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I raised the hem of my evening gown, as I walked through the crowd that had gathered by the podium. I had given this group one of my pieces to auction for charity, and I was happy to do so. I have plenty of money. I've been selling my artwork for 5 years, which created a large lump sum of money. On top of that I am a trust fund baby, so I never have to worry about my money.

As I maneuvered through the people, I felt a drink dumped down my back. I gasped in surprised, whipping around to see who spilled it on me. "Oh, my bad." The man voice apologized. When I face him, I saw his angel like features. Golden halo around his head, honey eyes, and tanned skin. Then I saw the slight smirk spread across his lips.

"Do you think it's amusing to spill drinks on people?" I snapped, crossing my arms.

"Maybe." He shrugged, looking down on me. Curse my tiny height.

"Well now I have to walk around the rest of the auction wet." I huffed, glancing around myself to see my back.

"You probably would have been wet the first time you met me anyways." He breathed, looming over my tiny figure. My jaw dropped, as my eyes widened.

"How dare you speak to me like that?! Do you know who I am?" I exclaimed, poking him in the arm.

"Do you know who I am?" He challenged, putting our chest together. I felt overwhelmed by his cent and the closeness of his body, taken back by his forcefulness.

"No, and I don't think I want to." I slammed my heel into his foot, gaining my barrings once again, as I stormed off to my seat. I have never wanted to slap a man so much in my life. I have never met someone so blatantly rude at one of these events before in my life. I am almost always treated with the utmost respect. I saw him limping around, which made me grin with satisfaction. He obviously wasn't part of the high society in New York, which made me curious about while he was there. He shot me a glare, and I leaned back in my seat, knowing I had won.

"Ok everybody take a seat please." The announcer called out, making everyone settle into their seats.

"Hey." My publisher, Izzy, slid into the seat next to me.

"Hey where have you been? You missed me getting disgustingly hit on and covered in someone's drink." I grumbled, still feeling the dampness on the back of my gown.

"I did?" She snickered, whipping her hair to the side. "Sorry I wasn't there to defend your honor, but I was looking for my brother. He's being auctioned of as a date."

"Who's your brother?" I furrowed her brow, trying to recall what her brother did. I almost forgot her brother was famous in the first place. It was something that involved a lot of fangirls. Movie star? Singer?

"Jace Herondale." She glanced around the room for him.

"Herondale? You said he was your brother." I followed her eyes around the room.

"It's his father's name. We adopted him after his parents passed away." She said softly.

"What does he do? I can't remember his face." I crossed my legs, trying to be quiet because the auction was starting.

"He's up there." She pointed to the man who spilled his drink on me. I grimaced, as I finally figured out who he was. He was a bad boy singer, who thought he was amazing.

"Now our first auction idem of the day is a date with the famous Jace Herondale. Come on ladies loosen those purse strings because this hunk of a singer is looking forward to his date." The announcer spoke persuasively. Immediately women started to bid, and I could see his ego growing. I scoffed, crossing my arms. He was starring right at me, challenging me to bid. I rolled my eyes, glancing over at Isabelle.

"Why is my brother starring at you?" She whispered to me.

"He's the guy who spilled a drink on me." I muttered, flicking my eyes back to him. He turned his head slightly, egging me on. I bit my lip, putting up my paddle. "3 million dollars." I said loudly. His eyes widened at my price because I dramatically increased it, but I figured I could. The transfer for my next painting goes through tomorrow, and that was for 5 million, so it won't affect me.

"Sold to Clarissa Fray." The auctioneer smiled, gesturing for me to come up there. I got up, walking over to Jace who walked off the stage.

"I knew you couldn't resist this." He bit his lip, ogling me.

"As if." I rolled my eyes. "I thought you needed to be knocked down a few pegs." I sneered. "Izzy is my publisher, so I'll get your number from her." I started to walk back to my seat, not wanting to spend any more time with him, but he caught my arm.

"Who are you? You just spent 3 million dollars to spite me and the auctioneer knew your name. I've never heard of you Clarissa Fray." His face seemed harsh, but also confused.

"I'm not surprised I deal with a higher class of people." I looked over his dark jeans and cheap suit jacket. "I'm an artist. My painting is up now." I gestured, removing my arm from his grasp. "I'll call you tomorrow." I patted his arm, taking my seat next to Izzy. When my painting was brought up onto stage, his jaw dropped. I smiled to myself at his reaction. My painting sold for 2 million, which was good for an auction.

"Why did you bid 3 million dollars on my brother?! I could have just given you his number!" Izzy exclaimed.

"I was trying to prove a point." I told her, glancing over at him. He seemed harmless, and if he's Izzy's brother I know he can't possibly be that bad all the time. His attitude was corrupt by his fame, but it could be easily tamed enough to go to an art show with me.

"So what are you going to do for your date?" She grinned deviously.

A/N: This is a semi-idea that I am debating about continuing. Clary is a high society artist with a large trust fund along with a large bank account, while Jace is a rock star. They book live in two different worlds of fame, and they are kind of learning how the other lives. I've wanted to write a story where Clary is an artist and Jace is a singer, but I couldn't figure out how to put it together in a way that was a little different.

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