.

Octavius smiled warmly and reciprocated the hug "it is quite alright." After that, he felt a few droplets of rain tap against his face "Ah curse our temperamental weather." They broke apart form their hug.

"You better hurry then! Lead the way Octagon!"

"I told you not to call me that."

"Sorry" Jed chuckled, before following Octavius in a small jog back to his house.

Jedediah could still smell the traces Octavius' cologne lingering in the air around him.

He couldn't think of a sweeter smell right now if he tried.

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