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Tony opened the door and saw the giant black head rise up and glare at him with those big eyes. A little black smoke puffed out of the beast's nostrils and then he lowered his head back to the floor. A dragon, he still couldn't believe it. A real live dragon, well he guessed technically not real and live since it was actually Loki, but still he could breathe fire and had claws that he was pretty sure could skewer him without much effort on Loki's part. Loki though, merely closed his eyes again and curled closer to the bed that Thor was lying on, so that the blond merely had to reach his hand out to touch Loki. How did this become his life? A 'god' and a dragon living at his place.

It hadn't really been his idea and he hadn't been really fond of Loki living there at first, but Loki was a dragon and there wasn't much that bothered him in Dragon form. Tony had tried to use his suit when he had first encountered Loki in his dragon form.

The problem was that Loki had been in his dragon form for over a month. Thor claimed it was because sometimes Loki got stuck in other forms and only time would tell when he was able to break out of the dragon's form. Though he was sure Thor dreaded the day that happened. Loki in his dragon form was much less antagonistic than he was in his human form. Loki could understand everything that Thor and the others said, but couldn't talk back. Sometimes you could guess at his feeling from his expression, but that wasn't why Thor would be upset. In this form, Loki didn't argue or question their brotherhood and seemed to develop a somewhat possessive attachment to him.

The blond had said that dragons by nature were possessive, and they usually found or took gold and nothing could part them from their treasure. In this form, Loki had apparently decided that his brother was treasure and wouldn't part from his side. Loki even went so far to sleep on the floor next to his brother to make sure no one harmed him in the night. Despite Thor's half-hearted attempts to tell Loki that he could take care of himself, he knew that Thor secretly enjoyed being with his brother without arguing.

Loki's fierce protectiveness had even helped them defeat some villains, although the villains had ended a little more bloody and charred than usual. The golden eyes, different from his usual green-blue eyes, flickered to him as he caught the scent in the air. Loki stood up, though Tony had high ceilings everywhere he was barely able to stand. Loki stared at the brunette, Tony smirked and took some meat out from behind his back and saw Loki's eyes narrow at the piece of meat. Tony tossed the meat to the big dragon, he caught in mid-air for a moment showing off the green spikes that decorated his back and swallowed with little chewing. His nostrils smoked for a second then he sat down again apparently smelling that Tony didn't have anymore food.

"That's for saving those civilians," he spoke referencing when Loki had wrapped his claws around a pair of civilians and had flown them to safety just hours ago. Loki turned his head and laid back down, hiding his head under his black wing seeming to not want to look him in the eye, showing a glimpse of the man that Tony was starting to forget lived inside the dragon.

Tony's smile died as he realized he was starting to get used to dragon Loki's presence and even kind of like him. What was he going to do when Loki changed back into his usual obnoxious self? What was Thor going to do? Tony looked down at the blond in the bed. Thor was going to be devastated, that was what was going to happen. He just to hope that maybe this experience would change Loki, even if he wasn't that hopeful.

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