AN: First story so please no flames.

It was a hell of a way to die; but me being me I decided to do it anyway. First let me say this. The building was on fire; and no not that measly fire a tipped over candle would cause, no no no this well this was a real fire, - like the kind caused by an explosion and fueled by highly flammable things such as dry woods and drugs. - That's trapping 2 highly malnourished and badly wounded teenage boys. I look at the men in full combat gear with their iconic face masks. "Base this is Alpha and Bravo we're going in there are reports of more hostages." he mumbles before throwing me a face mask, I slip it on before taking the only handgun left, a pearl handles 6-shooter or as my ex-partner would call it a 'Cowboy gun', "You can use that right kid?" Alpha asks as I click the cylinder out and rolling it around to make sure it's loaded, "Kid it's loaded and is there something we could call you?" I smile and growl something in German. "Kid English or Spanish please?" Bravo questions and Rios looks at me recognizing the easy language switch as one only a spy could have mastered like that "Boys he says you can call him 'Devil Dog." Before looking at me, "Kid what is your name?" He questions I look him dead in the eye smile and proudly state "Name's Rider, Alex Rider." before turning and walking away.

Just hours later I find myself telling my father, and Ian my story while watching my Ex-partner lay her head on a boy with dark blond hair wearing a black cowboy hat, with a gun muck like the one I used earlier shoulder while talking to and older man with pink suspender. I guess it was a hell of a way to die but the hostages made it out fine.

An: A Virtual cookie for anyone who can guess who the Ex-partner is leaning on and who she is talking to.