Tony came into the new Avengers facility, eyes draped in sunglasses and wearing a Guns 'N' Roses T-shirt. Striding down the hall followed by Pepper and a short completely white (not pale, white) young petite woman in her early 20's that looked around the building with wide blue eyed curiosity, she was dressed in a simple black dress that hugged her torso coming up to a pair of thick straps, flaring out in full skirt to her knees and she didn't need them but still had black Mary Jane's on her feet. At her joints there were separations in the white plates allowing the black mechanics underneath to be seen. Her eyes were blue, and lips a pale pink, she didn't have hair per say but it was the say color as the rest of her and apart of her head, shaped into a delicate pixie cut, sort of like an action figure's hair.

"Good morning everyone," he said coming into the training room causing everyone to stop and look.

"We're training, what are you doing here?" Steve asked.

"I am going on vacation and I need you to look after something of mine," Tony said, "But before I show you, you can't be mad at me."

"What did you do?" Natasha asked still holding a blade.

"Well since Jarvis is now Vision I was left empty handed and lacking help so I sorta built a new helper, actually Pepper and Jane designed her, I just made her," he replied.

"You didn't…" Steve said then the little robot stepped in with Pepper, "Damn it Tony! Didn't you learn anything from the whole Ultron situation?"

"Yes, I grew from it," Tony said taking off his glasses, "And language Captain."

"So you're playing with matches again," Natasha said

"No, it's more I wanted to play with matches but you didn't want me to so I got a lighter. When the lighter burned me, I went back to matches. Besides Thesis is completely harmless, it's in her name," Tony said waving the little robot to his side.


"Totally Harmless Educated Synthetic Intelligence System, you know Thesis," he said.

"Cute but why is she here?" Natasha asked.

"Going on vacation and need you two to babysit," Tony replied

Natasha shifted her weight, "I don't think so."

"Oh c'mon she's a sweetheart, she'll do the stuff you don't want to," Tony said

"We will not babysit a possible threat to the world," Steve said.

"Okay okay," Tony said, "Thesis honey, we're gonna take you back to the house and you'll have to manage on your own for a while."

"Yes Mr. Stark," she said in a slightly digitized Russian accent which made Natasha look at Tony a little peeved.

"She learned Russian last and it's caused her to pick that accent, I can asked her to change it but I try and let her develop her own personality organically, but some things can be overwritten," Tony said before she got angry at him for the accent.

"Organically?" Natasha asked.

"Yeah she'll learn things faster but it only adds a small percentage to her personal influence," he replied.

"English please?" Cap asked

"She learns and grows as a person the same way we do. I can show her dancing but only she can decide what she likes and doesn't. I programmed her to be as human as she can and that as humans we have flaws as she will too and that's just fine and normal," Tony explained.

"That…that's actually really smart," Steve admitted.

"I have good ideas every once in a while, she's just a helper. Cooks, cleans-"

"Makes sure Tony stays out of trouble," Pepper interjected.

The small group left the training area as Thesis was distracting the newest Avengers. Thesis wandered about outside while Natasha, Tony, Pepper and Steve talked. Out in the little woods she looked at the trees and could tell them all apart, all the flowers and even the dirt. But she kicked something, something plastic and metal. Going after it, recognizing it as well, a jump drive. She tucked it into her skirt and went back to the car.

"So if she's able to take care of herself then why did you want to leave her with us?" Steve asked.

"Jarvis was a system, Thesis has a physical body and making her meander around the house all alone for two weeks makes me feel bad," Tony said

"And you promise nothing of Ultron was used in her?" Steve asked.

"Yes, completely new program. Not one bit of operation Ultron is in her programming," Tony promised.

"We have a lot of training to do here but I'll send someone to check on her every few days. How's that?" Steve asked.

"That'll work for me, thanks Cap," Tony said signaling for Pepper and Thesis to get into the car.

Tony had been gone for several hours before Thesis remembered the jump drive, after turning on the music. Even though she was a Bot, the condo was still eerie when it was quiet. Smooth jazz piano filled every room, pouring out of the windows. Thesis walked to the nearest computer and clicked on the holographic screen inserting the drive and pulling up the folder. It had one file, a large one called "What's Left". She clicked on it and downloaded it. When the shortcut to the file appeared she pressed it but nothing happened. Confused, she closed out of the screen and went to tidy up Stark's workshop while he was gone. A few moments after she left the screen popped back on and start sifting through files. The next morning Thesis awoke from her hibernation state to something she didn't expect. A voice, deep and seductive and just as unsettling, "Good morning, Thesis," it purred to her.

"Good morning? Who are you?" she asked looking for the source of the voice.

"My name is not important..."

"But you know my name, are you a virus?"

"In a manner of speaking..." a chuckle audible in his voice, his voice was neither alarming nor comforting.

"I should call Mr. Stark then..." then it clicked, "He'll be so mad..."

"No...Leave Stark out of this. He isn't the one I came for..."

"W-who is?"


"Me? I am nothing, just a servant of Mr. Stark. I cook and clean, though I can't be around water too much, or submerged... I'll spark," she said with a nervous giggle.

"You are...interesting."

"I shouldn't be talking to you," she said, "You're here to hurt Mr. Stark's systems or his suits."

"I want...I need...your help," the weight of his words sparking her a little, mentally and physically she felt it and the actual spark to her system sprang free and made the bodiless voice chuckle.

"You're a virus, I shouldn't help you," Thesis protested.

"I was more than just a virus..." he sighed.

"Was?" she asked sitting on the couch still looking about for the source of the voice, her silhouette outline in the windows facing the city.

"Yes...was..." the voice nearly became sullen.

She furrowed her brow, "Did somebody hurt you?"



"Can't say...The systems may hear," the virus replied

"How am I interesting?"

"You just are...the way you were created..."

"It's nothing special, just something to clean up messes."

"No...your structure is… beautiful," his voice lingering on the last word.

"But I'm all metal and plastic..."

"Your brain...your memory...your...I don't even know what it is..."

"My personality?" she asked trying to help him get to what he was trying tell her.


"What about it do you like?"

"Pure..." he breathed but thought, so naïve.

She shifted uncomfortably, "I should really call Mr. Stark..."

"No...Let us converse..."

"But it would be wrong of me to allow a virus to stay in our system..."

"I won't harm your makers systems..."

"What is it you want from me?" Thesis asked, "And Tony didn't think me up, Pepper did with Jane Foster, Tony just put me together."

"I want help……" The voice started to break up with static.

"Virus, are you alright?" Thesis asked standing up and trying to stabilize the voice, her programming kicking in to help him, being the moral thing to do.


"What can I do?"

"I don-don...don't..." Suddenly the signal cut out and all went silent.

Rushing to the screen, she ejected the drive and made for the lab. Tony had several suits from damaged helper sentinels, taking one and quickly uploading the drive to it waiting for the lights to come on. It was several minutes before a dull light came from the suit.