Chapter 20

Taking a quick shower Harry ordered some room service for dinner, not really wanting to go all the way down to the restaurant to eat after all the drama at the meeting earlier. Sitting down at his laptop he began to go over the information he had gathered on Baclovitch and additional info sent by Natasha during the day. About 15 minutes into the reading a knock came at the door, ignoring it in favor of letting the brothers handle it he continued reading.

Pausing a moment Harry began to hear murmuring outside the door, followed by a sharp and short knock at his bedroom door, "Enter." Harry said, looking up he was Remus standing there, "Yes what is it."

"A gentleman here to see you Sir, collected his ID for you," he said passing the wallet over to Harry. His eyebrows rose slightly at seeing an image of Anton Baclovitch staring at him. Putting his emotionless mask in place Harry gave a forced smile before nodding and exiting the bedroom, Remus following behind him.

"Mr Baclovitch, now this is a surprise." Harry said going over to the man to shake his hand after noting that the brothers had given him a pat down upon entering "What can I do for you?" He said a smile gracing his face. Seeing the man was not going to continue until given privacy he gestured to the brothers to go into the other room before turning back to the Russian and gesturing to the seats, "Can I get you a drink?"

"Bourbon." Came the short and heavily accented reply. Quickly pouring a slosh in each of the crystal whiskey tumblers Harry swiftly passed one to Baclovitch before sitting down opposite the man and taking a sip of the whiskey, waiting for him to begin.

"You have a reputation Mr Conway. I have heard of your… dealings with various militaries." Baclovitch said making an appreciative murmur after taking a sip of Bourbon.

Harry nodded, "Yes, I find they can make quite large requests which is always good," before continuing, "Though personally I find that more specialized - though smaller shipments - are a lot more… lucrative." Harry gave a smile at the comment at the subtle hint he dropped to the arms dealer.

Baclovitch gave a small nod in return before responding, "So hypothetically if I were to request something specified, how quickly could you acquire it?"

"Depends. Anywhere between 2 days to a couple of weeks. All hinges on who I need to pay off or if I need to liberate certain cargos." Harry said reclining slightly in his chair, "What type of cargos are we talking here?"

"Surveillance, military standard." Harry began to think of connections he could use while absent mindedly rubbing a platinum ring on his right index finger. Raising an eye brow Baclovitch continued, "An interesting ring Mr Conway, where ever did you get it?"

Harry clentched his right hand and glance at the ring, "A gift from a friend when I passed my Royal Marine Commandos examination." Harry took another sip before turning the discussion away from the ring, "So when are you looking to have this merchandise by?"

Baclovitch shook his head, "There is a card game going on tomorrow night at a local club I own, called 'The Lookout'. Feel free to join us." Harry nodded waiting for him to continue, smiling slightly at Harry, "On one condition. You obtain a Honeywell RQ-16 T-Hawk. You are aware of what this is?"

Harry nodded his head, "Yes, a Micro Air Vehicle developed by the US Air Force."

"Get me one and I will pay you £50,000 after the game that evening," Baclovitch stood slowly and extended his hand, "then if you can handle that we shall see what else you can do."

Harry smiled and nodded, "I think that such a… proposition would be beneficial to both of us would it not?" Quickly indicating to the two brothers to re-enter the room Harry turned to Romulus, "Would you please escort Mr Baclovitch to the door."

"I will see you soon then Mr Conway?" Baclovitch said extending his hand.

Harry took it and replied, "Certainly, I look forward to it." He smiled before Baclovitch exited the room and the brothers went back to their business, leaving Harry once again in quiet. Making his way back into the room Harry opened the document sent to him by Natasha and scanned over them again, Known associates… Konya siblings… street criminals… unknown COD… terrorist cell… British educated… that was new. Associates with British ties could defiantly cause problems for them.

Hearing another knock Harry was pleased when it was a waiter that entered and not one of the brothers. Giving him a curt nod and a small tip he gestured to the man to leave before settling down for dinner.

It was just after he had finished that his computer beeped, going over to it Harry was surprised to see a video call on the screen. Accepting it Harry was Rowan and Sophia in the screen grinning he said, "Well you two are definitely a sight for sore eyes!"

"Yeah okay, good to see your still breathing." Rowan joked from the other end causing Harry to smile.

"Well what can I do for you fine friends anyway?" Harry said and was not reassured when they both frowned at the same time.

"There's a leak Harry." Rowan said.

Harry let out a long breath, "Ok, how do we know? I mean what kind of information was leaked anyway?"

Sophia responded this time, "Your status as an arms dealer and that you were looking to make bigger deals."

Harry nodded, so nothing big and dare he say it even helpful but that didn't mean it was going to stay like that, "I take it that you have yet to locate it then." Sophia and Rowan nodded.

"We'll keep looking though, Harry. Don't you worry about that, we'll find it. We just needed to notify you of it."

Harry nodded and changed the topic, "Oh by the way Sophia, I think that you may want to get an ID of your own. I think the best way to do this would be the sociable associates thing, seeing as he invited me to a card game tomorrow night at a club of his."

Sophia laughed, "Wow you know how to treat a girl Harry," Rowan gave a chuckle and a small smile before she continued, "Anyway M suspected something like that may work so they put one in the works for me. It should be ready by tomorrow – about 8ish."

Harry nodded and paused for a moment "Okay get here for Thursday morning, that will give us the day to do sociable things and actually look like a couple but still gives us time to run through the plan."

Sophia nodded and she and Rowan bid their goodbyes. Turning to his phone he scrolled down the list until he found the contact, "Heya."

"Is this what I think it is Harry?"

"Well the depends really doesn't, masterful Hawkeye." Harry replied before he continued, "You were right to be suspicious dad, there is a leak."

"Damn. Okay so are we running that con we planned out then, the one where l supposedly get deployed by SHEILD, but actually come to Turkey and watch your back and all that."

"Yeah that one, no one knows who the leak is so until then the only person who knows that you're not leaving for a SHEILD op is me, not even Natasha."

"What do you mean by that? I know she's not the leak."

Harry sensed the defensiveness in his voice and immediately replied, "I know but the person who is could be monitoring he from the inside."

Sighing Clint backed down, "Okay you have a point. I'll be in position by midnight."