Chapter 11

The driver side of Frankie's car was slammed against a tree. Both Frankie and Sophia were unconscious; Frankie's forehead was pressed against the steering wheel causing a deep gash with a drip of blood running down the side of his face.

Sophia's head was tilted back on her seat there was a scratch on her left cheek. She had a bad cut on her lip that was starting to swell up. Frankie slowly comes to lifting his head up. He felt a sharp stinging pain on his forehead and touches his cut.

He pulls his hand away to see there was blood on it. He then looks over to his sister who was sitting still as cardboard; not moving. Worriedly he reaches over, he touches her wrist feeling for a pulse and was relieved when he felt one.

"Sophia?" he mumbled worriedly his voice strained through the pain he was feeling. Sophia moans as she started to come too. "Frankie?" she mumbles as she was coming out of her conscious state her mind was fuzzy trying to get a sense of awareness of her surroundings.

"Are you alright?" he asked concern. "Yeah I think so" she said shaky she looks over to him and notices the gash on his forehead. "Oh my God Frankie you're bleeding!" she exclaimed her eyes widen feeling scared and worried. "It's alright it just looks worst than it is" he reassured her touched by her concern.

"What happen?" She asked scared and confused. "Someone ran us off the road" Frankie explained. "Do you think you can open your door?" Sophia unbuckles her seatbelt and tries to open the door. She manages to get it open and slowly climbs out of the car; Frankie follows her.

Once they were out of the car Frankie caresses her uninjured cheek looking at her, "Are you sure you're alright?" he asked again concern. "I'm okay just a little shaky" she replied. Frankie pulls out his cell phone and tries to call for help. "Damn it no signal" he grunted frustrated. "What are we going to do?" Sophia asked fearfully.

Frankie shrugs his shoulders replying, "I guess we'll have to wait for a car to come by". He turns to her to see that she was trembling he wraps his arms around her comfortingly, "Don't worry" he said soothingly.

As luck would have it Kimberly and Shane were driving down on the same road. They notice a car off in a ditch smashed against a tree. "We better take a look someone could be hurt" Shane said urgently as he quickly pulls over to the side of the road.

Kimberly grabs two flashlights from the glove department before getting out of the car. In the distance Frankie and Sophia notice a couple of lights coming towards them. Sophia grabs hold of Frankie's arm nervously like a shy child.

As the lights came closer they were stunned and relieve to see that it was their sister and brother in law who were equally stunned to see them. "Boy are we glad to see you guys" Frankie said relieved after giving his sister a quick hug. "Are you both alright?" Kim asked concern. "What happen?" Shane asked. "We're ok just a little shaken up. Someone ran us off the road" Frankie explained. "Did you see who it was?" Kim asked.

Frankie shakes his head indicating that he hadn't. "Who would do something like this?" Shane exclaimed. Kim glances to where Sophia had been standing there silently. "Sophia, honey you alright?" Kim asked.

Sophia who was physically shaking doesn't say anything. Shane takes off his coat and puts it around her. "We should get both of you check out at the Hospital" Kim said looking at the scratches and cuts on her younger siblings. "I'll call Bo and Roman and have them meet us there" Shane said. Frankie and Sophia nod their heads as they walk away from the car wreck and up the small hill of the ditch to the Donovan's car.

At the Hospital Kayla was in her white lab coat standing behind the nurse's station going over a patient's medical record when the elevator behind her opens as Shane, Kim, Frankie and Sophia walk out of it.

Kayla turns stunned to see her brother and sister banged up. "What on earth happen to you two? Are you alright?" she asked immediately walking to them full of concern. "We're fine" Frankie assured her. "I'll be the judge of that" Kayla said taking charge instructing them to go into the first two exam rooms.

"So what happen?" Kayla asked. "Frankie told us that someone had ran them off the road" Shane explained. Kayla's eyes widen and her jaw dropped shocked. "Oh my God did they get a look at the car or know who did it?" she questioned exasperated with worry.

Kim shakes her head, "They were blinded by the high beams from the other car". "Who would do something like this? Do Bo and Roman know?" Kayla asked.

"I was just about to call Bo now" Shane said pulling out his phone he excuses himself then walks away to make his call.

Meanwhile at Club TBD Bo and Hope were taking a coffee break from the station sitting at a table. Bo had just told Hope what had happen to Sophia. "I can't imagine what she must be going through and we didn't see the signs that she had been raped" Hope said in disbelief. "I know all the signs were there right in front of us. I guess we were all too concern over her behavior that we didn't think it could be something like this" Bo said.

