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Thor gazed up at the bright twinkling stars. He was not familiar with the constellations in the Midgardian night sky. He had known few constellations in the Asgardian sky as well, astronomy had never been his interest. The blond had gone camping, or rather hunting, and then as a byproduct of the hunt they happened to camp when they were in the Asgardian wilderness. The cicadas that were chirping in the distance were not familiar, but as time went on they became more a part of the experience rather than a distraction.

He brought his gaze back to the roaring fire in front of him. Thor had spent quite some time gathering wood and Loki had set the dry pieces on fire. The flames were dancing and crackling merrily in the pit of their camping site. Though the initial flame had been green the fire was now the normal fiery orange. The thunderer smiled as he saw Loki studying the fire from his place, a spot that most people would think too close to be safe. His brother was a dragon, in this form heat was no bother to him. Thor leaned towards the fire, content; it was almost like they were in Asgard again. Granted, Loki was a dragon and they had actually been on Asgard, but it had been a long time since they had been in nature by a fire, just the two of them, and he loved it.

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