10 year old Conker was in His room bored He decided to prank His mom.

His mom was home watching TV, She then went to the bathroom, but She was in for a surprise.

When Conker saw Her enter the bathroom He pondered for a moment "Aha" He snapped His finger.

1 hour later Mrs. Squirrel came, tripped a wire and, was bombarded by Suction darts, water balloons and, Tomatoes.

Conker rolled on the floor laughing at Her.

She fumed and picked Him up "That's it young man you are in for it!" She yelled, getting a hairbrush.

"NO MUM NO!" Conker pleaded.

She sat down, put Conker over Her lap and, spanked Him for 30 minutes.

Conker bawled His eyes out way before the end.

She hugged Him "It's over Conker You're forgiven."

When He calmed down He helped Her clean up.