"How could have we known Sophia kept it to herself for this long. No wonder why she had been acting the way she was". "I wish she had told somebody sooner she shouldn't have kept it too herself. I should have pressed her more, I should have gotten her to tell me" Bo said feeling guilty wishing he could have done something to get her to open up about it.

"Bo you know as well as I that if you, me or anyone else pressed her about it she would have isolated herself from the rest of the family" Hope reasoned.

"I'm glad that Frankie got her to confide it to him and convince her to report it to me and Roman" Bo said relieved. "So am I" Hope agreed.

Just then Bo's cell phone started to ring. "Brady" Bo said answering it. "Bo its Shane" Shane replied on the other line. "Shane hey man what's going on?" Bo asked already sensing something was wrong.

"Kim and I are at University Hospital" Shane began to say but was cut off by Bo who was immediately on edge worrying that something had happen to Caroline. "Is it Ma? What happen?"

"It's not Caroline its Frankie and Sophia they've have been in a car accident" Shane explained which was enough for Bo who ended the call telling him that he would be there then hangs up. "Is it Caroline? Did something happen?" Hope asked concern.

"No its Frankie and Sophia they were in a car accident, Shane was calling from the Hospital" Bo said as he quickly got to his feet paying for their coffee and they rush out of the coffee shop.

Back at the Hospital, Kayla was in Frankie's examined room tending to the cut on his forehead with great difficulty, due to Frankie's constant squirming and fidgeting. "Oww Kayla I'm fine really" he complained as he continue to squirm like a little kid getting a checkup.

"I need to clean this cut before it becomes infected so quiet and stop your complaining you, are starting to sound like a little kid, now hold still" Kayla scolded in a motherly tone. "Yes ma'am" he replied obediently. "You're very lucky that you and Sophia only have minor cuts and bruises it could have been a lot worse" Kayla said.

"Yeah tell me about it I never been so scared in my life" Frankie said. "Well the important thing is that both of you are alright" Kayla said with a grateful smile. She like the rest of the family couldn't imagine if anything had happen to them. "Thanks Kayla" Frankie said appreciatively.

Once she had finish bandaging the wound Kayla was checking for sins of a concussion. "Fortunately there's no sign of a concussion" she reported relieved. "Chalked it up to the Brady's having thick skulls" Frankie joked.

"You got that right" Bo replied as he, Hope and Caroline enter the room. "Are you alright Frankie?" Caroline asked worriedly rushing to her son's side. Frankie who had been sitting on an examination table climbs down putting his arm around his worried mother.

"I'm fine Mom" he assured her. "What happen?" Hope asked. "Someone ran us off the road" Frankie said. "Did you get a good look at the car?" Bo questioned. "No we didn't we were blinded by the high beams" Frankie replied.

"And this happen after you and Sophia left the police station?" Hope asked. Caroline cuts in confuse, "Why were you and Sophia at the Police Station, Frankie?"

Bo and Frankie exchange glances unsure how to answer that without letting it slip that Sophia was there to report her rape. "It wasn't anything important Ma just that Sophia had something to talk to me and Roman about nothing to get worried about" Bo fibbed hoping that it was convincing to Caroline. "Where is Sophia, is she alright?" Caroline asked concern.

"Yeah she's fine Mom, Kim is with her in the other exam room" Kayla assured her.

In the other exam room the nurse had just finished cleaning and bandaging Sophia's cut on her cheek then walks out of the room. "Thanks Kim for being here with me" Sophia said appreciatively.

"Hey what are big sisters for" Kim said giving her a wink. Just then Kayla walks in. "Hey how are you feeling Sophia?" Kayla asked. "I'm feeling fine. How's Frankie?" she asked. "Well our stubborn brother is gonna be fine" Kayla said.

Sophia was relieved. "Bo mentioned that you and Frankie were at the Police Station earlier. Is everything ok?" Kayla asked. Sophia tenses up afraid to tell them that she was raped. "Sophia you know you can tell us anything we're sisters" Kim encouraged her hoping that Sophia would open up to them.

"I was raped a while back" the teenager admitted ashamedly stunning her sisters who looked at her sympathetically. "Oh honey I'm so sorry" Kim said wrapping her arm around the youngest Brady comforting her. "When did it happen?" Kayla asked.

