A monster...

Bruce always saved him...

Refused to kill him...

As a result?

Thousands crippled

Millions killed

Countless lives ruined

Well, one night, Bruce snapped.




It was at Ace Chemicals.

Of course it would end there.

It is where it began, after all.

They were fighting on top of the walkway.

The one above the very same vat of acid that created Joker.

Bruce was throwing punches.

But Joker ducked and dodged each one.

"Get rather slow, Batsy." The Joker taunted.

Joker continued to laugh as Bruce tried to punch at him.

"So weak. I guess that's what happens after years of crime fighting."

Joker wasn't wrong.

Bruce is in his early eighties.

His bones have weakened despite his immense training.

His speed is slower and his strength is diminishing.

Bruce was breathing tiredly.

Not a single punch even touched the clown.

His haunting laugh filled the abandoned factory.

The clown punched back at Batman and he fell to the ground.

Holding onto the metal guard rail, Bruce began to cough.

Blood came out of his mouth.

Joker pulled out a gun, holding it to his head.

"It has been a fun six decades, Bats, but...

... as we all know...

All good things must come to an end."

Joker put his finger on the trigger.

And fired the gun.

The bullet missed.

Joker was pulled over the edge.

Bruce was holding onto the ledge.

Joker was below him, holding onto Batman's other wrist.

He laughed.

"Go ahead, ol' pal of mine.

Drop me.

You can't, can you?

You wouldn't.

You're too goody-goody.

And you wouldn't let an old friend die."

Batman shook his head and let go of Joker.

But The Joker held on.

"Now, now, Bats. Let's not get crazy."

"Every time I let you live...

Every time I spared your life...

A massacre would take place...

You killed countless people...

If I died knowing I let you harm more people...

My soul would be torn apart more than it would be if I killed you..."

Batman started to laugh when he finished talking.

"What's so funny?" The Joker asked with an anger in his voice.

"I always believed killing you meant losing." Batman shifted his fingers on the bar.
"Not if we both die."

Batman let go of the rail.

They both fell.

Their bodies dissolved in the acid.

All that's left before they vanished completely?

The ear of Batman's cowl...

...And a Joker playing card.

So, that's how Bruce's Batman died...

... And mine...

Was born