"When I got caught in the storm, someone had grabbed me from behind and attacked me" Sophia said with tears in her eyes. "Have you reported this to the police?" Kim asked. Sophia nods, "Yeah that's why Frankie took me to the Police Station; I reported the whole story to Bo. Funny thing is that Frankie was bringing me here anyway"

"Why is that?" Kayla asked curiously. "Frankie thought it would be a good idea for me to tell you about it and get a rape kit tested but I told him that I had taken a shower the night after I was attack. I don't think you'll be able to get any DNA from me" she said looking down ashamed.

Kayla looks at her sister putting a hand on her shoulder, "its ok sweetie I'm glad you told us anyway. I know how you feel I was raped too". Sophia looks up her surprised, "You were?" Kayla nods her head.

Sophia was a little relieved to know that she wasn't alone but felt bad that her sister had also suffer the same ordeal she was dealing with. "How did you ever get over it?" she asked curiously.

"It wasn't easy it took a lot of time but I had a lot of support from my family and from Steve" Kayla said. "You have the family's support too and you're lucky to have Matt too" Kim told her youngest sister.

Sophia shuttered thinking about having to break the news to Matt and felt worried over how he would react and was scared to tell him. "What's the matter Sophia?" Kim asked. "I haven't told Matt about it we just started dating. I'm scared what if he doesn't want anything to do with me if I tell him" Sophia said fearfully.

"Oh honey you should tell him. Do you really think he's the type of guy would break up with you over something like this?" Kim asked. Sophia shakes her head. "It's not going to be easy to tell him" she said.

"I know it's not Sophia but I'm sure he'll support you and still care about you" Kayla assured her. Sophia smiles feeling better talking about it with her sisters it really helped her knowing she had their support and love.

"I feel the luckiest girl in the world to have you both for sisters" Sophia said feeling grateful. "We feel the same way kiddo" Kim said as she and Kayla hugged their sister.

Just then Caroline walks in and over to her daughters. "How are you feeling honey?" she asked as she kisses Sophia's head. "I'm ok mom I just want to go home" Sophia said. "I'll get the discharge paper started" Kayla said taking it as her queue to leave the room just as Bo and Hope were entering the room.

"Hey sis how are you feeling?" Bo asked walking over to his mom and sisters. "I'm ok what about Frankie?" Sophia asked. "He's going to be fine" Hope assured her Sophia lets out a breath of relief. "I should be going take care of yourself Soph I love you" Kim said giving her sister a hug.

"Love you too and thanks for everything" Sophia replied. Kim kisses Caroline, Bo and Hope goodbye as she heads out the door and walks out to the main floor to see Frankie sitting at the waiting area.

She walks over to him and sits beside him, "Well you and Sophia had quite a night huh". Frankie looks at her and smiles, "Yeah it was quite eventful"

"How's Sophia doing?"

"She's going to be fine. Although after tonight I'm not sure how ok she's going to be" Kim said.

"She told you huh?" Frankie asked. Kim nods her head, "Yeah she told Kayla and me about it. I'm glad you convince her to tell Bo and Roman though" Frankie sighs feeling helpless, "I wish I could have done more for her"

Kim touches his arms comfortingly, "I know but all we can really do for her is be there for; her support her; love her. The next few days are going to be tough for her".

Frankie nods his head agreeing with her. Just then Shane walks over to them. Frankie and Kim saw him walking toward them and stood up as he approached, "I called a tow company they're towing you're car over to Max's Garage" he said. Frankie smiles shaking his brother in law's hand, "Thanks I really appreciate it".

Kim hugs her brother, "Take care of yourself, I love you Frankie" she said. Frankie hugs her back, "I love you too" he said as they pull away, "Thanks for everything"

He and Kim exchange a peck on the cheek then she and Shane walked away toward the elevators. As the doors open they got on the elevator then disappeared as the doors closed.

Sophia, Bo, Hope, and Caroline filed out of the exam room. Sophia and Frankie caught sight of each other both were relieved to see that the other was alright. Frankie walks over to them. "Shane had called a tow truck to tow my car to Max's Garage" Frankie said.

"That's good we're going to have a forensics team look it over, see if they can get any evidence off of it" Hope said. "Don't worry we're going to catch whoever did this" Bo assured them. "Thanks Bo" Sophia said appreciatively.

"C'mon we'll give you guys a ride back to the Pub" Hope said as they walk out of the Hospital.

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